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Today I will tell you how to live in Instagram todayHow do you make money with social mediaToday I am here with a Piece of BlacksmithIt’s going to show up for those who haven’t heard of itPeopleHow are you? I’m Gabriella FerreiraI have a Youtube channel, and Instagram, called a Piece of Ferreira’s BlogI talk about life style and to help women who want to get started in the life of a blogger, and empowering to live in the social networks-Make money off of it, isn’t it? I live with itIt’s my job to full-timeI help women and girls who want to get in the way.

This is why she is here todayWhat tips do you have for young girls..The tips are for both boys and girls, if you want to monetize your InstagramHow did you get started in life, and when you’ve had your first sponsored post? I’ve got both on Youtube and on Instagram without any claim of making money-I also”It was a hobbyI don’t have any friends at this time, and I was making friends on the InternetThere has never been a plan as to how to get started, but what I just realized? When I first started to grow, and companies that have been in contact with me and said: give Me your media kitI don’t know.

-What is it?” Where do you live? What do they eat? A guy asked me for my media kitI asked him what is a media kitI then went on to research and learn, and to make aHowever, for those who also don’t know, it is a digital business..This is a letter of presentation of their workIt shows in their metrics, it’s you, when did you start, what do you talk aboutThis is a presentation for you, to get him to be interested in, setting up a partnership with youSo, you want to get started, set up your media kit, you don’t seem professional as it has happened to meWhy, I asked him what it was, and I should have known better, because it’s my job toSo, don’t do it like meAlready can create your media kit and send it when they askItAnd what did you do to grow your Instagram? You are back to the business, and went back to the sponsorship? In the beginning, I sent about 20 e-mails per day to all of the companies that interested me, because I got it on Youtube when it was already filled to capacity.

I have not picked up in the beginning, when the business went backI’ve noticed that if I don’t go back I was going to continue being that wayWould you continue to swim and die on the beachJustI have created an e-mail for submission with proposals and projects and was sending outIn the beginning it was frustrating, because each and every 20 e-mails sent, 5 I replied, and the 2 fit any thingBut it was amazing in the beginningThe most important thing is that I was behind because people think that just because it was great..If you want to make money off of it and..Today, the number of followers doesn’t matter as much as commitmentSo I go back to a project, and then explain how you do it.

And it is important to mention that in the beginning, I worked for two years for freeBecause these are the years that you can understand how to interact with a company, which is the type of propositions, and the price is much more acceptableIt’s just that, you know, in the area.You can’t charge for what you don’t understandThis has been a difficulty of mine in the beginning, how much you charge for a video is not sponsoredI had no idea, and I asked the other people in the areaSome don’t want to talk about, or give you a meanIs that, in Brazil, it is a taboo to talk about money-How difficult will it be to talk about the price? I had the values, I was able to close with an attractive price-It is the acceptance of the marketJustThe acceptanceThen the other trick is to have the humility to start by working for freeAny of the services that you will be making, you will need to experiment.

Not to charge you for something that you don’t have the experienceEven I always say to my students on the influencer academy is to place testimonials of the companies you have worked forThey tell you that working with you has brought no return, and it was goodAnd it is at this point working for free, that you’re taking statements in the media kit-I understandAnd to you as well to partnerships? -ClosedYou will not receive the money, but it was a swapExactlyI had to do a trailer, more swap, it’s the size that I got itBut in the beginning it was very important, and I do not regret any of the partnership that you have doneIt is for the staff to understand that if you have 10 thousand followers on Instagram already, is it possible to make money even if it is barter.

-YesBut what is interesting is that you go for itSureIt is very important that you find your nicheEven though I have this pain because I have to eat anything on the subject, and, in return, no matterI’ve tried to participate in a niche market only, and it didn’t workBut, in the case of Mirna, it is the financeThe whole world knows that she is good at it, tooThe company is looking for someone with authority on this subject, will know that there is a MirnaWho is most likely to get a sponsorship from a broker-dealer to the investment? Mirna, or do I? No doubt that the Mirna, because she’s got a niche market, with a focus on-Then you will find your niche-Here you will find the one you like the most-What you are good at and love to teachThe Piece talks about women’s entrepreneurshipShe is the light of the knowledge of it, and that’s what it’s worth, because it may help other peopleI was just saying to her that people are saying that I have only 20 years old, and I may not know any in your immediate area.

In 20 years, I have built a company that makes 1 million a year over the InternetI don’t get out of this areaAnd I’ll talk about my experience with youSo, get out your history, what you’ve done and what you want to doWhen I first started Youtube, I didn’t know that you could earn money from itI started it for the love,for the love of teachingYou have to do what you likeWhy don’t you think that the life of a youtuber, and a blogger is a charmIt’s a tough jobWe’re recording on Sunday for the whole dayAnd you have the script, video-editing, etc.But we also have funI’m talking to a Piece, and then I’m going to have a conversation with another personSo, do what you love and find a purposeExactlyBecause you’re doing what you love, and you don’t suffer to be the SundaySo, you think that you will like to talk to don’t have to be a sacrifice to save it on a Sunday after lunchYou can follow Gabi on Instagram, where she talks about entrepreneurship and how to build your business and make it successful on social media.

And if you want to a living out of it, it is important to understand how the tool worksI’ve done the same thing that you commented on my video: I did a courseBecause it’s a lot easier to get a person who understands the subject, and to trace the path of going and trying multiple ways, because it takes a lot longerI have been trying multiple ways and breaking up with the guy, and learning fromAfter that, you will learn what you need to do, is a recipe for a cakeExactlyI’m doing a course to improve my workI’ve got a lot to learn, but I learned very quickly to have the desire to invest in the courseYou have the course of the blogger, Youtuber.

It only makesAnd if you want to sell on Instragram, then you’re selling his imageRegardless of the type, that is to say, you’ll be fineSureFirst, the company will look at the quality of your photos and social networks, and what you want to put on the subtitlesSo, invest in the professionalization of the social network, because it has a lot of good people on the marketAnd if you are not at least equivalent to them, what’s the chance? It will be a difficult task.

And the more content you have, the betterSomething to teach you-Of courseAn example of the fashionWe know that you have a lot of bloggers in the fashion and make-upBut what can you do differently? JustYou can teach people how to create the looks for cheap, to be awareHere’s what you can do with something that is different from what is going onTo follow the massJustI really enjoyed this conversation today with a Piece ofYou follow her into the channel, and Instagram in order to understand how to live in one of the social networks, because it is possible toI hadn’t really thought about living in the Youtube video, and I would have one todayThis can happen to you as well-You just have to decideYou decide and get for itKisses and see you in the next videoI want it.
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