Social Media Marketing: 3 great ways to thank your subscribers


Social media marketing is like a two-way street.

You, as a marketer, of course, may think that everything is going only in the direction away from you – great blog articles, witty tweets, latest news, special offers, promotions. Sometimes, you even think that you give a piece of your soul to your followers and subscribers.

But your subscribers will definitely give you a constant feedback. They do this every time they click on your links, read your blog, like and retweet your posts. This is the reward for your work – especially if one of the subscribers goes further and leaves a comment or even a question after the material you have diligently created for you.

As soon as you manage to “fall in love” with your subscribers, you start building “serious” and strong relationships with your subscribers, and then receive something in return. Oh, this is a wonderful warm feeling when you realize that what you have created has become useful for someone. In the end, for this you do what you do.

Special Award for Special Subscribers

These butterflies in the stomach, which you feel from the reaction of your subscribers to your work, are really very pleasant. And you want to get them again and again. If your followers express their admiration and gratitude to you for sharing useful information with them three times a week, just imagine how you can make happy especially loyal subscribers by inventing personal encouragement for them.

Surely, you have noticed that some of your subscribers pay much more attention to your work than everyone else. In fact, it’s very cool if you have a couple of subscribers who can act as “brand ambassadors” to the people (they are also called “brand ambassadors”). They will do a lot of the work for you – they will chant your brand and / or products in all their social networks.

The point here is that you are a person interested in promoting your product, while your “brand ambassador” is not . Your subscribers understand that you will certainly be proud and praise everything that your company releases. In this case, the ambassadors of your brand, as well as other subscribers, do not get anything from it. Therefore, at that moment, when you already said and did everything you could, it will be your trump card up your sleeve. Your subscribers will trust these people more than you simply because they are not interested in making you any profit.They have nothing to do with it, because they have not invested in your products, so people will believe that they are telling the truth.


3 great ways to encourage your subscribers

If you are quite lucky and have worked well to create a thriving social network of subscribers and may even have enlisted the support of one or two evangelists of your brand, then you probably find your job even more enjoyable.

That is why you want to thank your subscribers and here are 3 interesting options for how to do this.

1. Exclusive discounts and coupons

Saying “thank you” in tweet is one option, sending a personalized email is another one. But still, and probably it will not be a surprise, the money will have the greatest effect. By giving your followers exclusive discounts and offers when they purchase your products, you ignite their interest and it will pay off again and again. This is a great way to make your customers happy, as well as to encourage them for current and future purchases.

2. Help them get involved in something meaningful.

Another interesting move that some companies use is to help followers see the results of their actions. People love to participate in charity, but they don’t always have time to organize something significant on their own. So, do it for them and they will be able to observe how the overall contribution grows and grows, feeling at the same time their involvement in something big and significant. demonstrated an interesting way to do this a couple of years ago. No Nonsense, a factory that manufactures hosiery, organized a campaign called “ Socks for America ”, the goal of which was to donate a million pairs of socks to needy children across the country. Every time someone subscribed to the No Nonsense Facebook page, the company donated one pair of socks to those in need on behalf of this subscriber. Interesting, isn’t it?

3. Invite your subscribers to a special event.

If you can give your selected subscribers the opportunity to be the first to access something, say, launching a new product, this is a great way to create a buzz on social networks about an event or product, and also allow your subscribers to feel special. In addition, it will give them the opportunity to get to know you personally, which will make your business more spiritual and help you maintain your relationship with social media in the future.

And how do you encourage your subscribers in social networks? Do you hold any contests and promotions? Share your thoughts in the comments! 🙂