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9 “innocent” misconceptions about marketing automation platforms

April 28, 2020 By admin

44% of marketers are not completely satisfied with their marketing automationsystem . Are you one of them?

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According to the reports, among the most frequent complaints of marketers are the following: such a platform is too long to implement, too difficult to master, and too expensive to use. Sounds familiar?

Despite the fact that marketing automation platforms open up new horizons, false information that sellers are voicing in order to sell such a platform to us and which we believe can cost us dearly. The success of marketing automation lies not only in choosing the right technical solution vendor.

Below are 9 “innocent misconceptions” about marketing automation platforms.

1. The marketing automation platform works according to the “set and forget” principle.

The concept of “marketing automation” is often misleading for ordinary people, and although the platform does launch email campaigns automatically after installation , everything is not so simple. Any successful marketing technology requires attention and human presence. No marketing automation platform is able to analyze statistics.browse pages / number of subscriptions / number of qualified leads and adjust the email campaign accordingly, it will not track which conversation has the best conversion rates and why. As soon as the sales department determines the weak spot, who will generate the new content that motivates the leads to fill in the newsletter subscription form? Who will create content to reactivate old leads, especially if your company has a long sales cycle? Who will adjust the title (subject) of the letter if no one opens the letter ?

If the seller of such an automation platform praises its merits as “set and forget,” he, to put it mildly, keeps back.

“Every year it takes more and more time!” – Scott Brinker, chiefmartec.com.

2. Marketing automation will save you a lot of time.

Don’t be fooled by this promise. Of course, this does not apply to situations where absolutely all your daily tasks can be performed by an automated platform (but believe me, this is unrealistic). Installing and running such a platform is not an easy and quick process.

The transition to automated processes requires the involvement of all stakeholders. Before you launch the first email campaign, your team members should spend dozens of hours developing customer portraits (profiles), analyzing data, creating campaigns, copywriting ( landing pages, letters, social networks, paid advertising), developing a chain of letters and configuring data, to personalize and segment messages. Do not forget also about the coordination of all your systems at sales / marketing departments and automated processes – this also causes a problem in many organizations.

3. One person is enough for marketing automation.

The rooting of this myth is equally guilty as top executives and ordinary sellers of automation platforms. To convince managers to buy this software, sellers use arguments such as “our software is so simple that even a 12-year-old can launch an email campaign” or “it will take you 5 hours a week to manage this system.”

Unfortunately, as often happens, the company does not have the appropriate resources to properly set up, manage, analyze, and A / V tests that ensure a long-term return on marketing automation. Multi-channel marketing automation platforms use different segments, require the participation of sales and marketing specialists, and activate potential customers at various stages of the sales funnel. Such platforms should affect every element of your company – customer support, sales, lead generation, lead cultivation, marketing, recruitment, after-sales service, etc. They require close attention and specialized skills.

Color pencils on the table

4. For the successful implementation of the marketing automation platform, a superspecialist with vast experience is indispensable.

Finding an expert with 5-10 years of experience may not be the best solution. Tools are changing, technologies are improving, there are dozens of new channels for involving potential customers. You need to find someone who understands your brand’s voice , customer specifics and culture, who can run systems, and also deal with the technical and creative aspects of personalized marketing campaigns and / or automation campaigns, who know what channels you can reach the target audience. In today’s world, you need someone who is familiar with conversion and is aware of the value of a real lead.

5. No need for technical skills and knowledge for marketing automation.

Are your marketers able to segment the contact database by events and / or user attributes? Do they know how to properly configure which attributes should be added to the marketing automation platform? Do they have experience in domain configuration, email authentication, DNS and A / V testing? How are marketing letters personalized – merge vars, liquid logic, etc.?

According to the data, in 2015, only 38% of respondents who implemented marketing automation used advanced features such as progressive profiling. Progressive profiling requires a technical understanding of how data is collected and how it is best segmented. You are seriously limiting the potential level of ROI of the automation platform without mastering the technical skills necessary to carry out the lead generation program. In addition to technical knowledge, the development in theory and practice of such concepts as letter deliverability, working with a contact base and reactivation of old leads also plays an important role .

6. The more expensive is the marketing automation platform, the higher is the chance of letters entering the inbox

When was the last time you looked for the automation platform when you were interested in the seller, what is its indicator and statistics on the deliverability of letters? Or did you, like most marketers, proceed from the fact that this is included with the sale? After all, the high price should guarantee the deliverability of letters , right? Not.

One of the biggest omissions when choosing a vendor of automation systems is the neglect of such aspects as the indicator of deliverability and methods of working with the base of contacts. Marketing automation is a complex system and the details of the deliverability of letters are rarely covered in the sales process, especially considering that it is the marketing person’s responsibility to follow the best methods of working with the contact database , send letters only to those contacts who agreed to receive the newsletter, and immediately delete invalid messages. email addresses You should discuss with the seller in advance the nuances of deliverability, which can adversely affect the effectiveness of your lead generation program.

7. This is just an email marketing platform with a couple of cool chips.

Do not confuse email service and marketing automation platform. For example, sellers of marketing automation platforms offer a unified (single) customer profile, multiple channels, the ability to create a detailed portrait of the buyer, landing pages and forms, lead learning, and sales / marketing integration. You can even go beyond the digital environment and run an address mailing list based on user actions.

8. Best to buy from the best-known seller.

The choice of the vendor of the automation platform should be approached with all seriousness. Your systems and technologies should be tailored to your business needs. It is important to fully understand what you are buying, and to be sure that this platform is best suited to your interests. It should be consistent with the overall sales and marketing strategy, and you should provide it with all the necessary resources. Reading thousands of articles comparing sellers, remember that you are reading the point of view of other marketers.

9. Implementing a marketing automation platform automatically gives a lot of qualified leads.

The marketing automation platform generates leads, but if your content does not fit customer profiles / target market segments / target contacts (or if the specified profiles / segments and contacts are not quite right), the leads will not be qualified. First you need to figure out what your target audience is and contact it in such a way that it wants to interact with your brand. An unsuccessful marketing automation campaign can show whether the audience you consider to be targeted is actually one.

“Marketing technologies are becoming the main trend of this time. This is the theme of this year’s MarTech Conference. Everyone now has CMS and CRM, but as for other marketing technologies (personalization, content marketing, or solutions for managing social networks), we have already moved from the category of pioneers to the category of early and late majority. Directors of small companies recognize the need to adopt new tools, ”- Scott Brinker.

To sum up, the marketing automation platform performs many tasks, takes a lot of time (every year more and more, according to Brinker), well-coordinated teamwork and continuous support.

There are a lot of myths around marketing automation. It is widely believed that this is an impersonal tool with a mechanical approach , that it is not suitable for companies with long sales cycles, that it actually does not work. It is important to keep in mind that this is just a tool.

Successful transformative marketing begins with a deep understanding (supported by real data and the magic of creativity) of your market and customers. Only then can you effectively develop a brand’s history, develop a strategy, and launch systems that provide first-class customer service.

What myths do you know?