Spit Take Roulette with Ryan Reynolds

-Ryan and I are about to face off in a new game called “Spit Take Roulette.” Now, here’s how this works. We have 12 cups, okay? Five of them are full of water. The rest are full of random liquids that are not water. On your turn, you pick a cup and you take a big sip. If it’s not water, you have to swallow it. If it is water, you get to spit it in the other person’s face. First person — -Why are we doing this? -Why are we doing this? I have no idea.

The First person to get water spit in their face three times loses. We wrote this. I don’t know why. All right, let’s put on our safety glasses, because safety is sexy. Here we go. -It is very sexy. -Ryan, since you are our guest, I will be going first. -That’s great. -All right, which one, which one? -I’d go with this one. -That one? -Yeah. Why not? Let’s see what happens there. -Mm-hmm-hmm-hmm. Mm-hmm-hmm-hmm. -Oh, God. ♪♪ Why would we do this? ♪♪ -Can we see that in slow motion? Is there any way that that exists? -Oh! Open mouth. Open mouth. Oh! -Can you see anything? -I can taste your childhood right now. That’s just so disturbing. -Oh, my God. -All right. -All right, please go for it. -Okay, here we go, here we go, here we go. ♪♪ ♪♪ -Now, that one — That was a little violent.

That was a little violent. That was a little violent in that one. Wow. It’s 1-1. These glasses don’t really work, do they? It stings a little bit. Okay, here we go. Mm…which one? -Yeah, that looks good. All right. ♪♪ Oh, this is so… Just gonna keep my mouth closed. -Dude, that was a streamer, that one. Can we see what that one looks like? -Oh! Oh! -Oh, mouth open again. All right. -Not exhibiting cat-like reflexes. -There are other things besides water, I promise.

-I’m going with this one. -I’m not looking. -Okay. ♪♪ That’s really good. -Whoa! Apple juice. Yes! ♪♪ -Whew! It’s getting a little steamy. ♪♪ -No real scent to it. That’s interesting. -Oh. -It’s actually — I thought I was going to get this. It’s actually Aviation Gin, your gin. That’s actually fantastic. -Hey, that’s mine! -That is your gin. I thought — -Yeah. -By the way, whoo! -Right? -That’s some good acting right there. I was like, “Why do we have to use real gin, by the way? Can’t we just use Gatorade?” -100%, dude. -Hopefully there’s not — How many more of these are gins? Because I have the rest of the show to do. Poor Rosie — -Oh, wow. -Poor Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. -Fantastic. -I’ll be like, “You’re my favorite. I love you so much.” Okay. -All right. Here we go. 2-2. -You sure you want that one? -I want this one. -You sure? -Yep. -Oh, good, ’cause it’s orange juice, dude. It’s Gatorade! ♪♪ -Ahh! That’s very nice. -It was ginger ale. Probably Canada Dry. Feeling good, feeling good! Here we go! Aren’t you so happy you did my show? -Oh, man, come on.

I’m hydrated. It’s really great. It’s really great. Which one do you think, guys? -Don’t help him! ♪♪ -Oh, man. -Congrats on the movie, man. -Thank you. -In theaters May 10th. -All right. -Yeah, I’ll be watching. – -Oh! -Tang. That tastes good. -I forgot all about Tang. -Astronaut juice. -Yeah, I forgot all about Tang. -They love it. -I love it. How did we get Tang? I don’t even think they make that anymore. All right. ♪♪ You’re smiling. You’re smiling. -Gatorade. -Wow! This is unbelievable. -It’s Gatorade. -That was good. -It’s Gatorade. -You almost acted like you were throwing up in your mouth. All right. We’re down to four right here. -I mean, right? One of these will be vomit. I know you. -I know one is pickle juice. I know that. -Ooh! -I don’t know which one. I know — it’s gross. ♪♪ Oh, my goodness. -Hmm. -Really savor it. Get as much saliva mixed in as possible, by the way. ♪♪ -That is it! I am the champion! Ryan Reynolds, everyone! Go see “Pokémon Detective Pikachu” May 10th.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley joins us after the break! Stick around! ♪♪ -♪ Don’t even ask how the high feel ♪ ♪ How do I feel? ♪ ♪ Like the sky feel ♪ ♪ They come in sideways like in “Seinfeld” ♪ ♪ The grapes of wrath intertwined ♪ ♪ Vine still ♪ ♪ I’m ill ♪ ♪ Walking through a mine…♪ .

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