Easiest Online Money Making System For A Beginner

Hey. So, in this video, we’re going to be talking about the easiest online money-making system for beginners to try. And I’m actually going to go over to my computer and show you a non-technical way you can start earning money today if you’re completely new to anything making money online. Let’s go. What is the easiest online money-making system for a beginner to start with? Now, for a beginner, you’re looking at one major thing when you’re working on the Internet. You want to do stuff that requires no technical skills.

So, what does that mean? What does that mean specifically? Let’s define this and chunk this down of what no technical skills involves. You don’t want to have to deal with a website. Second thing, you don’t want to have to deal with a product. Because if you’re selling your own product, you’re going to have to setup so many different things. You’re going to have to set up shipping and fulfillment.

You’re going to have to set up a CRM. You’re going to have to set up so many systems when dealing with physical products compliance. GPR. VAT. All this stuff, taxes. There’s so many different systems. It’s way too technically complex. That leaves us with very few options. Okay. Now, the easiest online money-making system for beginners really leaves us with this. Which is affiliate marketing. Okay? Affiliate marketing is the act of selling another person’s product. And receiving commissions for that. And that’s what I do and I earn millions of dollars per year doing that. Now, what I’m going to show you is a very simple method which is meant for a beginner to start with affiliate marketing.

And simply put… All this system requires is for you to post a link on your Facebook account. So, what are we going to do? The easiest money-making system for a beginner to start out with is simply doing a Facebook post. And including an affiliate link. Okay? Not too hard, right? This is one of the easiest places to get started. This is the easiest place to get started. Here come with me to my computer and I’ll show you exactly how. So, here we are on Amazon. Now, if you scroll to the bottom of Amazon, you’ll see in the footer is a little area that says “Make Money With Us”. Okay, make money with us. Which I mean, isn’t that great? You know, Amazon’s asking to make money with them. But you’ll see here, there’s a number of different options and one of them says, to “Become an Affiliate”.

Okay. So, if we click on that, it’ll say affiliate program at Amazon. And you can earn commissions for any product that you recommend for people to buy on Amazon. Now people are already buying like… I don’t know. Like billions of dollars of stuff on Amazon every single day. So… And you can earn a percentage of that just by recommending people what to buy. It’s really great. Now, when you sign up for Amazon’s program, what you’ll get at the top of your site is this little thing. You’ll get what’s called site stripe. So, you’ll get this little.. See, it says “Amazon Associates Site Stripe. And you’ll be able to generate what are called Affiliate links. And i’ll show you that in a second. But affiliate… Whenever somebody clicks on an affiliate link, buys the product, you make money. Now, let’s look up a product so we can create our affiliate link. So, here we have one of my favorite books which is a Millionaire FASTLANE.

It had a big effect on my life. Purchased a couple years ago. And let’s say i want to get my affiliate link. So, i’m going to get… I’m going to grab… See, I click get link and right click and click copy. Now, all I need to do next is I need to go to Facebook. And we’re going to use a little format for this. We’re going to tell a story and you can do this too. But I suggest you take a book of what something that’s affected or changed your life. Okay? Or a CD. A book or CD. Something that’s had a major effect on your life. Now, I’m going to write a story about this. The format is going to be roughly… We’re going to tell a story about how this book or CD was relevant. We’re going to talk about the pros of the book. And we’re going to talk about the cons of the book.

And then we’re going to make a recommendation. Okay? Now, this is a very simple format for marketing a product. And what we’re doing here is called copywriter. It’s a form of marketing. So, I’ll start off with my story. You know, I’ll say something like, you know, “I used to feel suffocated working a job I hated every single day. I felt like my life had so much potential and promise in college. Yet, when I joined Corporate America, I felt stagnant and disconnected from my work. Not only that…” What I’m doing here is I’m trying to create a story that sells, okay? And I’m trying to create connection. Because ultimately the only reason people buy is because there’s some sort of connection. That’s called marketing. It’s the same thing as marketing and sales are two sides of the same coin. Sales is just done in person whereas marketing is done online with words and texts and images.

So, I’m going to finish writing this story. Then I’ll explain it to you. “Not only that. But I wasn’t making much money.” So, I just wrote a real quick Facebook post. It took me a couple minutes and I’m just going to explain it what I did so that you understand what I’m doing here in terms of affiliate marketing. So, I wrote a post and the general format I followed was I told a little bit of a story. I talked about the pros of the book. Talked about the cons of the book and I made a recommendation. Now, if you see here in this story, I started off with something that is very relatable from a first-person perspective. Again, if you’re set just like in sales, if you’re marketing products online, you want to actually relate to the person. Don’t want to speak in like, you know, broadness.

So I said, “I used to feel suffocated working a job. I hated every single day.” Now, a lot of people can relate to that. And I saw a recent poll 84% of people hate their job in America. And the number is even higher in China and Japan. –Is that something like 93% of people hate the job they’re working for. So, a lot of people are going to relate to me when I speak about that.

And I told people that I was looking to become a successful entrepreneur. But you know, so I tried to find… You know, I I started reading some books. And I talked about the pros of the book. You know, I talked about some good things about it, I talked about some bad things about it. As a you know, very kind of in-your-face title and it doesn’t have a step-by-step system to follow. And then what I did was I made a recommendation at the end. I said if you’re looking to change your life, if you’re looking to work for yourself, read this book. And I put my affiliate link in there. So, anybody who clicks on that link in or clicks on this post in Facebook, I can make a commission off of it. So, that is the easiest money-making system for a beginner try online. All you need to know how to do is copy and paste the link, right? And all you need to do is tell a story. And that’s what we do all day. But the only quote-unquote technical bit is copy and paste. And anybody using a computer can do copy/paste.

So, if you took something away from this video, like, subscribe to my channel. And let me know what you recommended if you tried out this method on Facebook in the comments below. And a post your story there because I’d love to see your stories. And if you are looking for a step-by-step system to get started with your online business, I actually have a very a free 2-hour training. The link is in the description that you can sign up for which will go over exactly how to start your online business, step-by-step.

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Free PayPal Money? Scam Revealed

There’s this huge scam going on about free PayPal money and I’m just going to expose sort of what’s going on here and show you exactly what’s happening so you don’t fall into this same trap like many others have. Hey. So, I’m John Crestani. I’ve made millions on the internet. So, I know something about making money online. And its really killing me. I’m seeing all of these messages about free PayPal money all over my YouTube channels in the comments. It’s absolutely spamming my comments.

And I don’t know if you’ve seen any text like this. I got $2,643 after searching a lot of sites and found this system. And it brings you to a site sort of like this. Click the button below to get your free PayPal money, okay? Or different variations of this site, okay? There’s just a lot of variations. This is all a total scam. These messages are absolutely blowing up my YouTube right now. Look, believe me. You will thank me later. Now, it’s $6,543. And now, it’s earned money daily. $500 per day. And it all goes to these links to get free PayPal money. Look, here’s another site. Free PayPal money generator. Look at this. It’s saying I can select $15,000 and I can just click get money and it will send the money directly to my PayPal account, okay? This is a total scam.

So don’t fall for this people. PayPal is not sending anybody free money. Okay, I want to make that clear. PayPal is not sending anybody free money. And if you just think about this logically, in what world would you just select the amount of money you want to make and just get paid at? Poverty would be solved. Everybody would be rich. Everybody would have a private jets and be flying around the world and going to Mars. This is a total scam. And if you fall for this, you know, you you need to do your research on this stuff first. I’m putting out this video because I’m hoping this ranks or shows up somewhere in the interwebs for people looking up free PayPal money. Because this is not real. Real money takes work to get, okay? Unless you steal it from people or unless you do something unethical.

It takes work. And even stealing from people takes effort. Even hacking computers takes brainpower. You can’t just click a button and solve your financial problems. It’s totally madness. Now, I’ve been getting these messages all the time. I don’t know if it’s because when people google me, I show up for the words make money online. But I get all this sort of spam. Finally, I’ve been able to find… Look, send me more than $1,234. These are all scams people. Look, it’s another site.

PayPal money adder, okay? Latest payment proof. People, these are all made-up screenshots. These are not PayPal’s actual site. What you can do to verify and keep yourself safe from scams is, first off look to see if it’s a secure site. That’s like one indicator. f it’s not a secure site, it means it hasn’t liked the site hasn’t been registered. So you can’t trust it as much. Second off, if you’re supposed to get money from PayPal, then what you would expect to see is PayPal in the URL, okay? PayPal is not in the URL.

It says best work online club. Best work online club, are you kidding me? And what this is is this is unfortunately an affiliate scheme that people are putting these comments up because they are making money for everybody they sucker in it. It’s a really bad affiliate scheme. You know, affiliate marketing, there’s good affiliate marketing and there’s bad affiliate marketing. You can recommend products that help people or you can recommend products that hurt people. In this case, the only thing that’s going to happen here is you’re going to end up losing money. Okay, plain and simple. Now, I’m going tO enter my email address just to see what happens if anything happens here. So, this is all fake, okay? Google does searches that are much faster than this. What this is, is this is a marketing funnel. This is a way to get people to give away their email address and slowly get suckered in by high hopes and dreams of money and you won’t actually be able to do this.

So this is how this works. Copy below and paste 5 different comments of YouTube videos. Don’t try to cheat. If you click verify. Click the button to get your PayPal money below. And what you’ll see is they’re just entering you into a marketing funnel. Get $100 Visa gift card. And see what this is going to do is it’s just gonna take your time, it’s going to ask for more and more and more information. You’ll have to eventually enter your credit card information and you’ll end up being charged a lot of money. This is an affiliate scheme, okay? Now, good affiliate marketing is when you’re recommending products that help people. And in this case, this is all smoke and mirrors. There is no $100 Walmart gift card.

Nobody’s actually reading the results of this survey. All this is designed to do is actually take your money from you. There’s no training here. This is a scheme. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. So, watch out. There’s a lot of these schemes out here. Don’t buy products from random comments that promise you weird stuff in on YouTube. I see it every single day and expedite tools got me.

Don’t believe this stuff. Please people, if you’re watching this, don’t fall for this stuff. If you want to learn a real way to make money, you can subscribe to my channel and there’s a free video course on affiliate marketing which is what I do to make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month and millions of dollars per year. So, you can go to that. And also, if you could comment below and let me know if this helped you and if you would like me to expose more scams, please comment below with the words expose more scams. And I will take note of this. And I will take a proactive approach to exposing more scams that I see happening on the Internet. I’ve made millions of dollars online. I have a good read on what’s working what’s real and what’s false at the end of the day now. And like this video if you got helped out by this. Talk to you soon and looking forward to seeing you in the next video.

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How To Make Money Blogging $20,000 Per Month

I’m John Crestani I’m an affiliate marketer and for the last four years, I’ve been running a seven-figure business but I got my start with blogging.

Now, in this video I’m gonna show you how I was consistently making $20,000 commissions every single month from my little blog and I’m gonna walk you through how you can as well. Let’s get it. So blogging is one of the simplest ways to earn an income online and get in front of people. Google is serving you up on a golden platter specific people that are googling specific search terms in their engine and you can get in front of them simply by writing a blog post.

There’s two ways to go about making money online with blogs, obviously there’s a lot of business models you could be selling consulting ecommerce affiliate marketing I teach affiliate marketing that’s what I do . But, I’m gonna focus just on getting traffic to your blog, okay? Now, the first approach is you could go after broad terms such as best baby diapers or really untargeted terms where people are looking for a selection of items and this approach I found is very hard if you’re just starting out.

There are a lot of websites out there who have a lot of authority there’s baby lists there’s Lucy’s list there’s all these mom websites that have been around for 10 years or more and they they have these big keywords really nailed down. The way to make money in the way I got started making money online with blogging was in 2012 and that was using very targeted terms, buyers words.

So before I jump on my computer and show you the examples of a website that I used and the terms I was going after, I need to first explain intent to you the concept of keyword intent. So you can think of it like a funnel, okay? And up here you have lots of people searching for terms but they’re not as interested in buying. Lots of people that are searching for you know that are searching millions of times a month or a year for these search terms and down here you have very few people who are searching for little very on targeted terms. But up here you have very little money because the people don’t really they aren’t really ready to buy whatever product or service you’re offering yet, whereas down here you have big money. Okay? Now, if you’re getting started out in internet marketing if you’re starting an internet business and you want to make money you want to make passive profits, you’re not gonna be able to compete up here again the broad area is not for you which you want to go for is the less you want to be the sniper and get the big money because there’s big money in little traffic and I’m gonna show you an example of how.

So, let’s start out with a very innocuous example. So people searching for a term such as TVs, Okay? TVs would be a very common term people who are searching to buy a TV the first thing you might Google is TVs. That same person though the people who are really getting specific might start googling a more specific term such as 72 inch TV this person has a little better idea of what they want and getting in front of that person with a selection of 72 inch TVs would be much more targeted way to go about making money as either an affiliate or an e-commerce person. How can we get more targeted than 72 inch TV? Well let’s go a little bit deeper.

Samsung 72 inch TV. Now, we’re getting a little bit more specific the person not only knows what size of TV they want but they know the actual brand name. Now, we’re starting to get somewhere and this is where we start seeing we can start seeing some money we can show people ads based on a Samsung 72 inch TV there aren’t too many Samsung 72 inch TVs so we’re hitting less people but we’re hitting people who are much more assured of what they want now how can you get more specific than this? Now, getting more specific than a keyword such as Samsung 72 inch TV might seem a little difficult at first but that’s where the money is. Son zoo said the obstacle is the way I’m gonna show you how in just a second here. Now, I’m gonna jump a little bit ahead and go straight to the big money terms I hope you don’t mind if that’s alright with you but the big money term would be this, samsung six to zero one two zero six.

You might be thinking John are you totally crazy have you completely lost your mind? Who would search for Samsung six two zero one two zero six, that just seems like a bunch of numbers. What this term is right here you may think nobody’s actually searching for this long string of numbers. But what this search term actually is, is this is a skew number this is the actual model number of this particular samsung TV. The only people that are searching for this specific term are people who have actually gone into a Best Buy or a Walmart looked at the price of the TV and are googling it online to find a cheaper price because they believe they can get a cheaper price online.

These are buyers and finding these sorts of keyword terms in your niche it takes research it takes almost insider knowledge but these are the terms that if you can snipe them you can write a blog article about them and target these specific terms then you’re in the money. You’re in the big money . Now, I’m on my computer and am i googling one of these very specific terms for a samsung 72 inch TV and if you see on my screen right here the search term I searched for is Samsung it’s even longer it’s Samsung UN seven five whatever eight to five and this was this is the actual model number of a Samsung I guess they only have 75 inch TVs but that’s what I’m using right here.

And what you’ll see is that this term actually gets 344 impressions per month. That’s a lot of people searching for such a highly specific term and again 75 inch TVs are the highest end TVs you can get. The point I’m trying to demonstrate is that there is massive volume there’s more volume than you would think in these unbelievably targeted keywords and if you figure them out you can put yourself in front of big buyers who will spend lots of money whether it’s on your own products or in a product that you’re marketing for someone else. Let me show you an example from my own actual marketing campaigns and explain to you the process I went through to make $20,000 a month consistently from just blogging online and then I’ll show you one of the websites an example of a website that’s similar to mine that I used to earn this sort of money so when So when I started out affiliate marketing I did it on I didn’t even know I was doing affiliate marketing I was actually working for a a client who was paying me a base amount of money to manage his ads but he gave me a bonus because he wanted to incentivize me to utilize the full potential of my skills and he said John I will pay $10,000 a month base or 3 percent of of the revenue we collect in my company for you to do my ads he says I want to get a lot of leads and I want to get a lot of money he says I want you to make as much money for my company as possible that’s why I’m leaving your income uncapped it was the opportunity of lifetime and the client was willing to pay for all of the ads himself coming across that was a drop of gold it was a drop of luck now the company I was I was marketing for was an investment company so what I could have done to market this company I could have tried to blog around the key word investments now this keyword is way too broad and I would never get my blog ranked for it nor would I necessarily make any money again the way this works is yes a lot of people are searching for investment or investments but there’s not that much money in it relatively speaking overall the investment market is massive there’s so much money in it even even in an untargeted term there’s just the amount of money an investment world is unbelievable but that being said that even bigger money is down here in the more targeted targeted terms so the next thing I did was I got specific what type of investments was the company I was working for selling they were selling gold investments.

So I could have ranked myself for the term gold investments. Again, slightly more targeted less people are searching for this term it’s a bit longer it’s much more specific gold investments a very specific type of investor who’s looking to invest in gold. Isn’t that targeted enough? isn’t that specific eno ugh? Well, we’re gonna go more deeper. Now, a more specific term than this would be actually going deeper into how you could do this.

These are all terms that get search volume. This is the next more specific term 401k gold rollover. That’s gotta work right? That’s gotta work how can you get more specific than that, what even is a 401 K gold roller? Over I had no idea when I was marketing this company what the heck of 401 K was or what the heck or rollover was I was 24 at the time, but what I learned was that 401K’s are retirement accounts right I’m 24.

How the heck am I supposed to know that term and rollovers are a specific way that you move money from a retirement account into another asset class such as gold. Now, this is a person looking for such a specific term. They they have a 401 K they’re looking to move it into gold through a rollover how can you get more specific to buyers than that? Let’s go deeper Rosland capital that’s got to be the term. I don’t even know what that is. Rosland capital is a competitor gold company to the one that I was marketing. The only people that would be searching for Rosland capital are people that are not only interested in a 401 K gold rollover but they’d seen an ad for Rosland capital and they may be interested in working with the company. Therefore, this is somebody who’s already interested in doing a 401k rollover. They believe they have a company they want to work with they’re just looking for a little more information.

Surely this has to be the term but I went one level deeper and this was where the big money was and this is how I was created to create an income stream for myself that lasted for years . This was the money term Rosland capital review, somebody who was searching for a review of Rosland capital was interested in being a customer of the company but not necessarily totally convinced that Rosland capital was the right company to conduct their gold 401k rollover. Now that left the door wide open for somebody like me to recommend the company that I was an affiliate for simply by saying that Rosland capital it’s a company but it’s not necessarily the best company out there.

That seed of doubt that somebody already had in their mind by searching for this word review that little seed of doubt that the prospect for this company had, I was able to use to do well maybe I was slightly biased but rating ratings and reviews of this company and the other gold companies in the industry, a nd end up recommending the company I worked for which paid me to get me more customers for them and which I believe is the best gold company around. Now I created a consistent income stream by putting up reviews of other gold companies in this space and I’m going to show you an example of one of an example of the type of blog that I put up to make this sort of money.

Now I don’t work in this space anymore but this is an example to illustrate to you what is possible and how you can go about things. So here I am in on a review site it’s called gold IRA handbook and I put up site something similar to this. This was on a WordPress site I was I was hosting it through a Bluehost I believe and only pain you know it only costs a few bucks per month to host a website.

It’s very cheap to host a website doesn’t cost a lot of money. Now, what I did was I simply wrote a review and I ranked for the term Rosland capital review. Now, if you go down here you’ll see that it’s you know I would do something similar to this. What does Rosland Capital offer. Who is Rosland capital? Things I like about Rosland capital, things I don’t like about Rosland capital and this is where you start to capitalize on the the things that make it an imperfect company. Okay, this is where your get a chance to expand on that seed of doubt within that customers mind to recommend whatever you are an affiliate for. Now, again my intention for this was to get more customers for the company I’m working for to afford myself a living. Some of you may not be okay with this sort of marketing but it is perfectly legal it is perfectly sound by all laws and it works you may be unsure about this marketing because you can see its effectiveness but I hope nobody here doubts the effectiveness of the marketing I’m doing in creating customers and in creating massive amounts of wealth for marketers.

Now, here we go and you know I put the reviews I put their ratings and all that stuff. Okay? Ripoff reports the more information you compile the more you’re helping the world be more transparent actually, so by compiling information with reviews like this you are not only helping the customer but you’re helping yourself. Now, I did the same thing that this affiliate does which I recommended a gold company at the end and the company I was working with was regal assets right there and by doing this it may seem like a crazy amount of work it may seem like it’s a lot of work to go to to make money but this is just a blog post this is this is only about 250 or maybe 500 words to write which takes about 30 minutes to write and you said it you forget it and you can rank for it.

And if you go after targeted keywords like this, you’ll have a much easier time ranking than if you were going after terms such as gold investment. And that’s how I made money by putting my affiliate link down here and getting people who went through my affiliate link invested millions upon millions upon millions of dollars every year with the company I was recommending and it made me a lot of money. Now, let me know in the comments if this was helpful . If this was on fire if you learned something just type in “boom” in the comments or type it “on fire” in the comments if you learn something new from these examples and from seeing examples on my computer of actual affiliate marketing websites of actual affiliate marketing tactics that can make you massive amounts of money.

If you aren’t subscribed to my channel yet make sure you click that subscribe button wherever it is and hit those notification bells because I do crazy live streams sometimes I do giveaways I have a marketing course six week marketing course on affiliate marketing where sometimes I’ll give that away on live streams, but I’d love to see your interaction on things and I’d love to see if this was really helpful I’ll do more of this.

Thanks for tuning in and here’s to your prosperity and success see you soon. .

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