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so before i begin make sure you subscribe to my channel to catch new videos every week and hit that bell button so you get notified every time i post my new video so this has been a highly requested Question on how to charge to book reviews if you’re new here i am digital marketer i have been working for five years as a digital marketing professional and also i do you tubing and blogging i have my own channel about book this is were this question comes from on .

how to charge for book reviews before i begin there are 5 things you need to know about book blogging landscape especially in a country like india number 1 charging from book reviews is round upon you will need lots of people who really do not thing you should be charging for doing book reviewer and you will meet a lot of these opinion needed people who would through a lot of hate at you.

and who would make you feel bad about charging number 2 thing is author is in publisher’s both look for free marketing in most of them are still not ready to pay you for promoting in there products they want you the promoting product to your audience but they would not want to pay you for that number 3 there are plenty of free options these author then publishers have which is why did do not like the pay the people who do ask for money and this could because of the number 4 point which is that there believes in digital marketing is just building up.

There are always been these traditional marketer scope promoting there books in a traditional manner and now that digital marketing has come up they are slowly warming up to the idea and they are not doing it as fastest other industries are doing it so its very slow in the book industry and lastly on charging for book reviews.

The community itself is divided a lot of book blogger would go against you because you charged for book reviews it has happen to me it really happen to you.  it is inevitable so i can understand how a lot of people like charging for book reviewers its such a struggle but i have been doing that for over three years now and i have been lucky enough to enjoy the support of my audience as well as get lots of book review request and do a lot of paid book review.

so let me give you 5 tips on how to charge for book review number 1 build your brand say a lot of people have this falls ideas that you have to start charging to book reviews.

On day 1 as a person who just started a blog or you tube channel or bookstagram account what is the value you’re offering to the buyer which is here either the book publisher or the author or the literally agent in the , end charging is a value exchange process.  what i would suggest is to build significant audience before you decide to charge for book reviews if i had to give your number go for at least one thousand subscriber on you tube or 5 thousand followers on your instagram account or at least a thousand page for you per month on your blog before you start charging for book reviews number 2 build the mind set listen to this you will loose lot of project because a lot of people would not want to pay you..

You will loose even more projects because you didn’t like the book that you got and you just have to take it if you want to be in their industry i must have said know to so many projects i said know to the top publishers i really wanted to work with them but they were not ready to pay me so i said no and it hearts up its a point but if you want to build your brand and build your business you have to do this and trust me i saying this my own experience they will come back to you later on and pay you watch you deserve so think long term okay is that free copy worth 200 rupees really worth your time and effort want to be better of spending your time and effort own some other book that could really help you grow your audience and also isn’t loosing a few pennies better then loosing your entire audience because you like to them so really you have to first develop the business mind set will you have to first be honest with your audience about what your about to do be honest with yourself and give really honest reviews because yes it also happens that people that paid for book review than they give out for all positive reviews just because they got paid for it so do you not want to be that person if you want to be in the gave for the long term and you also want to be transparent a lot of book reviewers still charge i know the charge from the industry but they divert tell you to the reviewers on you tube itself you can give disclaimer you can put it disclaimer paid for promotion and you can said in the video and you can putting in the description and instagram also use hashtag like hashtag ads, hashtag sponsored to tell you reviewers that this was a paid collaboration but the lot of people don’t do that and indian there are no rules about it ] so if you do that in brtain in europe or even in US you will be doing something illegal but right now in india there are not so slot of people a lot of influencer misusing there influence and nor being transparent who they reviewers and i would say that you know it depends on you…you wanna do this short term go ahead and do not tell them and you’re doing paid reviews and you wanna do this for long term you want dare support show them how honest and transparent you’re with them and also while you’re building this mindset please get ready for the aim because you’ll get the lot of hate and lot of countermanding and peternising comment about how dare you charge how dare you even ask for this amount of money or you’re not genuine because you’re charging and you just have to take this comment and ignore them so ll in all this business mindset is really important for you stay strong on this transparent number 3 do proper disclosure like i said if you would not do proper disclosure you will loose the trust of your audience on some days so do not put you are self into that track number 4 now a of view my thing manpreet i do wanna charge i didn’t someway i understand that i should charge but but still why should you charge your time is a very important has it when you’re reviewing a book you first read it and you’re spending hours of your time on that book and then you also spend a lot of time in building your brand and you are for payment for that time how much should i charge see the rates are anywhere between rupees one thousand and rupees thirty thousand in india and some people charged even more so depends on your audience what rate do wanna charge it depends on you so for me i deciding my rate buy the children how much my audiences and how much my time is work and what makes me feel that is fine what makes me feel that i am offering good value to the buyer and also i am being paid for my work and honestly you can not come to this price point in a day you have to experiment and you will loose some project doing that do not have that small thinking and trust for the pennies be a need for the big gain and let your self be mature enough do something so that you can gain bigger things and you’re charging i would say draw a contract because its very important to have a contract if you do not want to deal with difficult situation later on in your contract you should also mention that you will give a very honestly back you will not change your review you will not change your ratings and there his no grantee that you will give it can be positive review it can be negative if you will gave exactly what you want to say and also my personal would be keep the amount not refundable and try to get advance payment as much as possible otherwise work with a brand that should really know and that number 5 tip or rather a question i had from one of you guys was that should you charge non famous authors you are charging because you’re time is work something you’re charging because you’re putting in the lot of into this book review it and put it out there and associated with the your brand do this non famous author have the special magically ability to with you back that time and the worth of the time if they have it do not charge them if they you do not have it charge them both famous and non famous authors for equals important for marketing and non famous authors read it more them famous authors so i would why would you not charge them so i personally may review book for which the author doesn’t need by promotion there is the book which is already a best seller they don’t need my promotion why would they payment they people who need the promotion they payment so its just so obvious and hope you get my point and understand that when you’re book blogging there are many other things you can do work apart from this charging for book reviews you can do sponsored post you can do theme videos and you can theme reading blogs there are so many other ideas you can experiment with just do not limit yourself with the book review part really this video helps you out in some way and helps you real out the confusion if you still have some question please comment down below with the question then i’ll happy to reply for them if you have questions about how to video brand and how to start your booktube channel and i would be happy to help you out with that is well if ask me comments down below and yes keep in mind that is all about being transparent being honest to our viewers being strong enough to too what to have said video and yes that it is today’s video this is manpreet signing off i’ll be back to with another video very soon

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