SetEXIFData 7.3 – Sets (not edits) most wanted EXIF data in an image. (Free)


SetEXIFData writes the very desired EXIF information in an image- or movie-file.



  • Utilize a date from the Finder or recover the date/time out of its file name, if present
  • it’s possible to add and increment EXIF dates, times and sequence numbers.

    You can utilize SetEXIFData unregistered indefinitely. A donation of $6 has been requested to remove this limit.

    Version 7.3:

    Notice: Serial numbers are variation independent, and so remain valid for v6 and greater.

    • Removed the 500 to 700-files limit. Processing of +1000 files is possible.
    • Replaced Growl-support and error-messages via sheet windows using normal mac OS Notfications.
    • Each segment a file goes through, will be separately notified via Notification Center: processing EXIF Data, renaming files, placing Finder dates.
    • Improved the amount of the amount of days it’s possible to subtract or add into -999 and +999.
    • OS X 10.7 or after.
    • See Related Links for heritage support

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