Simple Ways to Increase Facebook Followers and Likes in 2019

How to advance in Facebook: full step by step guide to the promotion of the page

1. Create an original cover and avatar

  • Static cover

The cover page is not only the face of the brand, but also an excellent platform for advertising. You can promote your products and services, invite subscribers to webinars and conferences, and much more. To understand how to make it right, look at the following example. Clicking on the cover on which the new book is advertised, we see its description and two links leading to Amazon, where you can buy it or read reviews.

Обложка страницы компании Convince and Convert

Convince and Convert

Please note: the links in the cover description are short. They were specially reduced using the service so as not to insert huge sheets of five lines in length.

Another point worth paying attention to is the quality of the cover. As you can see, in the image above, there is not a single blurred pixel. To achieve the same result, you must use an image of at least 851 by 315 pixels in PNG format. But I recommend using larger images so that when opened on large monitors they are large and look good. For example, twice the recommended one – 1702 by 630 pixels. To understand how this works, look at the following examples.

This is what a small cover (851 by 315) looks like on a large screen with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels:

По бокам много черного пространства. Картинка кажется маленькой

And this is what a large cover looks like (1702 at 630) on the same screen:

По бокам почти нет черного пространства. Картинка большая. Ее удобно разглядывать

  • Static avatar

Avatar size must be at least 170 by 170 pixels. But, as in the previous example, you can load a larger image so that when it opens it is larger and of higher quality.

На этом скриншоте открыт аватар размером 960 на 960 пикселей. Разрешение монитора 1366 на 768 пикселей

  • Linked avatar and cover

To quickly create original covers for your personal pages , use the timelinecoverbanner free online service. With it, you can create a seamless avatar and cover – they look pretty impressive. Especially if a person has not seen such a method before. This is done very simply: you click on the link indicated just above, click on the Upload Background button, select the desired image and press the Next Step button.

Создаем слитные аватар и обложку с помощью сервиса timelinecoverbanner

After that, one thing remains – download the avatar and cover and upload it to your page.

Скачиваем отдельно аватар и отдельно – обложку

Please note: this method is not suitable for company pages , since recently, avatars have been standing in their profiles separately from the cover:

Аватар – слева. Обложка – справа

  • Animated cover

At this time, animated Facebook covers can only be created on company pages . On the personal page, this feature is not yet available. The video should last from 20 to 90 seconds, and the size should be at least 820 x 312 pixels. Recommended size: 820 x 462 pixels. To make an animated cover, go to the profile of your company and click on the “Change cover” button (with the video icon) and select either Choose from videos or select “Upload photo / video”.

Choose from available videos or upload a new one. Wait until it is scrambled and click Next. Until you do, your cover will not change.

Я загрузила видео, но пока я не нажму на кнопку Next, моя обложка не изменится

By the way, the video goes without sound. Consider this when choosing a video for your cover.

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  • Animated avatar

Animated avatar can be made only on a personal page . To do this, you must use the Facebook application for iOS or Android . The algorithm of actions will be as follows (I explain on the example of Android):

1. Go to your profile and click on the avatar:

2. Select the command “Make a new video profile” or “Select a video profile”:

3. Click the “Use” button:

Анимированный аватар, созданный для моей личной страницы

An animated avatar created for my personal page.

2. Come up with a beautiful address.

So that in the future you will not have problems in promoting your page, immediately think up a beautiful and simple address to it. To do this, go to the “Information”. If you can not immediately come up with a good name, do not worry, at any time you can change the selected address.

3. Select the appropriate template.

Go to Facebook settings, go to the “Edit page” section and select the template that best suits you (“Services”, “Company”, “Platforms”, “Non-profit organization”, “Policies”, “Restaurants and cafes”, “ Shopping “or” Standard). If necessary, delete unnecessary tabs and change the order of the remaining tabs at your discretion. Here is how it is done on mobile:

But as on the desktop:

4. Install button

Once you have selected a template, a call-to-action button should appear on your page leading to your website or application. For example, in the “Services” template, the “Contact us” button is set by default. But it can be changed to any other. To do this, simply click on it and select the desired option from the list that opens.

For example, instead of the “Contact us” button, which leads to our contact page , I want to set the “Call” button so that a person can immediately call us from our Facebook office. Then I open the section “Contact us” and there choose the command “Call”.

Now smartphone users will be able to call your company with one touch. It is fast and convenient. Especially if your number is free:

All clicks on this button can be tracked in the “Statistics” section. You can also promote it as an advertising post.

Вы можете рекламировать свою кнопку и собирать по ней статистику

It will look like this:

5. Fill in all fields.

The more information you provide, the more professional and reliable your page will appear to consumers. Do not neglect this item. Tell all you can tell. In all the details and details. Add photos and videos. Fill out the services section if necessary. Ask at least a few of your customers to leave feedback about your company. If you do not have a website, but there is a group, you can enter the address of your group on Facebook in the “Website” line and thus link them together.

On the personal page, please indicate the position and place of work. This is necessary so that users can access your business page through your profile. To enter data about your place of work, go to the section “Work and Education” and start typing the name of your page until Facebook does not offer it for you to choose.

And do not forget to specify your other social networks so that users of mobile devices can immediately see them in your profile:

Please note: links do not need to write the full address of the page. Simply specify your nickname. To check whether the link is working or not, try clicking on it. If you give an error, it means that you have incorrectly entered your data.

6. Link your Instagram

If you have an Instagram page, link it to your Facebook business page. This will allow you to carry out advertising campaigns on Instagram (they are launched using the Facebook Ads Manager ), and also to collect accurate statistics on them.

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7. Link your group and page

People may know about your group, but not be aware of the page, or vice versa. This will increase the reach and involvement of both sites. You can also manage a group, create publications, and communicate with participants both on your own behalf and on behalf of your page. And, if that, you can untie the group at any time.

If there is no “Groups” tab on the left, go to the settings and edit the page:

Click “Add tab” and select “Groups”, as it should be after adding:

Now this section has appeared on the page on the left. And then Facebook itself offers to create or link a group:

Выберете нужный вариант


That’s all. Your group has been successfully linked to the page:

8. Invite people from your email contact list.

It doesn’t matter who these people will be – your customers, penpals or just passing acquaintances – invite them all to become followers of your page (if they refuse, that’s okay, you need to start somewhere). To do this, click on the button on which three dots are drawn, under the cover of your page, and select the command “Invite your friends from the contact list email. mail.

Нажимаем на кнопку с тремя точками и выбираем команду «Пригласите людей из списка контактов эл. почты»

After that, select the appropriate service (or download the list of emails from the .csv file) and click “Invite people from the contact list”.

Импорт email-адресов из почты в Facebook

Please note: this feature is currently not available for all pages . If you don’t have such a command when you click on a button with three dots, then it’s impossible on your page. And yet: this way of attracting new subscribers is very intrusive and can cause a negative reaction. If you are afraid of this, it is better to give it up.

9. Invite your friends to like your page.

When you are just starting to develop your Facebook page, you cannot neglect any of the methods that allow you to increase the number of likes. Invite your friends to mark your page as your favorite. To do this, click on the button with three dots under the cover of your page, select the command “Invite friends”, put a tick in front of “Send an invitation to Messenger” (so that the person received your message personally) and write an invitation that will not cause him negative. Do you publish cool content? Write about it. Do you want him to like the page in a friendly way, and then unsubscribe when you reach a real audience? So say, there is nothing wrong with that.

Кто-то проигнорирует ваше сообщение, кто-то вступит с вами в диалог, а кто-то молча лайкнет вашу страницу. Чем менее рекламно написано приглашение, тем лучше будут результаты

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10. Send an invitation to each new friend.

Every time a new person is added to your friend, send him a message similar to the following: “Hello. Thank you for adding me as a friend. If you are interested in [insert your subject], join my page. Every day I publish there the most interesting and useful content on the topic. Here is the link – [link to your page]. Come on :).

11. Configure quick replies.

By clicking on the “Message” button, users can write private messages to your page. Often, many of them hang unnoticed until the moderator enters the page. To prevent this from happening, configure automatic replies. For example, you can write the following: “Thanks for writing to us. We will respond to you today. ” Then the user will not wait for a momentary response from you and will remain loyal to your company.

To set up an automatic response, go to the page settings and select the “Messaging” section.

Scroll down to the “Answers Assistant” heading and move the slider to “Yes”. If necessary, change the text of the standard message.

12. Link your Facebook page to JivoSite online chat

When you respond to user messages very quickly, Facebook assigns your business card to your page:

How to achieve this? In my opinion, one of the easiest ways is to link Facebook to the JivoSite online chat , so that all messages from Facebook come to the manager in a chat, and he can quickly respond to them. To connect the two services, go to the live site settings and add Facebook as a new channel.

After clicking on the button, you will be prompted to add a link to your page. After that, all messages from your Facebook users will come to your managers in the online chat.

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13. Give a link to your page in the description of your other accounts in social networks

Make sure that the link starts with http: // or https: // (depending on which protocol is used on your site), otherwise it will not be possible to follow it.

We link to our Facebook page in quick links on our VK page.

14. Add a link to your page in the signature to the email

And let every person you write to see a link to your Facebook page. To do this in the mail “Yandex”, go to “Configure” – “Information about the sender.”

Enter the necessary information, format and save.

In much the same way, signatures are configured in all other mail services.

15. Publish chic content

Publishing quality content is the surest way to make your page popular. Announce your new materials from the blog, post high-quality infographics and videos, get interesting discussions. If you are experiencing a shortage of ideas, use our article ” 96 killer ideas for social networking content .”

16. Do it on a regular basis.

According to statistics, brands publishing content 1-2 times a day have 40% more involved users than those who publish posts once a week or even less.

17. Consider Facebook features.

Facebook is a content specific site. In the video below we talk about its four main features:

By the way, subscribe to our YouTube channel . Every day there are useful videos on internet marketing.

18. If you have an online store, add products

If you choose such a template, which has a “Store” tab, you have the opportunity to add your products to a page on Facebook and mark them in a publication. Let’s take a look at how this works on the example of the Golden Domes page.

If you click on the product, Facebook will offer to place an order on the website:

Any of the products can be added to publications. To do this, click on the appropriate button and post the entry:

As a result, it will look like this:

19. Track statistics

Study your target audience:

Track community growth:

See what type of content gets the most coverage and engagement:

  At what time the audience is most active:

Etc. Click on each of the tabs in the “Statistics” section. After studying this information, you will be able to create the highest quality content that will receive a wide coverage and be in demand from your users.

20. Use quality branded images.

Beautiful images with your company logo will help you create your own unique style and make your brand more professional and recognizable in the eyes of users.

Post from the official page of Visa

Please note: it is desirable that the images for posts were large – 1200 by 630 pixels for horizontal images and 1200 by 1200 for square. This size is needed so that users who use large screens are not inconvenienced. I already spoke about this at the very beginning of the article.

21. Highlight your very best publications.

Posts that have scored the most likes and reposts should be in the most visible place, so that those who have not yet viewed them do so at the earliest opportunity. To attach a post to the very top of the ribbon, click on the arrow in the upper right corner and select the “Attach at the top of the page” command.

22. Encourage users to like and share your posts.

There is no shame in asking users to like or share your post if it is really worth it. After all, you have spent the effort to write it, and you have every right to politely ask for this kind of gratitude.

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23. Recommend your page in all social networks where you have subscribers

For example, make a post about why your VK followers should join your Facebook page. It is clear that since they read you “VKontakte”, most likely it’s more convenient for them, but you may be interested in a small part of the audience.

24. Promote your ezine page

If you are posting, tell your subscribers about your Facebook page and why they should subscribe to it. If you do not have a mailing list, immediately start collecting the database. You ignore one of the most powerful channels to attract traffic and leads .

25. Contact the admins of other publics on Facebook

And arrange co-marketing. Let them recommend your page to their subscribers, and you – theirs. The same can be done with the newsletter, if you have approximately the same number of subscribers, and with any other channels to attract traffic.

26. Add the Page plugin to your site.

“ Page ” is a plugin that allows your visitors to see your news feed directly from the pages of your site. It is very easy to install. All you need to do is: select the desired settings, copy the code and paste it into your website.

27. Use WordPress plugin for Lightbox

If your site is made on WordPress engine, then this plugin will be very useful for you. Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox is a pop-up window that calls you to like your Facebook page. It works as follows:

Плагин Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

Плагин Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

To run this plugin, you need to go into its settings and specify the following data there:

  1. Page ID – to find out, click on the question mark, enter the address of your page in the window that opens and press Fetch.
  2. After what time (in milliseconds) the pop-up will pop up.
  3. After how many days after closing the pop-up, it will again be shown to the user.
  4. Whether the window will close if the user clicks outside.
  5. On what pages it will appear.
Настройки плагина Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

Настройки плагина Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

28. Fix the Hello Bar panel at the very top of your site.

Hello Bar is a shareware service that can help you increase the number of likes of your articles. To do this, go to the main page of the service, click on the Create New button and select the goal Get Facebook Likes.

Наша цель – получать лайки от читателей нашего блога

Choose the color and size of the banner, the pages on which it will be displayed, write the text and click Save & Publish. After that, you will be prompted to insert the service code into your website template. Once you do this, the Hello Bar panel will work, and you will be able to track the statistics.

Призываем пользователей лайкать наши статьи

29. Mention other users.

When you mention people using the @ symbol, there is a high probability that your record will fall into their tape. Most Facebook users have this feature by default, and even if not the default, the person will look at your post and decide whether to publish it on their page or not. And if you decide to publish, you will receive the attention of its audience.

Меня упомянули в записи, и она тут же появилась на моей стене


30. Change likes to be able to participate in polls.

Use for this free service Facebook poll or shareware service Wishpond . Thanks to them, your users will be able to participate in the voting or look at its results only after they like it.

31. Hand out discounts for likes

Facebook Coupon App and Group Offers App will help you with this. The first allows you to create personal discount coupons that are activated using likes. And the second activates a discount after a certain number of people join a promotion. Both applications are paid, but there is a free trial period.

32. Offer quality content for likes

Use the method described at the very end of this article . Only instead of the “Tweet” button, set the “Like” button. This can be done using the Viral Lock service or Social Lock .

Пользователь твитнул статью и только потом получил доступ к желанному материалу. То же самое можно сделать и с «Фейсбуком»

33. Buy advertising

You can increase the reach of the audience with the help of advertising. Choose your best post, click on the “Lift publication” button, fill in the suggested fields and enjoy the result.

Настройка рекламы в Facebook

For more information on how to run ads on Facebook, you can read in our articles:

And about what results she can give you, read in one of the issues of our newsletter: Effective advertising on Facebook for only 500 rubles .

34. Upload photos from your fans

If you were at a thematic conference or meeting with fans and took a group picture there, put it on your Facebook page and check all the people who are present at it.

35. Comment on other people’s publications.

Leave helpful and thoughtful comments on other people’s publications. Try to make users want to view your profile and go to your brand page.

36. Write an article “10 reasons to like our Facebook page”

List all the reasons why users should like your page. Accompany each item with a screenshot proving your words. At the end of the material do not forget to give a link to your public and come up with a “catchy” call to action .

37. Write a guest post

But instead of a link to your site, ask the site owner to add a link to your Facebook page. If the site is popular enough, and its readers like the article, you can be sure that you will have a lot of transitions.

38. Hold a webinar

Webinars are one of the most effective ways to collect likes on Facebook, because you can verbally recommend your page to be loyal to your people (because they signed up for this webinar, which means they think you can learn something from you) and immediately give a link to it.

39. Make a live broadcast

If you have many subscribers, you can arrange a live broadcast from your personal account and in the process of this broadcast to encourage viewers to subscribe to your business page. To go live, click on the corresponding button in your profile:

Check out the picture and sound. If necessary, add a message to your users and, when everything is ready, click on the “Live” button.

До тех пор, пока вы не нажмете кнопку «В эфир», пользователи вас не увидят

When the broadcast is over, the video will automatically be saved in your profile and will hang there for the whole day. After this time has elapsed, it will be automatically deleted.

To prevent this from happening (after all, this is useful content, and you can still use it: for example, upload to YouTube or share it on other social networks), use the SaveFromNet service. Paste the link to your video into the search box of this service and click the Download button.

Сервис SaveFromNet


To get a link to your post with a video, click on the date:

40. Promote your page on your market event

If you are an expert in your field, then you probably speak at industry conferences and seminars from time to time. Use this feature to the maximum. Make a beautiful pillar or print booklets with a description of your company and do not forget to add a link to your Facebook page there.

41. Hand out gifts to your fans that contain the address of your page.

T-shirts, caps, mugs, stickers – all of this can greatly assist you in promoting your brand on Facebook. Devoted users will gladly accept your gifts, and you, in turn, will improve your brand awareness (especially useful for local business).

Пример футболки с рекламой паблика

42. Tell about your page literally to everyone you meet.

Start the word of mouth radio. Let everyone know that your page is so great that you just can not subscribe to it. Just before you do this, be sure to make sure that this is true.

43. Bonus tip for those who have a sense of humor.

Use each of the 17 unusual offline methods described here in this article . Only instead of the address of the site everywhere insert the address of your page in Facebook.