5 marketing automation scenarios, which will increase the conversion in E-commerce to incredible heights


Some marketers often forget that attracting customers is not the only way to grow your business and improve conversions. And what if you stop the campaign to attract new customers and refer to the tool that already exists in your CRM program – the list of subscribers.

If you want to make the most of your marketing budget and increase your online store conversions, simply start converting more leads, thus you will receive repeat orders and improve the customer’s life cycle.

Question: “How to do it? How to increase conversion in the store? ”Answer:“ With the help of marketing automation ”. Now I will show you how easily you can implement the following techniques with just a few clicks, which will increase the conversion of users.

1. Do not know how to raise the conversion?Welcome new customers!

Love at first sight happens not only in the movies – in real life too. And between brand and customer? Seldom.

And if you offer something, the client will immediately fall in love (like Tesla X). To do this, you need to make an effort and make an indelible impression from the very beginning, that is, use the welcome Email campaign .

You can apply velcom campaign for:

  • data validation;
  • expressions of gratitude for subscribing customers;
  • presenting your brand or offer;
  • acquaintance of clients with the most popular products or categories.

welcome campaign for new customers who downloaded the Nike app

It is no secret that the discoverability and clickability of Wellcom campaigns is four times more than other Email campaigns .

If you really look for ways to increase the conversion of an online store, then what stops you from introducing welcome campaigns? Express your gratitude, tell us what awaits your customers in the near future and prepare the conditions for increasing conversion.

And here are some examples.

Welcome email from MeUndies, representing the company's products and philosophy

Casper welcome letter, where the company explains what products it produces and that they improve the lives of users

In GetResponse, you can easily create a welcoming campaign:

  • You can choose a marketing automation template: select the welcome campaigns, click on the selected template and edit.
  • The second method is manual. You need to create a script that starts after the user has subscribed, for example, filling out a web form. And just take the next step – immediately send a letter.


2. Low website conversion? And how do you work with leads?

Each client is individual. Some make regular purchases, even if they are not offered discounts or special offers. Some fill out a form, but never open a message.

In any case, you need to know who you are referring to. Especially if you run an online store and do not meet with your customers offline. In a situation where you know who your customers are, you can focus on loyal customers, it is better to allocate time and resources and thereby achieve maximum site conversion.

The only way to get this information is to determine the lead using various criteria, such as involvement. And most importantly, it can all be done automatically.

Before you begin, you need to create a tagging and scoring plan. Next, assign tags and points to users, taking into account the actions they take, some simple steps, such as opening a message, visiting the product page, abandoned basket.

Further, the system will automatically assign tags and scoring points. Thus, you will always have the latest data and you can quickly respond.