How to Start an Online Store

So you want to open an online store? It is also a good thing to start an online store, there are many advantages: such as, you would not have to pay any rent here, and you can get thousands of millions of customers at your convenience from home. However, to achieve success, you should work hard to open an online store, as much as you do for any other business. You will need a very good product, a user-friendly website and a good marketing plan. Read this article to get started.

Method1Preparing your product and business plan

  1. 1Decide what you want to sell: If you have an idea of ​​opening an online store in your mind, then perhaps you might have thought of a product to sell it in. A lot of things are suitable for selling online, but there are also products that can be difficult to sell online. Regardless of whether you are making any product, but you will not be able to connect to the customer until you believe in the value of this. Keep in mind the following questions:
    • Does this product need to ship or is it a digital product that can be sent online?
    • Do you have such a lot of products, or are they the only products (eg artwork or paintings etc.)?
    • Do you want to sell different types of products, or any kind of products, such as T-shirts or books?
    • Are you preparing this product yourself? If yes, then confirm that you will be able to fulfill this need in every way. Try to get involved with some well-known suppliers.
    • If you want to make this product yourself, then you will need to study for this.
    • Decide how your product is being sold, decide. Plan to make the product easy to send from your home, or think about the convenience of storing it in a warehouse and sending it from here. If you are going to make a product from elsewhere, you can also drop-shipping.
    • You must be fully involved in this product or service. To make your product known everywhere and to sell it, you have to work with the people of your industry. Try to make a product that can be involved in the long run of products.
  2. 2Find a shelter: Which product do you want to sell, this is just a part of starting your online store. You also have to think, what is it that can make your service better than other services available in the market. Why would any customer buy your handpicked sweater, when he can get online hundreds of sweaters?
    • Beware the competition. When you do not see the products of your front page, then do not completely remove your product from the market. Find an online market to sell your product, and try to understand the contours on these portals.
    • Give a product that is totally real. If you are trying to sell handmade craft, keep in mind that it is made of you, and do not copy anybody. So try to combine some things that are completely real, and which are present in the trend.
    • Please give specific information about your product. That’s all this, which can make you talk to the market. Try to make the best of your product in every way. This is the only thing that will help increase your business and service in the market. For example, if you have a passion to make good dresses, try to make this hobby your job.
    • To buy it, use a user-friendly process. Even if your product is similar to other products available online, you can still make your store go away and fun. Make your website easily accessible. Try to give your customers some different features, which may not be found on other stores.
  3. 3First try to sell your product small: Try to start by selling your product in a small market first, in this way you will have an idea of ​​price in the market. To buy it, use a user-friendly process. Even if your product is similar to other products available online, you can still make your store go away and fun. Make your website easily accessible. Try to give your customers some different features, which may not be found on other stores. Try to sell your product separately on ebay and so on. Here are some things you should think about:
    • Who is buying your product? If you need to, try to give a discount or gift on it. Try to know where else they buy from.
    • What are those people willing to pay for this? Try to keep different values.
    • Customer is satisfied? Are you doing good packaging? This is the right time to gather information about the trust of the shipping process of your product, is it satisfied with its shipping? Are you able to define it well?
  4. 4Build a Business Plan: Before beginning the online store, take some time to prepare a business plan for this. In this way, you will also be helped to further your business and make it successful. Think about the costs and marketing policy for this. Pay attention to the cost and market plan on your service. Take a moment to reflect on these things:
    • The cost to make it, whether you are making it yourself or building it from someone else.
    • Shipping costs
    • Taxes
    • Employee salary, if there are employees
    • Cost of domain name and web hosting service
  5. 5Register your business according to the law: When you are ready to make all of these things officially available, you will need a business name for your business and need to fill some legal and tax-related papers. Will be.

Method2Creating your own online store

  1. 1Register domain name: Choose a name that is small, good and easy to remember. Keep it somewhat unique, anyway some very specific names have already been reserved. Find names on the Domain Registration Service, unless you find a good name.
    • If a name of your choice has already been taken by someone, then try to think of something different from yourself.
    • If the name of your choice is chosen by someone, then the domain registration service will help you suggest other similar names.
  2. 2Choose a web hosting service: Now when you are opening an online store, because it will depend entirely on a website, it is also important to have a good web service. If this is something weird, then this will affect your sales. There are many free web hosting services available, but if you are trying to sell something on it, then you have to choose a service that can provide you with some other options. [1]
    • You will need more space to increase your business.
    • Choose a hosting service, if you want to add an option of doing any programming by yourself, then allow it.
  3. 3Design your website: If you want to design it yourself or get help from a web designer. In this, pay attention to your product as well and to be easily found by customers. Do not make your website too bright or too clear, especially if you just want to do online marketing.
    • Include ways to get an email address so that you can send your store ads to them. [2]
    • Keep in mind that the customer has to do a maximum of two clicks to get any product.
    • Choose the color and font you want to use.
  4. 4Select e-commerce software[3] It allows your customers to view products and purchase securely. This software stores customer information and some financial information store. In some cases, e-commerce software also helps in marketing, such that they are also used to send email to customers. Before making any decision, study all the companies, because the one you choose to play will play an important role in your customer’s experience and your company’s success.
  5. 5Create a Merchant Account: You will have to open an account with any bank, through which your customer can also make a credit card payment. Taking this facility from the bank can be very expensive, so most online stores use PayPal[4]

Method3Using the All-Inclusive E-Commerce Service

  1. 1Search the All-Inclusive E-Commerce Service: If you do not have the trends on your behalf to build your own website, then there are so many services available to you, In hours, you can create online stores at very low prices. If you are doing this, then you will not have any need to learn the code or keep a web designer and you will also be able to get all kinds of tools available for selling your product.
    • All-inclusive service is your share from every sale of yours.
    • There are advantages to this service, but there are some limitations as well, as you will have to operate with their system. Before choosing any one service, also review other services. If the service is not available to you, then you should think about designing it yourself.
  2. 2Consider some general e-commerce services: Yahoo! Companies like, when you ship your products online, they provide storefronts at the store. Hosted e-commerce service offers you, storefront design, secure payment, mailing list and customer support. All this attracts those who do not want to do programming from themselves.
  3. 3Regardless of selling a product, consider making a profit from it: Some affiliated stores, such as Amazon eStore LLC, allow you to resell some of the products of or any other kind of merchants. Amazon eStores also lets you run business quickly and well, but do not offer any of your stuff (used).
  4. 4Take Ebay to the next level: If you have already sold some products on eBay and you are confident about the fact that other customers of your company are looking for your product there, Can “graduate” with the purpose of saving on the store.
    • If you have never used eBay before, this method is not for you, it is good that you start with existing customers. Your customers should have knowledge of the web, for the use of eBay.
    • EBay attracts customers who wish to get products at low prices.
  5. 5Consider the use of tips for general sales: Tips is an online marketplace where you can create one item or complete list for free. You can post some pictures by mentioning the item and you can also apply for them for sale. Whenever something is sold and its price is less than Rs.2000 or less then you have to pay 5% of this. And if the price of this item is more than Rs. 2000 then its rent will be approximately 3%. With your product some pictures and videos, you get from the side of the site, and that too is absolutely free.
  6. 6If you want to sell some special items, use Cafepress : Cafepress is a service that you can use when you sell something special and unique, such as, your own T-shirt, Cups, pantsing and other products you have designed yourself. Customers visit your store, browse items, and Cafepress completes your order and item delivery process. You can start with a basic shop for free first, and then by adding monthly rent, you can add some other features too.
  7. 7Sell ​​hand-made cakes at Etsy: Etsy is very popular among those who sell and sell items by themselves. For every item present on this, approximately 10 rupees, and Etsy takes 3.5% of the market price of your product when it sells. The amount of money paid depends on your biked product which is taken according to the month. [5]
  8. 8Try to sell on Instagram: Instagram is a well-known social network that keeps many people involved in selling fashion items, handmade items and household goods. Upload a picture of your product to your Instagram account and then to create an online store for photos on your Instagram, sync your account with All pickets on this are via PayPal, and this service does not charge any kind of rent or membership fee even if you sell anything.

Method4Attracting and retaining customers

  1. 1Promote your store on Facebook or Twitter: Social Media is a great platform to promote your business, especially online business. Create an account and promote your store on it and motivate your customers to “Like” and “Share”.
    • To promote your store, offer some to customers. You can give them some relaxation too.
    • Keep posting information about each new product and deals on your account at all times.
  2. 2Start a blog: By presenting your product in a better way, you can attract a lot of customers to your site. If your site is related to fashion, then start doing some style blogs that feature products from time to time.
    • Some features feature blogs as all-inclusive service storefront.
    • Feature other company’s products to feature on your blog and ask them to feature their products.
    • Send your products to some famous bloggers or websites who review the product.
    • Post guest on other people’s posts. For example, if you are selling homemade products such as cookie mix, then post them with a popular baking blog.
  3. 3Email customers about promotions: Use programs like MailChinp to keep customers’ email addresses organized and match them with special deals. But keep in mind, do not email your customers again and again, otherwise they will unsubscribe your email address.


  • Observe all the services that are available to sell all the products that are not in your possession. This is called “dropshipping” service, although some of them are valid and some illegal. There is also a lesser chance of successful service of these, because you are selling some things which probably and anyone else is selling.
  • Ensure that you are using all the facilities available in the Free Trial of the Ecommerce Platform for good. It will help you to use every single service and test them at no charge. And if the free trial is not being given, you can also ask them to give a free trial.