Rest in peace our beautiful lady, Mae Bua Loi

Since our old Bua Loi fell in the field two months ago, she had become slower and slower. But she never gave up the struggle, as her close friend Lucky was always by her side. After some shelter rest and constant medical care, it was clear that she just wanted to spend time with her friend. We knew that her time was coming soon. Activities that she normally avoided, like mud play and swimming, she now ventured into, accompanying her friend even though her body was failing her. She began to eat less. Seven days ago she stopped eating altogether. She continued to drink well, not yet saying goodbye. Her time was near. Supportive care continued, as vitamin fluid therapy and pain modifiers. We decided to not close her shelter door, letting her wander as she may each night, allowing her to choose the place where she might lay down. Her mahouts would follow, and, where she stopped to rest, would put on her blanket and start a fire to keep her warm. This evening she walked into the field not far from her shelter and lay down. It was not long after that she died.


Bua Loi was a strong-minded old lady, yet very gentle to every one. She had ten good years of enjoyment, friendship and rest in our project.

Thanks to Singleton Rankin for bringing her to our home. Our lives here are so much better for knowing her.

R.I.P our beautiful lady. You will always be missed!