How not to get into SPAM EMAIL: collecting base on offline events

We regularly participate in exhibitions and conferences, because it allows you to meet with customers personally and make a significant contribution to the collection base. Contacts obtained as a result of such dating can and should be used in email marketing.

This article will be about what you need for easy and convenient processing of contacts at offline events and how to configure everything in GetResponse.

GetResponse team at the exhibition: collecting base on offline events

What is considered spam?

Any mailing that you send without the consent of the subscriber is SPAM. At the same time, consent must be given in writing and be at your fingertips in case you have to communicate with postal services (Mail and Yandex) and prove that you only send letters to those who really want to receive them.

Despite the fact that this is not explicitly written in the legislation, the only option to comply with the law would be double confirmation of the subscription – Double-Opt-In. In the case of business cards and even more so with addresses written down from the client’s words, it’s technically impossible to prove that the mailing is authorized.

There is one more problem – invalid or, in simple words, non-existent addresses. If the address is written on the business card, then you can make a mistake when transferring to CRM. And if it was written by hand, then it is even easier to make a mistake than to guess. In this case, blocking for a significant percentage of invalid addresses occurs after the first mailing. Obviously, this method of collecting the base will not be useful.

Plus, a few days after the event, the client may not remember that you communicated, and click on the “Report” button. And this is a direct path to the Spam folder.

What to do?

The most correct option is to process contacts directly at the event.Moreover, it is very easy to do this; no blanks and signatures are needed for this.

What is needed?

Tablet, GetResponse, charming manager and secret ingredient.

How it works?

During the whole exhibition or conference, the manager with a tablet in hand invites the visitors of the exhibition to leave their Email and receive something as a gift. We recommend preparing a useful guide, e-book, promotional code for a discount or demo access to your product. It is important that the gift be valuable, because the new acquaintance must want to exchange his address for him.

The beauty of this method is that you will receive not only Email, but also double confirmation of the subscription – Double-Opt-In, which we talked about earlier. A nice bonus will be the fact that the subscriber is more likely to remember the company that shared useful information.

Conversion will largely depend on the efforts of the manager, but the secret ingredient also does its job. It is important that the manager goes through the entire registration procedure with the client, as this ensures that the new subscriber enters the database.

Prepare Getresponse:

Step 1. The secret base collection ingredient

It will be about what companies are actively using to collect online databases – about gifts. The form of the gift depends on the business: it can be a promotional code, a discount, demo access to the product. A good option, which we will use in this article and have already tried at events, will be an e-book: Marketing campaigns throughout the year: 33 tips .

If you are giving a file (presentation, book, infographic), you must first upload it to the server. This can be done inside GetResponse, to do this, go to the profile settings and select Multimedia Studio . Download the file to PDF (best option) or another format. With a standard click of the right mouse button, copy the link to the file (Copy Link) and save it, we will need it later. You can upload the file to any storage, the choice is yours.

Step 2. List

The first thing to start with preparing an account in GetResponse is to create a campaign that will receive contacts. In the Contact section we create a list, I will call it conference_test. Important: this name will be visible to the user when subscribing, so it should be meaningful.

Step 3. Email with download link

The next step is to create a letter that the subscriber will receive immediately after confirmation of the subscription. Here you can create, but it is enough to indicate the place of acquaintance and leave your contacts so that the subscriber could see the download button on the very first screen.

Attach a link to the button with the file that we saved at the start (third-party storage or GetResponse server).

A letter might look like this:

Next, set up the answering machine so that the subscriber received a trigger letter instantly (as soon as he confirms the registration, of course). To do this, go to the Autoresponders and change the settings: add the name, as well as the day of the cycle, in this case it will be zero. The “send email immediately” option will automatically appear. It remains to select the desired list of contacts, in our case it is conference_test.

Learn how to make letters more effective with emotional triggers .

Step 4. Subscribe form to collect base

The final stage – the creation of a web form. In the Forms and Surveyssection, after clicking Create a form , select the Form Wizard . We find the most beautiful and suitable template and refine it to a result that we like visually. We leave only 2 fields: Name and Email. We also edit the thanks page by adding a friendly text there.

Important point: settings. By and large, it is enough just to change the settings as shown in the screenshot, but let’s figure out what’s what.

We set the name of the web form and select the list that was created at the very beginning: conference_test. Be sure to activate the subscription with confirmation (for this we set up the whole algorithm).Put a tick in the “Add to cycle for” field and select “Day 0”, and then a letter prepared earlier (if this is a new campaign, then it will probably be one there). Select the default gratitude page and click Save .

Putting the final touches: after saving the form, GetResponse will ask who will install the web form on the site. The beauty of the method is that installation is not required. We simply copy the link to the form and open it in the browser. To do this, select the option “My web form will be placed on the GetResponse server”.

How to download a subscription form – find out from the article: How to get valuable data using a web form .

Step 4. Testing

The final stage will be testing. After opening the form in the browser, try to register. Correctly configured form will work according to the scenario:

  1. Filling the form
  2. Download page thanks
  3. Receipt of confirmation email
  4. Receiving a letter with a link to download

After receiving the letter with the link, be sure to try to go to the download page and download the file.

If everything works correctly, then you need to test the form on a device that will be with you at an offline event.

Step 5. Instruct

As I said earlier, the conversion will depend on the work of the manager, in whose hands will be a tablet with a registration form. The tablet can be installed stationary on the stand, but this will probably give less exhaust. At the same time, as our personal experience suggests, it is better that the company manager, and not the promoter from the agency, communicate with clients. Contacts will be targeted, and communication will be more effective. But the services of promoters can also be used. Beforehand, it is worth developing a small script that will help to effectively communicate with customers. But that’s another story 🙂