Shopify Plus review: An in-depth guide to Best Enterprise Ecommerce Platform (April 2019)


When it comes to killing the myth that shopping is suitable only for small or medium sized businesses. 

I’m sure that you’ve heard that Shopify is for “mom and pop shops” and while this is not wrong – it’s half the story. It is true that Shopify is known as the best platform to create and manage e-commerce stores, but it is not for small or medium sized businesses only.


Plus with plans Shopify, high-growth, high-volume businessmen are also able to grow and nurture on the platform. In the review of this Shopify Plus, we will find out how to offer enterprise-grade selling capabilities for traditional enterprise applications without headache, timeframe or heavy price tags.

So, are you the owner of an existing business that is rapidly growing in ecommerce space, or you are working in a large company and want to offer a more intuitive way to expand the world of online sales, this Shopify Plus Review is for you. For most small businesses, the Shopify Plus plan does not matter too much. Of course, it promises solid development, but Shopify has many plans which are very affordable and fitting during those startup periods.

Shopify Plus is a next generation, fully hosted, SaaS Ecommerce platform. Unlike traditional self-hosted platforms like Magento Enterprise or SAP Hybris, Hosted solutions like Shopify Plus are infinitely more reliable because the solution is constantly monitored and upgraded to ensure maximum efficiency and robustness.

Shopify Plus Review - Dashboard

In Addition, after Shopify Plus is hosted, you tap into a fast, secure and powerful hosting network, which is meant to improve your search engine optimization, maintains high speed (even during traffic boost) and Finds the need to run your own server or a hosting company that can handle your website.

And this is only the beginning of it. To learn more about our experience with this, keep reading this Shopify Plus review.

Shopify Plus Review: It’s Super Scalable

Whether it is a large scale flash sale, the general high volume of Black Friday, or shopkeepers, plus the plan is designed to handle intense traffic which only experiences enterprise-level businesses. Infinitely scalable PLUS platform handles tens of thousands of transactions per minute so that your site keeps on moving and customers always have a fast and enjoyable browsing experience.

And because there is no limit on sales volume, number of products, bandwidth and no transaction fees, you can continue to grow without worrying if your ecommerce software can handle it or if you do it for your success Are going to be installed.

Shopify Plus: BlackMil

Like retailers, the ability to handle heavy traffic of black milk , Shopify Plus’s handicap was a relief.

“Before we went to Shopify Plus, our website was crashing on every launch,” recalled Cameron Parker, head of marketing at Black Milk. “But when we switched, it was like, ‘Hellejah.’ Our first release bus ran perfectly smoothly. The website also did not blink, our customers checked it smoothly and peacefully and it was a happy day. “

Buy plus brand

ShopPlus Review: Extreme Optimization and Integration Options

Every business is unique, therefore Shopify Plus allows traders to have full control over the look and feel of their website, so that they can define layout, content and branding in any way. In addition, the Shopify Plus Shopify App Store can enhance store capabilities by presenting thousands of professionally built apps exclusively.

Apps such as Klaviyo and allow merchants to integrate targeted email marketing campaigns, while LoyaltyLion offers them customer rewards programs to come back.Professionals can integrate their stores with existing IT platforms to create a smooth, integrated solution using the Shopify Plus API. Which includes any ERP, CRM, and accounting systems, and other software that you are using.

And if this is not enough, Shopify Plus has A, hand-picked, a fleet of expert designers, developers and partners who can create custom experiences or personalized features on the Shopify Plus platform. So does a business require award-winning design, custom features, or a far-reaching social media plan, to support Shopify Plus enterprise merchants that they require?


Shopify Plus Review: Multi-Channel Sailing

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For business owner Neal Waler, co-founder coast projects of Watch Brand Shopify Plus multi-channel sales functionality was important to increase your business:

“As we have started transitioning for brick and mortar, the fact that shopping is a POS system that links to our online store, has given us an impressive cunning operation.”

In other words, Shopify Plus allows businesses to sell online and in-store with Shopify’s POS system. In addition, Shopify Plus allows enterprise traders to sell easily on social networks like Facebook and Pinterest to ensure maximum access to their products.Finally, Shopify Plus accepts various payment gateways of 70, which includes PayPal and Bitcoin, so stores can be sold in many areas and in different languages. This capability of meeting customers whenever and wherever they come, it is important for any business to expand its customers and find new customers.

Shopify Plus Review: Ecommerce Automation

An outstanding part of Shopify Plus involves clearing your time to spend it on other tasks.Here ecommerce automation module comes into play. This product integrates complex workflow with backend and frontend. It helps you automate those processes with the help of “trigger, condition, action” formulas.

This means that you do not have to do the same with apps and add-ons because all automation tools are in the Shopify Plus system and are optimized for your own business. For example, in the automation section, you have the tools to improve your customer service workflow. You can also manage inventory, orders, and products with automation tools. I especially enjoy the option to tag customers and segment, because doing this will take a lot of time manually.

A good example of this would be with a VIP client program that you want to create. Generally, you have to go through the customer list and decide which ones are buying the most from your store. After that, you will tag them as a VIP and probably will occasionally be discontinued.

With the Shopify Plus automation tool, you will set a parameter that anyone who spends $ 100 a month will be automatically labeled a VIP customer. This can also be done to reorganize low inventory or to assess the risk level for potential fraud transactions.

This automation are complete as a campaign, where you keep some triggers in the workflow and optimize the results that are due to those triggers.


Shopify Plus Review: Wholesale

Traditionally, it is difficult to sell businesses only to regular users and to sell the same goods over and over again. Business customers with custom orders, wholesale pricing and more often require a little extra Shopify Plus does a solid job of taking these customized, unique situations and allowing wholesalers to clean up the sales process.

In a nutshell, the wholesale via Shopify Plus dashboard becomes very easy.

To get started, you are able to create a password-protected website for some of your big clients (or businesses that have made deals with you). Your website can be sold in a lot of quantity, and it comes with a mobile responsive version so that you do not need to do that coding itself.

The features inside the B2B dashboard seem endless, and it all starts with giving your customers the option to buy quickly, track and resume when you need to. You can also give an option to review orders before invoicing them. Apart from this, integration with loyalty and rewards programs is done automatically, so all you have to do is pay so much to your customers.

A big part of Shopify Plus’s wholesale website is automation. We talked about this shortly before the standard Shopify Plus plan, but a lot of automation is needed to run a bulk site. During the review of my Shopify Plus, I looked at several options for increasing the minimum, maximum, and quantity for all your products.

It also offers the option of the minimum purchase amount required for some customers.Or, you can activate this type of minimum for the entire store. Along with synchronizing options for inventory, integration with systems like XNUXXL, and tools to optimize your navigation, Shopify Plus bulk package is quite intriguing.

Shopify Plus Review: Campaign and Flash Cells

Suppose you want to run a sale on your eCommerce site. The goal is to improve the performance of some products during the month of April, considering how low sales are usually done for your company. Typically, with a flash sale or promotion, many levals are included before, during and after-sales. Not only this, it can be difficult to optimize and monitor the wholesale.

Shopify Plus offers a wonderful campaign and flash sales module with automation tools, real-time monitoring and more. There are options to check on transactions, acquisition channels and conversion rates, as well as top-selling products. All these numbers come minute-to-minute. Therefore, you do not have to wait until the sale is finished to make changes or to predict how everything is going.

This is an incredible command center that everyone in your organization can see (at least those who give you access) This part of Shopify Plus is called Launchpad, and it is designed to increase revenue, optimize performance, and some of these sales to other sales channels.

And since many of these promotional works are done multiple times in the workflow, automation ensures that you are not repeating the same task repeatedly. For example, if you think about selling for the season and it is a success, then there is no need to go in for sale again because automation does it for you.

Shopian Plus Complaint

Shopify Plus Level 1 PCI DSS is compliant, which means that customer data – including credit and debit card information – is protected by the same security offered by banks.

From annual ratings to continuous risk management on the site, Shopify Plus ensures that their shopping cart software and eCommerce hosting are protected from hackers and fraud. Not only can one business rest comfortable knowing that their site will not crash, but online shoppers can be assured that their information is safe and secure.

Shopify Plus Review: White-Glove Treatment in Support

Shopify Plus is going to help make merchants world-class. Plus Account Manager Plus helps in providing dedicated and personalized support to traders, helping them get the most from their investment. Not only the account managers look after the daily tasks of a store, but they work together with each customer to improve their business.

Similarly, Shopify’s business Shopify’s 24/7 support service receives instant access to Shopify Plus’s priority phone number and email address.

Is Shopify the Best for Your Business?

While Shopify will always be a great solution for small and medium sized businesses, Shopify Plus (Enterprise) is redefining how high growth, large amounts of merchants purchase, implement and manage their ecommerce software. Shopify Plus gives customers all the power without headaches.

Therefore, after reviewing my Shopify Plus, I can conclude that this is generally an excellent solution for large online businesses. Shopify Plus also has some excellent detail products that make it particularly useful for top industries and companies. For example, you can run a powerful B2B e-commerce store with the help of Shopify Plus.

Multi-channel options are also available to sell these in-person or to get their products on Amazon. Pop-up shops are encouraged to consider Shopify Plus, especially if you are looking for excellent development. Simultaneously, Shopify Plus should work wonders for bulk and global business.


There is still the benefits of regular Shopify in the small online store, but it is good to know that you have a chance to upgrade to a powerhouse such as Shopify Plus, this day should come.

If you have any questions about the review of this Shopify Plus, then let us know in the comments section below. In addition, if you have free to share your experience about ShopPlus Plus.