OnionShare 2 released: Tor-powered file sharing

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The First version of OnionShare Started in 2017 for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It featured options to share files using the Tor network employing a very simple but effective interface.

Files would remain on the local computer as they were shared out of it. While that meant the local computer needed to be to allow other people to download the documents, it ensured that the files would not be hosted by third-parties.

OnionShare 2 premiered in February 2019. The new version introduces service for new onion addresses style, Dropbox support that is anonymous, or a few new features.

Once you start it the Tor system is connected to by onionShare this should occur automatically. The program displays the preferences in the event the connection attempt is unsuccessful connection settings that are related might change and attempt the link again.

The main interface was functionality-wise and visually.


You are able to drag and drop folders or files which you want to talk about or utilize the add button alternatively. Another option provided right there’s to change to the”receive files” tab to enable receive style. Enabling the manner provides users options to upload documents into the machine OnionShare two is run on.

The application displays an address that all these other users will need to use to send files to the unit.

Sharing works the other way round. Publish the”begin sharing” button when you’ve added one or many files that you would like to talk about.

OnionShare displays the address then you will need to share. The address format which OnionShare 2 utilizes is more protected than the previous one. A speech like http://ct47fkr5xvym7s2jjmso6lqysqvsp4lh46xw4xxhfwq2woqtr4fpisyd.onion/coasting-swampland is significantly more protected than addresses like http://elx57ue5uyfplgva.onion/tug-rentable that utilized the old format.

onionshare 2 settings

Contacts need to utilize Tor programs or the Tor browser to load up the address and get the files. After the files are downloaded 13, the sharing prevents automatically. You may stop the behavior in the choices by removing the checkmark from”cease sharing after files have been shipped”.

The program indicates that you’re sharing files. You can click to show the history.

OnionShare 2 supports a number of additional features that expand the operation significantly. One of those features is people style which you enable in the preferences.

Public mode complements receive style once you disable the”stop sharing after files are sent” alternative. OnionShare 2 utilizes a safety feature that simplifies the server when it identifies 20 attempts to guess that the two-word passphrase of this address.

Say you tweet the speech to share files. Anyone can attack the sharing by attempting different passphrases in the limit to force the host to turn off itself after 20 invalid attempts. These are ignored by public mode and makes certain that the server stays online.

Another new feature is the choice to conduct an dropbox. You use a address for this although the mode works similarly to get manner. Examine the choice from the preferences to make sure the speech doesn’t switch between sessions.

You could run this on a server, e.g. a Linux server, and so that anybody can upload files to it in any given time of the day.

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