ScreenSteps 4.1.0 – Create visual training lessons in PDF or HTML format. (Shareware)

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With ScreenSteps you may produce a knowledge foundation your clients love. By providing learning tools help clients successfully apply your goods. Maintenance and the creation of user documentation becomes quite a process with ScreenSteps. In turn these assets improve enablement tools and rate employee and customer onboarding. ScreenSteps enables you to create visual user documentation, such as manuals and how-to guides and posts. Further, it allows you to create a knowledge base for organization and maintenance. This way, you’re encouraging self-service among your clients and improving efficiency on each side.

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Model 4.1.0:

The following attributes are included:
  • ScreenSteps is currently a 64-bit program on macOS.
  • Now you can go for an article template when creating a new post.
  • There’s currently a”No Border” option for table boundaries in the table editor.
  • Pasting HTML text now supports”data:” URLs.
  • The Knowledge Base hyperlink dialog now shows if an report is unpublished in a website. This can occur if the manual or chapter that the article part of has been unpublished.
  • The picture properties panel now tells you how big and pixel scale of your source images.
  • The bottom-left corner of this screen capture interface today reports that the pixel scale of the screen.
  • Improved formatting when pasting articles reproduced from Microsoft Word along with plugins.
  • In the event the non-admin installer is used to install ScreenSteps onto Windows then auto upgrades will probably be managed utilizing a non-admin updater.
  • Text ordered as code in a bullet set is always inline code today.
  • The Windows automatic updater now uses WinSparkle.
  • The Sparkle updater on macOS was upgraded to version 1.21.2.
  • When clicking the”Add Recipients” button at the Save Article dialog the dialog will be moved on screen if the bottom of the conversation is pushed off display when flashed.
The following bugs have been corrected:
  • Fixed a memory leak inside display capture. This may flow to the program slowing down and crashing.
  • Dropdown menus would evaporate on Windows when attempting to catch them.
  • Clicking the”Duplicate Last Capture” button at the Capture Palette would lock the display in case no screenshots had been recorded on the computer before.
  • Tags that included Tags would cause list items to reduce their bullets when opening an article. If content was glued in a application like Google Docs into the web editor, this may occur.
  • The Find dialog today maintains the search chain across application sessions.
  • Deleting an attachment which doesn’t have a record on disk will now complete successfully.
  • Picture content blocks would increase in height when resizing the picture with the resize handles.
  • Pasting text in Word, WordPad, and also various additional applications on Windows would add a NULL character into the text.
  • Typing @ in a revision note wouldn’t bring up the contributors menu for some languages.
  • Inserting a Knowledge Base link to a heading if no text was chosen would insert”Untitled” rather than the heading name.
  • Entering non-ASCII text at a revision note would make a server error.
  • Particular actions in a text field that didn’t actually change any of their text material would result in the text field disappearing out of view.
  • Pasting text from Google Docs into the area from the save dialog wouldn’t include line breaks.
  • “Apply preset to all annotations” generates an error if image with a fitting annotation is at a concealed row.
  • Text wasn’t always decoded correctly when pasting HTML text to macOS.
  • Taking away the catch hot key preference wouldn’t update the hot key exhibited in the menu bar menu on macOS.
  • Copying a blur annotation by holding down the OPTION/ALT key and dragging it’d leave the blur along with different annotations until the post was shut and reopened.
  • The hint in page wouldn’t look on Windows for accounts with Google SSO.
  • Exporting an image that was a child of a record item would create an error.
  • Indenting a heading with nested children would sometimes generate a mistake.
  • On Windows toggling that the Capture Palette using the system tray icon would not update the UI in an open post editor window.
  • Service
      at HTML for specifying starting list number.
    1. The”Save” button will no longer be pushed off screen in the rescue article dialog when clicking on the button to add receivers.
    2. Resizing an image canvas and then resizing the canvas back to the first size wouldn’t revive the initial canvas size.
    3. Utilizing ALT codes to enter text on Windows works .
  • OS X 10.10.5 or afterwards

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