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What is up.. Joaquin Corrales..welcome back to the channel guys I’m gonna keep this short and sweet in this video and get straight to the point here because I was talking to one of my Buddies earlier today, and and he has a Shopify store, that’s doing pretty good But the thing is is that he’s not doing any email marketing. Okay? How do you have a Shopify store and better yet? How do you have a Shopify store? That’s doing good, but you’re not doing eaning email marketing whatsoever and what I was telling him, and I was like hey I’m just gonna make a video about this because what the hell is that? You need to be doing email marketing if you have a Shopify store whether you’re making money already or not because it could literally be The difference between your success and your failure, okay? And the reason why you need to be doing email marketing is because one you’re engaging more with your customers Okay, and just bottom-line engaging more with your customers is gonna.

Be extremely effective because they’re going to know about you They’re going to know you they’re going to trust you and they’re going to buy more products from you So I’m gonna go over Three key strategies that you guys need to be following in your Shopify stores when it comes to email marketing to Exponentially increase your sales and increase your engagement and increase your brand awareness, okay? Because if people know about your brand first next time they see your your advertisement They’re gonna stop And they’re gonna look at it because they know about you’re not a complete stranger brand and two they’re going to buy More from you. Okay, so the first thing that you guys need to do as it relates to email marketing is Abandoned cart okay abandon cart and guys. This is extremely important, and this is gonna increase Abet hold up This is going to increase your sales by like twenty to thirty percent if you’re able to Deploy the simple strategy that I’m about to go over so this is extremely Important so listen up so an abandoned cart what you want to do is That you want to pick the top four to five products in your store And you want to set up different Abandoned cart syriza’s that are really Specific to that product so for example if someone adds a hat to their product and your store is Absolutely killing it with hats.

Okay. They are they’re doing super good with hats. Then you want to add that product to this specific Automation okay so when someone adds a hat to their cart And then they abandon their cart you want to maybe 15 minutes after Begin engaging with them through emails okay? And what you’re going to do is that first you’re going to send an email to them and you’re going to make it seem like What they did is normal okay? What you guys have to remember is that as you’re engaging with people through email? You have to be super nice super respectful, and and and make sure that you whatever you do you don’t accidentally insult them, okay? I think that this was even something that I was doing initially where I would accidentally insult people like for example I remember sending an email once to like woman And and I said like the word guys and like ten people were like what do you mean guys like? I’m a girl I was like what whatever so don’t accidentally insult people so for example what you have to title your first email is hey, I know that it happens or hey I understand that that you might have forgotten or just something of that type that That kind of resembles like that it wasn’t their fault that it’s normal that it happens all the time right and so you want to send them that email and what you want to include in that email is a Discount code.

Okay, you want to tell me hey. I noticed that you left this in your car. Don’t worry I still have it here for you, and you know what I’m gonna throw in a five percent ten percent discount code Just so that you could go back in there and and make sure that you wrap that up Okay, so you’re going to do that, but it doesn’t end there okay a lot of people who do abandoned cart recovery? They simply stop there, and that’s a complete mistake So you want to go ahead and you want to send that first email with your discount code And then you want to wait maybe like um so for example you don’t want to wait too short Okay, some people wait too short. That’s not effective you want to wait one day okay, and now after you wait one day What you want to do is you want to check did they purchase ok did this person? Purchase after I send them that abandoned car email and if they did purchase Then what you want to do is you want to upsell them ok you want to upsell them a different product that goes well With that first product that they bought if they did not purchase Then you need to check if they even opened this email Ok if they did not purchase did they open the email if they did open it Then you send them a cus demised response And if they didn’t then maybe you could even send them the same exact email, okay Send them the same exact email and make sure that in all these emails that you guys are sending that you’re in a couple of Them you’re even letting them know that they could respond to that email and and let you know for whatever They need right people like that personal touch and people like on Knowing the fact that they’re not talking to a machine right they’re talking to a human on the other side who is willing to help Them when they need it, okay? so this is the abandoned card strategy that you guys need to put in play when you’re When you’re using or when you’re creating your shopify now the second thing that I want to go over here are simple upsell upsell Sequences, okay You need to be creating upsell sequences for Pete what for when people finally buy your products, okay? Let’s say that by some miracle of God someone goes in your store, and they actually buy like what the hell like yeah Let’s imagine that someone just went in there And they hit the purchase button and they followed through can you guys even imagine what that would feel like? So someone actually buys your product alright someone bought it awesome finally so after they bought your product This is what everyone does okay boom flatline nothing they do nada Okay Nothing, they don’t do anything That’s terrible what you need to do after someone buys your product is first Obviously send them the email in which you thank them for the order and you give them the information But then what you want to do one day later is Maybe send them a blog post okay Send them a blog post about a specific thing that they’re related in because they bought Certain products right maybe your store is a niche store like a kitchen store So you send them a blog post on the top ten kitchen items Of 20 18 or whatever right and obviously in that blog post you need to be Pointing to different products in your own store right so this this is like This is a way step further than affiliate marketing right a lot of affiliate marketers will send you to a blog that Points to other people’s products you’re sending them to a blog post for your own products so imagine you’re getting all the money awesome So you’re selling them to this blog post and then what you want to do is you want to continue sending these people? emails that engage with them that get them thinking about your brand and that shows them that you want to give value to them because You know that they’re interested in something and specific and then what you want to do as well is Upsell them ok and you want to upsell them by offering different products through your emails Okay, maybe you offer them discounts or maybe what you do is that you combine the the strategy that we use in our previous In our previous abandom card email to begin that part of the sequence where you check are they opening your emails, okay? Maybe I need to repeat them now I could offer them this product okay I’m gonna offer them this product with a with a discount code.

I’m not sure why the hell I wrote an e here whatever e okay you offer them an e and and and if they buy then you do something and you upsell them again if they if they don’t buy then maybe you don’t sell them you offer them a Product with a different discount code alright So this strategy is super effective and when you combine this with your baton and card email I mean your Shopify store like the sales literally double because you’re picking up sales that are leaving that you would otherwise not be Retargeting that you would otherwise never be talking to right now the third thing that I want to talk about our Newsletters right and this is kind of like the norm and some people do this some people don’t but you guys need to be doing This because all the really big successful stores are doing it And they’re not doing it because they’re bored okay, these stores are not doing this because they’re bored it’s because it works Okay, and you guys need to model these stores that are doing things that are working for them So they could also work for you now the main reason why people do Newsletters why these companies are doing a lot of newsletters are for one? Brand awareness right so brand awareness, and two you’re able to sell things okay You’re able to sell things in these Nuala newsletters, but more importantly is brand awareness, okay? And the reason why brand awareness and so important whether you have a niche store Whether you have a general store is because people are going to remember your brand And they’re gonna keep coming back and purchasing you over and over again Okay, what the average person does is that? They’ll go on Facebook all right? This is Facebook right here a freaking box, and what they do is that those spend five dollars? Okay, and they’ll get $10 back.

Okay. Let’s say you have a successful product you went on where you spend five dollars And you get ten dollars back, but then what they’re doing is that they’re using this ten dollars They’re bringing it back to Facebook to spend five get them back spend five get ten back, but that is wrong okay you’re leaving so much money on the table by not doing email marketing because what you need to be doing and let me change the Color of this here real quick what you need to be doing is I sure you spend your $5 you get your $10 back But then what you do with this person’s email that you just acquired right here.

Is that you start them on a newsletter Okay, you start them on a newsletter that sends them content every once in a while Combined with offering them different products for them to buy okay So then yeah sure you could stay doing this cycle of Facebook But you’re leaving so much money on the table if you’re not doing this okay, and that’s the real key fee Here guys and so what I’ve done is that I’ve created a small program for you guys in Contact flow so contact flow is my email marketing and sales automation software.

It’s actually right here look at this awesome website We have it’s actually an Email marketing and sales automation software and what you guys are gonna be able to do here is you’re gonna be able to come into This program that I’m gonna link somewhere on here Or it’s gonna be the first link in the bio to a free program for you guys That’s gonna show you how to do everything inside a contact flow how to do the abandon cart recovery the newsletters being able to Upsell people being able to check whether they bought something whether they didn’t right and being able to Respond to that through text messages through emails you’re gonna be able to build landing pages Okay, you’re gonna be able to do cookie tracking through email to see how much money you generated from every single email all right You’re gonna be able to have your dashboard and have your email dashboard your financial dashboard How much money are you making per customer because even that is extremely important in itself like for example if you know that you’re making $20 off of every single customer Even though you’re selling like $10 items just because people buy multiple of them if each customer is worth $20 to you, then you know how much you’re able to spend on advertisement okay, and people are doing this blindly, okay? They’re not even sure how much money each customer is worth to them and that is a lot that is making them lose a ton Of money you’re gonna be able to integrate with Shopify with clickfunnels with leadpages with Facebook and a bunch more stuff Okay, you’re gonna be able to bring your contacts automatically into contact flow okay? they’re gonna get segmented with the products that they purchased and Everything else and you’re gonna be able to from contact flow be able to send these people directly to a facebook audience as well So you could create your look-alike audiences, and you could start targeting these people? And if you guys have any questions about contact flow at all leave a comment down below I’m answering to every single comment and make sure that you guys subscribe because we have Videos coming out on a daily basis guys.

I’ll see you inside of the program I can’t wait to see you guys in there. It’s absolutely free. Okay. It’s a hundred percent free I want you guys to come in here make a trial you have a 14-day free trial and and just check it out It’s going to be awesome, so I’ll see you guys tomorrow on the next video .

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