Gmail Fax and Email to Fax on Google Gmail

Okay hi and welcome to this video in this video we’re going to show you how to do an email to fax within Google‘s Gmail it’s really easy to set up I’m just going to take a few minutes here to walk you through the process you might have seen a couple other videos on the internet here talking about how to do Google fax and how to do Gmail fax and that’s well in all but you know they don’t really take the time to go through it live and show you exactly how it’s done so I saw that as something that really needed to be done so I thought I’d go ahead and do it here for you so let’s talk about it what is an email to fax for Google well really what that is is the process of sending and receiving a document to a fax number or from a fax number by way of your Gmail account it’s just really that simple you need to send a fax you need to receive a fax you don’t want to have to do it from a fax machine or be sitting in the office late at night or anytime really waiting for that fax to come through so you set it up through your gmail account and then you can access it from anywhere in the world so let’s take a look at what it takes to send an email to fax using Gmail so let’s go google fax step by step the first step is you’re going to need to get yourself a gmail account or log into your Gmail account and that’s pretty simple all you got to do is pop over to and register for an account you see here that’s pretty simple you just click create an account fill in your information choose a gmail name most of them are going to be taken so this may take a couple of minutes for you add a password give them your birthday I usually like to make up a birthday they don’t like to give them that information and then they’ll ask for your current email address and then a CAPTCHA and that’s about it they may require you depending on where your location is and what your IP address is to validate so now that you’ve got your email set up let’s move on to step two step two is going to be to select an online fax servicing company to handle the backend fax operation I know there’s a ton of companies out there saying that you can do it for free but the reality is really you can’t you might be able to find something that’ll let you send a page here and there for free or one that might let you receive one page a year for free but I haven’t found one yeah if I do you’ll be the first to get a video that shows you how to do it for free anyway so let’s go ahead and select a company if you click the link below this video it’ll take you right over to email to fax you’ll see kind of a same similar tutorial and a link to get yourself a free 30-day trial you can go ahead and click that and it’ll take you over to RingCentral so go ahead now and pause this video let’s get your account set up and then come on back and we’ll start the video again alright now that you’ve got your online fax company and if you didn’t do it please just pause the video now and do it procrastination is the killer of progress now we’re on to step 3 I want you to go ahead and click compose from within your Gmail I’m breaking this down maybe a little too basic but sometimes I find that’s what we need in order to just get stuff done seems like a lot of times and tutorials people move so fast so I’m going to go ahead and jump over to Gmail okay now that you’re in Gmail all you do is click the compose button here simple enough and then we’re going to move on to step four step four is you’re going to enter your fax number in the following format now when you signed up for your online fax company you entered your gmail address in my case would be Matt Kurt Chou at gmail and so they register it as a company that can send and receive faxes and they do it by adding this RC fax comm at the end and this is just the fax number any fax number will really work so let’s head over to Gmail and enter the fax number I’m entering my fax number there and then I put @rc fax comm on the back end once you’ve got your fax number entered in you’re going to move on to step 5 step 5 you’re going to enter any text you would like on the cover sheet and attach any document that you’d like to fax so let’s shoot back over to Gmail so in the subject line I’m going to say hi John attached is the document we discussed by phone now I’m going to go ahead and attach a file by clicking attach a file and I’m going to go ahead and use this one right here ok and with that attached we’ll go ahead and move on to the next step step six is going to be to click send and that’s all there really is to sending an email to fax from well Gmail so let’s go ahead and do that clicking send okay so the email has been sent you can see the message here it went out to my fax number there’s the attachment and then I’m going to pause this video wait about three minutes for that fax to be delivered directly into this email account as well and then I’m going to show you how that works okay it looks like the fax has arrived you see it here ringcentral new fax message from nine four one two oh nine one three two seven I’m going to go ahead and click on the message and one of the nice things to point out here is that the way RingCentral sends they include it as a PDF that you can view right within Gmail using their technology so I’m just going to click on it there’s the cover sheet and the comments that I put on the subject line scrolling down to the next page there is the document that I attach to the email now really that’s all there is to sending the fax through Gmail if you have any questions please feel free to post them below make sure to like or subscribe if you find this content interesting you

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