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Process Lasso is a distinctive new technology that enhances PC responsiveness during high CPU loads. It does so through dynamic adjustments to process priorities. This attribute is called ProBalance, lively priority optimization.
Instead of boosting foreground priorities, which is inefficient and potentially harmful, Process Lasso temporary reduces the principles of pick background processes when they could be interfering with machine responsiveness. A graphical presentation can be found on Bitsum’s site that demonstrates this feature can spare you from a complete PC booth at a worst case situation.

For more sophisticated users, Process Lasso allows persistence and automation of different process settings. One can set conserve CPU affinities, process priority classes, I/O priority, memory purposes, and application electricity profiles. These configurations get re-applied whenever the process is run. Users can also restrict the number of cases an application may possess, or disallow processes from operating entirely. More innovative watchdog rules can be created to carry any range of actions according to quotas and thresholds. For example, trimming the working set if a process’s working set exceeds a specified amount, or reduce the process priority class as soon as an application exceeds a specific amount of CPU use for a particular duration.

This really is a semi-free build. It never expires, and heart functions like ProBalance, default options, and default option affinities work forever. With this semi-free edition, you might need to bear some non-intrusive nags, and advanced features may be disabled as time passes.


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