I Built An At-Home Spa From Amazon Products

Hello friends, and welcome to another video. Today, I’m gonna be building myself an at-home spa from items ordered from Amazon. What does this mean? I am not sure. But my goal is to be relaxed and to not electrocute myself. So, a few weeks ago, one of you guys Tweeted me a picture of an inflatable jacuzzi. And I thought, “I want that.” And while pursuing that jacuzzi on Amazon.com, I found a whole host of other at-home spa products. And not really just products, more like machines. Specifically ones that let you simulate spa experiences by yourself. Like this self-massager, not vibrator; This scrubbing foot-bath; and this one-person sauna. So i figured, let’s order five of these products and test them out to see how they are, And also to see if we can truly create a one-person at-home spa.

Because why go to the spa, when you can order things from Amazon? Alright, let’s see what we can find. Okay, so I’m gonna open up Amazon.com. Now the categories of machines that I want are like a facial steamer, a foot-bath, a self-massager, an inflatable jacuzzi (which is what I’ve wanted all along), and a sauna. Which I think all together will represent like a head-to-toe spa treatment, and also, those seem to be the machines that are available. So, I’m gonna start with the face-steamer. So there are a couple of sponsored links up top, The first one does look kinda good, but I know they’ve payed to be there.

Oh, this one sounds kinda funky, it’s called the Is this a Wish video? It’s like Wish is spreading. That one does have four stars on 265 reviews, though there is one right above it that says it’s Amazon’s choice”, and one right below it that’s the one that i sort of wanted from the beginning that was in the sponsored link, That kind of looks like a fancy trash can. The Beauty Nymph one has, like a, pretty clear, like, facial entrance You know what i mean? Like, i can visualize my face in the orifice? The Amazon’s Choice one is a little bit more of, like, a steam that ejects itself onto you, Like, it seems like you sort of keep your face a little further away and just hover near it. And the fancy trash can one also seems to have a sort of similar design. Even though that seems like maybe more work than i wanna do during my at-home spa day, it does seem like in the Beauty Nymph Face Steamer reviews people mention that it doesn’t produce a lot of steam.

And in the video for the fancy trash can, it seems like there is steam a plenty. Yeah they call it “Dense and Abundant Warm Mist.” So because of the volume of steam in this video, I’m going with fancy trash can. And that will be Item Number One. Alright, so next up let’s go for the foot bath. There are a few different kinds of foot baths on Amazon, I am very interested in, like, these types of ones that have, like, a rolling that have a rolling scrubber on the bottom, that’ll really get your feet for you. Kind of like this one, that says “Best Choice,” but that looks like they’re just trying to simulate that they are Amazon’s Choice. But they are not. It also looks like it’s on rollers, which i don’t think i need.

But actually that seems to be, like, a pretty common feature ‘Cause this one also has rollers. It looks like you can remote control it around. Am i wrong? Let’s see what’s going on here. I’m gonna keep this one in another tab. Alright, so I’m seeing a lot of these guys that look pretty similar, but this one looks interesting because there are three rolling, like, foot massagers. And it’s also on wheels itself, So you have actually five pairs of wheels involved It seems like it has most of the stuff that i want, like massagers that will roll your feet, oxygen bubbles, a little warmth, what else do you really need? So now I’m in between essentially two ones that are both on rollers and both have, like, massaging foot beds.

This one that’s, like, very expensive that was the “Best Choice” one definitely has a lot of bells and whistles, But, I’m not sure that this is the place to splurge, as the jacuzzis and the saunas seem to be kind of pricey, So I think I’m gonna go with the Yosager Foot Spa Bath Massager. Not only because it’s cheaper, but because it has so many sets of wheels, It seems like it could really rub your feet raw, which is kind of what i need, honestly. My feet are very callased and bumpy. And so that is our foot spa bath massager on wheels. So next up, we’re looking for a massager.

Now, the massagers that i saw that i thought were, like, a little bit of, like, a step-up From just a sort of Samantha from Sex and the City sharper image like, one coloumn massager? .

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