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October 12, 2019 By admin

Numerous parties were upset about how misleading Barr’s summary shown itself to be. And now we’re finding out that Mueller himself was also not impressed. Reporter: Bombshell letter. What we now know about how Robert Mueller certainly felt about the attorney general’s report on the Russia investigation. REPORTER 2: In a note, Mueller told Barr his letter to Congress “did not fully capture the context, sort, and substance” of Mueller’s deems on impediment of justice. REPORTER 3: Mueller wrote to Barr …( reading ): Mueller was especially mad that Barr’s letter represented the public more a little confused his report , not less. You know? Barr’s letter was basically the Justice Department equivalent of every announcement on the metro. You know? It was just like, “Ladies and gentlemen, “the Mueller report acquired …( indistinct) “…collusion and Donald Trump…

( indistinct) Next stop, Downtown…”( ambiguous) W-Wait, so did you say there was collusion?( indistinct) “Donald Trump…”( indistinct) And where’s the set running? “I told you…”( indistinct) So … it came out …( chortling)( applauding and cheering) No. You know what I exactly thought of? We always usurp, when we’re on the subway, we ever assume that it’s, like, a talker matter. Wouldn’t it be funny if the person, like …( speaking indistinctly) And then you’re like, “Hey, gentleman, c-can you come out and speak to me? ” “I’m on my– I’m on my way.” And then they come in the study, and you’re like, “What are you saying? ” And they’re like …( speaking indistinctly) So, so, it came out that Robert Mueller was hapless with how the prosecutor general spun the investigation to reach Trump review good. And because Barr was scheduled to testify in front of Congress today, the Democrats exerted Mueller’s letter to paper-cut Barr to pieces.

Mr. Barr , now the American people know that you are no different from Rudy Giuliani or Kellyanne Conway or any of the other people who relinquish their previously reasonable stature for the grifter and liar who sits in the Oval Office. -America deserves better. -( roaring) You should resign. Wow. Man, you know you messed up if you made a senator from Hawaii mad.( laugh) Yeah. Parties from Hawaii don’t get mad. They live quietly with volcanoes.

( laughter) You understand. The world beneath them is literally exploding, and they’re just like leading …( humming upbeat chant)( laughter) But don’t get it distorted. Don’t get it twisted. Even though the Democrat were coming after Barr, he didn’t show up to just be their punch bag. No. When he got his luck, he made it clear that there was nothing mistaken with his summary, because it wasn’t a summary at all. We were not trying to summarize the 410, uh, page report.

I told Bob that I was not interested in put forward by summing-ups. I saw summing-ups, by very interpretation, irrespective of who organized them, would be underinclusive. But as I said, I’m … I wasn’t interested in putting out epitomes. I’m not was seeking to capture everything. I’m just trying to state the opinion. No, you really absolutely put-upon the word “summarize, ” though, in your letter.

Summarized the principal conclusions. Principal inferences, which most people would view as a summary. Wow. That was the most exciting boring fight I’ve ever seen in my life. “It’s not a summary. It’s a summation of principal conclusions! ” Like, if you’ve ever wondered what the opposite of Star Wars is, it’s Semantic Wars. So in summary, Barr said that his summary wasn’t a epitome, all right? He also went on to say the only rationale we’re all a little confused what the Mueller Report entails is because Mueller didn’t do his hassle. Man: Attorney General Bill Barr defiant, saying he did not understand why Mueller did not make a decision on impediment. Was it Special Counsel Mueller’s responsibility to make a charging recommendation? Uh … I believe the representative united states attorney general and I thought it was. If he felt that he shouldn’t go down the path of making a traditional, uh, prosecutive decision, then he shouldn’t have investigated. Why were those investigated, if, at the end of the day, you weren’t going to reach a decision on them? Hmm. I got to say, even if you don’t like Barr, you have to agree that he creates a good point.

Like, Mueller was brought in as a super detective, but instead of solving the dispute, he simply laid down by the evidence and then walked away. That would be the worst incident of Sherlock Holmes ever. “It’s pretty clear what happened here, Watson. “The blood spatter ends in the hallway, “the door was open on the inside, “and the gunpowder blew in the direction of the bedroom, which signifies the murderer is in this room.”( gasping) “Oh , no. Who is it, Sherlock? ” “Well, that’s not my work. “Uh, hopefully, person will summarize it for you. All claim, then, everybody. Good-bye.” That’s what he did. So Barr basically depleted the part hearing being defensive and antagonistic, and his tale is that although Mueller’s letter reviles him for his bad epitome, he says that when Robert Mueller announced him and they spoke on the phone, the issue is mostly on the same sheet. But when senators asked for evidence of what happened on that phone call, Barr said, “I’ve got your proof right here.” Did anyone, either you or anyone on your faculty, memorialize your discussion with Robert Mueller? Yes.

Who did that? Uh, there were notes taken of-of the summon. May we have those notes? -No. -Why not? Why should you have them?( laughter, whining) Okay. Uh, America, I feel like I’ve discovered a fundamental shortcoming in your democracy. You have no justification against someone is being a dick.( laugh) Gravely, look at Senator Blumenthal’s face. Like, he cannot believes that just happened. He’s-he’s just like, “Wha-Wha … I ca … Wha-Wha-What? ” Like, he has the face white people pulling when they get shut down in public. You know when people are like, “I want to see the manager! ” Just like, “Get the( bleep) out of here, girl. Ain’t no administrator at T.J.

Maxx! “( gasp) “Oh.”( stammering)( laughter)( applause and cheering) “Do you know that I’m white-hot ?! “( laughter) So after a full daylight of Senate hearings, we are no a little bit closer to getting more clarity on the Mueller Report. Democrats believe that it substantiated what the fuck is wanted it to say. Republican think that they testified the ended antonym. And because Barr has now refused to show up to testify to the House tomorrow, it looks like a possible Mueller hearing is the Democrat last hope.

And look, I don’t know if Barr’s a good attorney general. I do know that I wish he was in charge of Facebook, because then, the Russians would never get their hands on our data. This guy doesn’t utter anything out. They’d be like, “Give us data on all American votes.” He’d be like, “Why should I? ” “Because we ask you.” “Why don’t you ask Deez Nutz? ” -( breath aloud) -( humour) “I want to see manager! “.
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