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Welcome to so she sinned my name is a bass ravaged II and I’m going to be showing you around the system so she sinned is a brand new content distribution and social media syndication system that’s been designed and tweet for many months now to produce outstanding results the system builds higher authority social media links.

It also builds second tier links and it promotes the RSS feed entries fonder social sites themselves this ensures our links and syndications get found indexed and counted for in fact there’s so much more that takes place in the background which I will talk to you about in a moment but first let me log into my account and show you around while trying to explain further this is the dashboard it shows a list of my created campaigns and post summaries you can select from three different post types to create which I will be going through but the first thing that I want to bring to your attention is the list of supported connections.

so here’s a list of the supported connections at the system supports and each time a user joins a system and adds an account their account then gets placed in a pool of available accounts these accounts then become available for all users on the system to benefit from this means users that join the system and add one of each account actually get thousands of accounts open to them ready to publish their content it’s like having access to your own private network of social media accounts kind of like having your own army of social accounts ready to promote what you tell them to and as noted earlier so she sinned also creates second-tier links and promotes RSS feed entries from the social sites themselves.

But it actually does more so she sin plays an active role on a handful of social site to build followers add friends and even like posts which builds the actual authority or the social authority of the account that’s being worked on and the actual system itself has been designed to work based on a unique crowd marketing concept this means that the system will only get stronger with the more users that join what this means to our users is that by adding one account of each supported site you’re able to benefit from thousands of social sites ready to promote your content it’s kind of cool right and the results have been phenomenal by having hundreds or even thousands of social sites indicating your content liking your posts and sending the right social signals it gives any content or sid.

The initial advantage that it needs to start going viral okay so let’s take a closer look and see what features are available for you okay so we’re back in our dashboard again and I just want to point out that so she sinned has to account levels it has a light and professional version so be sure to view that full details on the sales page to what features are actually available to what version this is the pro version so everything you see here is going to be available to pro versions or pro account holders.

OK so the dashboard allows you to easily create and manage campaigns and posts if I click a campaign it’s very easy for me to see how many submissions my posts have received from each account type you can have multiple campaigns and inside of each campaign you’re able to create multiple posts so here’s a list of the posts that I have inside of one of my campaigns if I click opposed then it’s very easy for me to see how many times it’s been posted or submitted to each account type and our professional users can also download CSV reports of the list of links created for them like this you will get a list of URLs and also the dates when the submission actually took place so towards the left hand side we have the URLs and towards the left sorry in towards the right we have the list of dates it’s also possible to see some quick metrics for each post you have added such as the number of Facebook likes and shares linkedin shares delicious links pinterest pins stumbleupon like sweet and twitter retweets and so on there are three different ways to create posts for your promotions you can create regular posts where you enter your URL title disc and description spin syntax of course is supported and great article posts where you enter the URL pick from one of our article categories and then our system will then use a 75-percent unique article when posting to the actual social site this ensures quality content is being syndicated on our system.

It also allows our users to come over and quickly create a post ready for promotion straight away without having to add content themselves or you can add a RSS feed and convert the entries into posts this is a very useful feature if you want to promote already created posts or older pages and coming back over to the dashboard as you can see we can also create RSS feed campaigns so our professional users can actually benefit from RSS feed campaigns this is where you can enter the RSS feed of your blog or store .

And have the system auto promote your posts whenever you make a new post on your blog based on the settings you enter but there is actually more you can create vote campaigns for increasing your social signals as well a vote campaign allows you to increase Facebook likes and shares, tumblr reblogs, linkedin share,s Pinterest likes, And pins,  Twitter and Twitter retweets and fault votes as well and if you’re a professional user you can also make use of the google search and click features along with a web hit feature that allows you to increase your website hits.

And finally let’s take a look at the social syndication engine this is a small lightweight application that runs whilst minimized and communicates with our server so let’s have a quick run through you add your connections only one of each connection type and by doing so you open up hundreds and even thousands of social connections waiting to promote your content for.

You then create your posts videos images products whatever they may be just be sure to read the posting notes as things such as affiliate links are not allowed you then download the social engine and let it run it’s that simple and that’s all that there is to it there’s no need to worry about proxies making a mistake or any other technical stuff you will have walkthrough video tutorials along with a support forum and a friendly team to answer your queries so thank you very much for your time and I hope to see you on the inside.

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