60 free ways to get subscribers to instagram in 2019

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If you are just starting out on Instagram, just posting photos can be boring.

When all your enthusiasm and all your work receive only a few likes, and the number of subscribers is measured in units, this is discouraging.

Even if you know all the benefits of social marketing (for example, Periscope or Twitter or your own podcast ) after you become successful.

Promotion instagram takes time and effort.

This article will tell you 60+ ways how to increase the number of your subscribers and motivate them to respond to your posts. You will notice that many of the ideas focus on improving the response (likes and comments) and here’s why: long-term interaction leads to an increase in the number of subscribers.

How to get followers on Instagram:

  • Post attractive images
  • Write catchy headlines
  • Use suitable hashtags and geotags
  • Squeeze ALL of your profile
  • Constantly develop your account
  • Publish, publish, publish …
  • Analyze the results achieved
  • Automate your work
  • Promote your Instagram account
  • Use IGTV
  • Appreciate your audience

Practical steps to recruit subscribers to Instagram:

  1. When applying the strategies outlined below, do not forget that there is no substitute for regular placement of catchy, creative and relevant pictures that your audience will like. Be free to select those items from the list that you apply; just remember that communication should always have a specific goal .
  2. Use hashtags instagram , which (verified) lead to an increase in the number of subscribers: #FF (Follow Friday), #instafollow, # l4l (Like For Like), #tagforlikes, #followback.
  3. Hack hundreds of random pictures from people in your target audience. Using this strategy, Neil Patel found out that every 100 likes he made on random pictures offered 6.1 subscribers to him.
  4. Arrange a contest. One of the easiest ways is to post a picture advertising a competition and ask people to like it to participate in the competition.
  5. Advertise your Instagram account in other social media accounts and profiles. Tell people what they can expect by subscribing to you (backstage photos, coupons, etc.)
  6. Like and comment on photos of other people. This is the most natural way to get new subscribers.
  7. Use popular hashtags to get your images in search results. Some of the most popular are: #love, #instagood, #tbt, and #photoofthday.
  8. Post your photos at 2 o’clock or 17 o’clock. Studies show that these are the most effective posting hours.
  9. Search for and like people who use popular hashtags , such as: #followme and #likeforlike. Many of them will become your subscribers!
  10. Remember that quality is more important than quantity. Edit your account, leaving only the best images. No one wants to subscribe to a person with thousands of arbitrary photos of food or other shots taken, it is not clear why.
    Use the Mayfair filter - the most effective for marketing.
    Use Mayfair filter
  11. Use the Mayfair filter. According to the report, this is the single most effective filter for marketing.
  12. Make sure your biography is complete. Use relevant words and hashtags, as well as a link to your site. In addition, do not behave as a spammer: in this case, no one who has read your profile will subscribe to you.
  13. Ask questions in photo headers. This is a great way to increase response.
  14. Post photos on Sunday: the least images are published on Sundays. Thus, your publication becomes much more noticeable.
  15. Be consistent. Know why you are publishing and for whom you are publishing. Be consistent in using the platform and the number of your subscribers will grow naturally.
  16. Use a call to action headline. Engage your subscribers with an offer to do some action (for example, “Let me know in the comments what you think about this”).
  17. Do not be afraid to post often. Although you may think that businesses that do publications often have a lower audience response, studies show that this is not the case. As Union Metrics found out, the relationship between the number of published images and the level of audience engagement is missing … at least negative.
  18. Subscribe to recommended users. Go to the settings and click on the gear in the upper right corner. Click ‘Find and invite friends’ and then ‘Recommended Users’.
  19. Use Piqora to find out which types of images lead to a greater response … then publish more such images.
  20. Use geotagging, especially if you are a local business. When you tag your photos using geotag, everyone who posts photos from your region will see your photos on the locations page. This is a great way to get the attention of local users.
  21. Use Latergramme to schedule posts on Instagram. Regular publications – the key to increasing the number of subscribers.
  22. Really attract. All the chips, tricks and strategies of the world can not be compared with the real interest. Be purposeful in getting likes and thoughtful comments. Constantly become subscribers of new people and interact with them, responding to comments and questions.
  23. Collapse your photos
    Collapse your photos

    Combine several photos in a collage. Use tools like PicFrame to combine up to 9 photos and videos.

  24. Ask the authority to mention your product. If you know an influential Instagram user who used your product, ask for a mention. This could work … and give you a lot of new subscribers.
  25. Post photos of blue stuff. Some studies show that such photos get 24% more likes than orange or red.
  26. Make your posts on Wednesday: images that are published in the middle of the week, get a little more feedback than those that are published on other days.
  27. Use the word “comment” in the title. Some studies show that such publications receive significantly more comments than others.
  28. Use faces on photos. Dan Zarella found out that images with faces get 35% more likes than those with no faces.
  29. Mark people in photos whenever possible. Such photos are shown in the tapes of these people, which means they are likely to share them.
  30. The brighter the better: Light photos get 24% more likes than dark ones.
  31. Create a branded hashtag. Create a hashtag and encourage subscribers to use it. This creates a “connection” between your subscribers and your brand. At the same time, your visibility is increasing.
    Share your backstage photos
    Share your backstage photos
  32. Share your backstage photos. These photos show that your brand is people. Post photos that show that there are real people behind your brand.
  33. Make guest posts in your account. If you have any familiar influential integrators, ask them to make you a guest post. This flawless strategy is capable of boosting the response to the skies – and that’s not counting the new subscribers you get.
  34. Share custom images. Replay pictures of your subscribers, especially those where they mention your product (s). It motivates others to also publish your products.
  35. Try not to use filters. Some studies show that images without filters get the most responses.
  36. Advertise your account in instagram to your email subscribers. From time to time do a mailing list in which you post an image and a link to the image in your Instagram account.
  37. Advertise your Instagram nickname on physical marketing materials: badges, vehicle passes, product descriptions, etc.
  38. Subscribe to all of your Facebook friends on Instagram – and many of them will subscribe to you in return. To do this, go to your Instagram profile and click on the icon of 3 points in the upper right corner. Select ‘Find Friends’ and then ‘Find Friends on Facebook’.
  39. Post photos with edges and structures on them. Images with many faces get 125% more likes .
  40. Tell a story. Use image caption to tell a fascinating story. Stories help create an emotional connection with your brand or product. In addition, if the story is really exciting, the chances of a repost are greatly enhanced. For example, National Geographic, thanks to its stories published in posts (and beautiful photos), has become one of Instagram brands with over 50 million subscribers.
  41. If you were at a live event and photographed on it – check the well-known instagramer to increase the visibility of the photo and the number of fences.
  42. Use Iconosquare (formerly Statigram) to track your account growth. Find out which images resonate best with your audience and post them more often.
  43. Use image editors, such as Aviary, to enlarge fragments of images, add frames, effects, or simply improve the quality of images.
  44. Use the word ‘like’ in the title. Some studies show that such posts get 89% more likes.
  45. Plan, get ready, and then act. As with most other things in life, your intention helps to win. Plan your use of Instagram, then create a schedule to not let yourself get off.
  46. Post images with quotes. Quotes work great in social media. Add motivational, inspirational and funny quotes to your images using tools like Canva .
  47. Link your Instagram account with your contact list. Click on the button with the three dots in the upper right corner and select ‘Find Friends’ to associate Instagram with your list of email contacts.
  48. Unite with influential instagrammers. Look for hashtags relevant to your business, identify users with the highest number of subscribers and responses. Leave thoughtful comments on their posts and start to establish relationships. You never know in advance what these interactions will lead to!
  49. Use tools like Crowdfire to analyze how your instagram posts affect your subscribers / unsubscribe statistics.
  50. Conduct joint campaigns with other instagrammers. Find users in a coherent topic, in which the number of subscribers is approximately equal to yours, and agree on each other’s references in order to build each other’s audience.
  51. Build a community using a special hashtag. Organize a challenge or campaign in which your community can participate, and give it a unique hashtag. Here you can find great tips for organizing your hashtag campaign .
  52. Squeeze ALL of the URL in the profile. This is the main asset of your profile … and you really want it to link to your website from now on and forever? Not. Change it at least once every two weeks and use this clickable link to direct traffic to your most popular or newest content.
  53. Remove unwanted photos from your profile. If you want to leave only the best photos of you and your brand in your profile, you can easily do it. You cannot delete these photos from the site, but in “Settings”, “Photos with you”, “Hide photos” select those photos you want to hide and click on “Hide in profile” (you may need to confirm). And that’s all.
  54. Moderate photos with you before they appear in your profile. Speaking of more control over the photos with you that are shown in your profile, you can change the settings so that only photos that you approve will be shown there. In the “Settings” menu, “Photos with you” change the value “Add automatically.” No reason comes to my mind why you might not want to change this setting. This change alone will allow you to avoid many awkward situations in the future.
  55. Develop your own unique style. Human nature has a desire to match, but on Instagram you have to stand out. Indian brand Frooti has developed its own unique visual style . And each time looking at their post in Instagram it is easy to understand which brand it belongs to. See for yourself:
  56. Be local. Find out what is happening in a particular locality (for example, near you, in the city you are targeting in advertising, or even an event in a specific location). To do this, select the Places tab on the search page. Then specify the name of this place and you will receive all the publications pointing to it.
  57. Take advantage of IGTV. Now you can publish not just small videos, as is the case with the story. 10 minute videos that anyone can publish is already a full-fledged film for both your friends and your clients. And especially large “players” have already got the opportunity to upload videos up to 1 hour in length.
  58. Add a clickable link to the IGTV video description. Any URL presented in the IGTV video description becomes a clickable link. This means that you can send traffic to any site of your choice. Just add the URL to the video description and it will automatically become a hyperlink. Since IGTV is still a novelty, not everyone knows that you can click on the link or that the video has a description. It is necessary in your video to talk about this opportunity and encourage viewers to make the transition to the link.
  59. Use hashtags in the IGTV video description. As has been described above many times, hashtags are an excellent view generator on Instagram. And IGTV is no exception. You can add a set of hashtags to the description of your video and, perhaps, it will be in the search results for the hashtag that you specified. Viewers who click on your video in the search results will see it as a full-length IGTV video.
  60. Analyze the response that generates your content. Fortunately, instagram provides you with this information directly in the mobile application. To watch it, click on the button from three points in any video of your channel and select to see the results of your video. You can find out what response it gave and what is the percentage of retention of the audience.
  61. Reply to comments on your video. Viewers can write comments on your videos just as they can write them on any other Instagram post. You will see these comments mixed together with the rest of the comments. To reply to a comment, click on it in the list of notifications. Or click on the comment icon in your IGTV video channel.

Remember that a large number of subscribers is useless if you do not spend the time to interest them and interact with them. And do not forget that the goal of all this is to convert subscribers into buyers . These 60 chips will help you build an audience and facilitate long-term interaction with them, which in some time will necessarily lead to conversion.