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Microsoft's data-focused approach to Windows Updates requires an update

October 21, 2019 By admin

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Microsoft uses a data-focused strategy to decide whether upgrades are ready for broader distribution and it looks like the business is extremely content with the strategy.

Issues of recent upgrades imply that Microsoft may need to reconsider its approach when it comes to Windows Updates.

Microsoft started a new series on the official Windows Experience website some time ago in which company representatives raise the veil about the provider’s strive for quality.

Microsoft told the people that update quality is much better than , and that the same is true for the caliber of published device drivers.

In”Data, insights and listening to enhance the client experience”, data is provided on how Microsoft utilizes information to ascertain the quality of updates.

The basic question which Microsoft asks for every launch is”Can this Windows Update ready for customers?” . Updates undergo different phases during development:

  • Evaluation of quality based on analytical data and opinions by Microsoft engineers.
  • Supply to Windows Insiders and additional evaluation of updates.
  • Distribution into the overall Windows population.

The metrics that Microsoft collects and monitors need to be equivalent to or greater than the metrics of their previous upgrade.

By now we are prepared to ship to our customer base, our metrics must be, at a minimum, at or over the quality levels for the preceding release, the notion being that each update must produce the Windows 10 encounter better.

Is the approach sufficient?

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Data plays an important part when it comes to the release of updates. Microsoft, and any other business for that matter, can use it to be certain that certain features act as planned. It is certainly possible to capture bugs by just looking at info but if you have a look at recent upgrades, you’ll discover that things were not as smooth as Microsoft’s info concentrated appraoch indicated.

Microsoft needed to pause the Windows 10 variation 1809 attribute upgrade since it caused a great deal of issues. To name Only a few:

Each one of these issues weren’t detected during tests conducted by Microsoft, by diagnostic information, and from feedback which Microsoft engineers and participants of Microsoft’s Insider application provided.

A game functionality related bug was not detected in the latest upgrade for Windows 10 version 1809. Microsoft needed to upgrade the service article to bring the operation affecting bug to the list of known problems of the upgrade.

The difficulty

Microsoft engineers and engineers of this Insider program may not offer a sufficient sample size to supply data for all significant use cases. Gaming might be such a situation. It seems improbable that Microsoft engineers invest a good deal of time playing games in their own devices. Even if they would, they could not test new versions of Windows on thousands of matches that are readily available for PC. The bulk of Insider participants might not be considering games also. Gambling is just one area where Microsoft’s approach falls short.

It is certainly unrealistic to expect Microsoft to catch all the issues in all updates prior to launch. The sheer number of software and hardware configurations makes that an impossible task.

But major issues, like game functionality in favorite games, shouldn’t reach the overall populace.

That is 1 reason why it’s a fantastic idea to install updates some time after release instead of as soon as possible: you can’t what will happen.

You: I want to understand what you consider all this, and the way Microsoft could improve update quality.

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