Hotmail/Outlook/Live Email Setup on iPad/iPhone

Hello there Simon here from My Tech Tradie with a nice and easy how to for you today. We are going to look at how to setup your Hotmail, Live or email address on your iPad or iPhone. First we need to launch the settings app. Find the settings icon on your home screen and tap it. Once loaded find Mail, Contacts, Calendars then tap it. On the newly opened screen tap the Add Account button. For Hotmail, Live and accounts select Hotmail. Next enter your email address and password then tap next. This is where your settings will then be verified. On the following screen you can select what is synced to your device, including your contacts and calendars. Unselect anything you don’t want synced and tap Save. Now you are taken back to your email settings. Tap the home button at the bottom of your device to go back to the home screen. To check your email find the Mail app and tap it to open mail. After a few seconds your mail should start appearing in your inbox.

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