Shukofukurou 3.2.6 – Shukofukurou is an Anime and Manga library management. (Shareware)


Shukofukurou is a Anime and Manga library management and title discovery application for macOS which allows Mac users to manage their Kitsu and AniList lists from 1 spot.

Features List:



  • Manage Anime and Manga Lists on Kitsu and AniList
  • View Update Background (MyAnimeList only)
  • Search and Browsing Titles
  • Importing MAL/AniDB/Kitsu/AniList lists
  • Export Compatible MyAnimeList Anime and Manga XML Saved out of the AniList or Kitsu library.

    Note: The software offers in-App Purchases.

    Version 3.2.6:

    New Features:
    • Added advanced strategy to unlock donor features for active Patrons
    • Implement fresh Title ID Mapper
    • Add character browser service for Manga (AniList)
    • Fix Reddit related links
    • Clear user id and user name to the service that the user logged from
    • OS X 10.11 or later
    • A Kitsu or AniList account

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