OBS Studio 23.0.0 – Video recording and live streaming.

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OBS Studio is an entirely free and open source applications for video recording and streaming.

    Create scenes made up of multiple sources including capture cards, pictures, text, browser windows, webcams, window captures and much more.
  • Set up an unlimited number of scenes you can switch between effortlessly via habit transitions.
  • Streamlined Settings program provides you access to a vast variety of configuration options to tweak every part of your recording or broadcast.
  • Modular’Dock’ UI allows you to rearrange the design exactly as you like. You may even pop each Dock out .
  • OBS supports all your favourite streaming programs and much more.
Produce Professional Productions
  • Choose from several different and customizable transitions for if you switch between your own scenes or add your own stinger video files.
  • Establish hotkeys for nearly every kind of activity, for example switching between displays, starting/stopping streams or files, muting audio resources, push to talk, and much more.
  • Studio Mode allows you to preview your scenes and sources before pushing them dwell. Fix your own scenes and resources or make new ones and make sure they’re perfect before they are ever seen by your viewers.
  • Get a high level view of your production utilizing the Multiview. Monitor transition or cue and readily 8 scenes using double click or a single on.
Collaborative Creativity
  • OBS Studio is equipped with a powerful API, allowing scripts and plugins to give further customization and performance unique to your requirements.
  • Utilize native plugins such as high performance integrations or scripts written with Lua or Python that port with existing resources.
  • Work with developers in the streaming area to get the features that you want with endless possibilities.
  • Browse or submit your own in the Resources section

Version 23.0.0:

  • Additional a Limiter audio filter
  • Additional an Expander audio filter
  • Added VAAPI video encoder on Linux
  • Additional batch remuxing service into the Remux Recordings conversation
  • Added a Decklink output tool to the menu. This Permits You to output OBS to a Decklink device
  • Added an optional Stats dock. This pier is disabled by default; you can Allow this dock in the View menu -> Docks submenu
  • Additional multi-track audio support to FFmpeg output in advanced output configurations
  • Added a filter (search) alternative to the Hotkeys part of the settings window
  • Added a fourth Mic/Auxiliary sound option in Audio configurations
  • Added stereo reconciliation (panning) to the Advanced Audio Properties dialogue
  • Just works when no outputs are active

  • Added a”deactivate if not showing” alternative to the Decklink origin
  • Added an Invert Polarity sound filter
  • Additional an F2 shortcut to rename sources or scenes when chosen
  • Additional VLC source service to the Immediate script
  • Added a”What’s New” conversation that may pop up on startup in the case of announcements or major news
  • Fixed a bug in which screen reader tools for the visually impaired wouldn’t read out the items in the source list box in the main window when selected
  • Fixed an issue on windows in which window capture would utilize an unnatural amount of CPU usage when its target window Wasn’t accessible
  • Fixed a number of race conditions and small memory leaks, improving overall program stability
  • When your mouse cursor is hovering over an origin in the trailer or at the source list, a mild rectangle will Appear around it indicating that it can be selected
  • When a source is dragged outside of the trailer area, there is a new visualization for the unseen area of that source while chosen
  • Simplified and improved the user experience of the”Stream” page of the settings and also auto-configuration windows
  • The source selection rectangle has been enhanced
  • The slideshow source today only loads a maximum of 15 images at a time, and loads images beyond that count because they cycle. This was done to stop people who put millions of files from the slideshow origin from running from memory
  • Removed a number of internal/uncapturable Microsoft app windows from the game/window capture window lists
  • Increased the Immediate script retry interval
  • Docks are now unlocked by default. You can lock/unlock docks in the View menu > Docks submenu
  • OS X 10.11

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