Game Master Mystery Detective Briefcase FOUND in Backyard Pool! (Rebecca Zamolo Reveals New Clues)

Game Master Mystery Detective Briefcase

Okay bring it out what’s going on it’s a beautiful day out here in LA but uh we are not staying in LA today that’s right Sharers in last vlog Grace,  and I went all the way to that post office box and why we were there looking in box 7 1 4 we saw Rebecca’s Zamolo outside spying in on us wait who’s that so we took scooters.

we went up and down the streets searching for Rebecca Zamolo and we finally found her and then she disappeared not really sure where she went but we saw that she dropped some sort of note and on that note was a code and that code was ha3 LAX grace and I reverse engineered that code and it turns out that it’s a flight code to an airline Hawaiian Airlines flight 3 LAX this morning at 10 a.m.

So I’m waiting for Grace to get here I got all my bags packed I’m ready to go we got to get to the airport as soon as possible we got to get to Hawaii and figure out if Rebecca’s gonna meet us there or what exactly is going on oh and I think Grace Sharer is here hello hey I got my song oh yeah Grace I’m ready hold on when you grab my suitcase then we can get out the door well .

I got a lot of stuff three suitcases share the love backpack giant suitcase and another suitcase for all my camera stuff because Sharers we’re gonna make some epic vlogs we’re out there on Hawaii I mean why not plus if Rebecca’s out there we can do like some cool tricks and stuff oh okay grace let’s get going you ready yeah I’m ready come on come on danger okay grace right here okay 848 we board at so we got a little bit of time so let’s get through security and let’s go let’s go wait grace was that Rebecca wait it’s not .

Rebecca Rebecca that’s so weird she run the exactly yeah her Whitehill on everything she set the coming flight all right let’s go great let’s get in there stay back I think we need to keep our distance from her good planes here won’t let you back up on top well this planes actually really nice greatly snacking already even taken off yet and graces snack and sounds like we’re taking off great hang on hey you’re up let’s do this.

Hawaii here we come okay and we’re the first ones off the plane grace let’s go it’s so warm come on it’s so warm around Hawaii let’s go let’s go let’s go Hawaii here we are I don’t know where we were supposed to find a clue but I’m assuming Rebecca Zamolo will meet us at the house oh yeah and last night it takes to Rebecca our address.

I think she should get there nice and sweet yeah but graceful weird thing is we never come back we got to go on this bus to baggage claim though both bricks I got her suitcase okay to the car let’s go oh there’s over this uber oh yeah there’s uber right here right here uber right here right here right here hi uber for Steven okay hi place what are you guys doing here what are you guys doing here this is our car we were told to get it in we got a message on Matt’s Apple watch wait did you get any of Grace’s text we text you last night no wait I don’t know what happened last night it’s kind of a crazy story we got here we woke up on the plane.

I know that sounds weird but it’s our cameraman we think is working for the gamemaster okay great so close the door we got to go here we’ll go straight to the house hi we run in the house here waits or just going to tell you everything let’s go look I’m not sure who that was in the post office but if it really wasn’t you and you’re on this island someone wants us to be on this island together so just come to the Airbnb and we can you know set up camp there and we can figure out what what the next step is okay yeah this is gonna be so much fun maybe it’s like a surprise for us like a fun surprise oh yeah okay check this out we are here in Hawaii .

All the weather feels so good and we’re at the house I just got to open the gate and check this out there’s a secret passcode all right hang on and just to be careful let’s make sure no one sees this let me just type it in real quick let’s see Oh gate is opening oh yeah whoa what is this that’s we’re supposed to be a tennis court hearing everything okay come on in come on in bring Matt and Rebekah in oh this house looks a little different than what was on Google Maps let me show you what was on Google Maps check out that see look the house on there it looks like there’s like a massive tennis court and everything and a super big house but house looks a little different I think that used to be a tennis court uh interesting a banded tennis court now houses over here how pretty good it’s a little bit different than the Google Maps description ok good man Rebecca out guys.

I think we’re here oh you can yeah the tennis it’s gone Google looking at it and there’s like a nice tennis court look at that that’s the tennis court it’s all boarded up you can’t even see inside of it yeah I don’t know but here come on yeah let’s go explore yeah house tour oh yeah sure house tour we’re in Hawaii let’s do it Oh coconuts everywhere I love coconuts Oh Ana you’re milking it look at milk Oh grace we should try to crack it open we can eat coconut oh yeah let’s try it open okay ready I think you just smashed it on there you got a special.

It a lot harder than that like a lot harder it’s trying to crack right there you got a crack it before all the juice comes out here Steve how about you try I don’t think I’m making any jet or anything ok Sherri’s let’s do this let’s crack a coconut open comment down below if you’ve ever broken open a coconut alright grace you ready for this yeah open it I’m gonna try coconut two one go go go oh I’m getting it oh oh it’s really strong ready coconut meat on the inside look at all that fresh coconut is so good no wait look there’s someone’s been here check this out oh wait there’s a ladder been here before and was climbing that ladder to grab the coconuts out of that tree but grace look the oceans over here check this out shares whoa check this out this is so cool the ocean whoa we’re in.

Hawaii shares smash like button it was no idea this is so cool gray sweet grace look there’s like a dock down there too I don’t know whoa that’s a very tall wall kind of like the dock is underground or something I’m pretty sure that dock is part of the house wait a second grace let me get to look at this enter at your own risk what what is that what does that go to whoa that’s probably how you get down to the dock Oh oh wow okay uh sure if you think we should go explore that dock more comment down below oh but great to check it out there’s a pool whoa check.

This out chairs look at this awesome pool it looks like it’s deep too there’s a flower oh there’s a flower in the pool how cool is that only in Hawaii is that it’s so cool Wow race this is so nice let’s go inside yeah oh sure let’s do it inside tour the house whoa look how big this place is whoa a doorway this is so cool wait what a mat Rebecca go wait Stephen I can get hear them upstairs wait different treacheries a bigger bedroom wait we want the bigger bedroom Hey we want the bigger bedroom where are they going hey take this bigger room well great this room is awesome look at this it’s got a balcony and everything whoa this room awesome you can see the ocean from here oh you’re right whoa you can see so much you could spy from here it’s like a spy power yeah and you can even see the pool over there yeah it’s right on the other side check that out last person to get ready to go in the pool loses all our luggage for the weekend wait what forever whoa hello hello wait wait the gates closing whoa whoa whoa why is the key closing uber driver left left the car here uh rental like maybe this this car came with the house do you think our sole driver I don’t think that’s it on the description hello wait what there’s keys keys to the car keys to the car maybe they did leave it whoa b75 this might be our car I guess we it’s no Tesla but it’s still it’ll fit all of us and all our luggage perfect this is perfect let’s get this stuff out let’s get going oh yeah let’s go let’s go let’s go oh yeah hold on there’s information on the there’s trivia briefcase on the table yeah there should be a briefcase on the table oh yeah nothing it to wait it has all the information for the house hold on let me let me call the owner real quick let me just hi-yah we’re at the house is there all yeah no it’s great it looks it looks awesome is there um that briefcase you said was on the kitchen table yeah at the opal kitchen table who won’t the flower oh yeah there’s nothing here there’s no briefcase wait maybe it’s by the pool check because maybe someone moved it you know if there’s stuff for the pool inside then we should go check because maybe they were like using this you know eat the pool okay okay yeah thank you okay yes thank you goodbye okay we’re going to check the pool yeah oh that’s so random grace now we just have to pull two minutes whether we were already at the pool yeah there’s nothing in the pool why would it be in the pool what what is Rebecca doing what what do you what Rebecca what are you doing how do you know what it looks like what are you the flower oh wait a second what Rebecca did you put that in there we that was not there okay yeah got it okay that was easy earlier wasn’t no we replay the scenes I’m pretty sure there was only a flower in the bottom pull nothing else yeah okay I mean if you want to get her back to go get it get it get the briefcase she’s being suspicious wait you think she’s being suspicious I’m just a pastor you think Rebecca’s acting suspicious Britta’s give this thing open what is it what is it what welcome to Hawaii the fun has just begun inside each envelope is the challenge of fun complete each one in a treasure chest will be one treasure chest a treasure chest what do you think’s inside the treasure chest where do you think it is I don’t know wait we could win a treasure chest if we do all these challenges Oh $10,000 shares comment down below what you think could be in the treasure chest yeah great I don’t wanna emblem map let’s start with level one let’s do challenge number one let’s do this shares you

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Escape the Game Master! SuperHero Kids & Searching the Abandoned Mysterious Mansion for the Clue!

The Game Master lives here? Let’s go check it out. Shh! Be quiet, we never know if he’s gonna show back up again. Let’s go check it out. Ahhhh! Don’t you think that’s weird that the door opened by itself? Definitely weird. Come on guys, let’s go inside and see what we can find out. I’m kinda nervous about this. Shh, quiet. Guys, look, it’s the Game Master’s mask. Your invisibility cloak might hide your transporter, but you don’t think I wouldn’t see you if you were in my own mansion? Ha, ha, ha, ha! See if you can get out of my mansion now. The Game Master’s mansion is one giant escape room. An escape room, are you serious? There’s only one way out, and you’ll have to find the four digit code if you want to escape the mansion. A four digit code? Oh no, oh no, oh no… Ahhhhh! Oh my gosh, we’re trapped! Great, now how are we gonna escape? There’s gotta be a four digit code in here somewhere.
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Hey guys, what’s this? We probably have to put the four digit code in here. Let’s start looking around more. Aw, dang it; this one’s locked. This one’s locked, too. This one’s locked, too. I wonder if it’s in here. It’s gotta be in here. Is it here? No, maybe there’s something in between the cracks. I think we’re stuck in here forever. Guys, spread out, let’s see if we can find clues somewhere else. What the–did you guys hear that? Maybe we should crawl through here to see if we can find any clues. It must be coming from inside that box. How are we supposed to get out of this mansion? Maybe we should crawl through here to see if we can find any clues. Those voices sound familiar. Uh, hello! Hello, who’s there? Guys, someone’s in there, and I can’t see the end of the box. What if it’s a tunnel? Whoever it is, it sounds like they’re trapped too. Kaden! I’m totally gonna regret this. Boys, wait for me! What, SuperHero Kids? What are you guys doing here? What are guys doing here? Hope, Noah, Eden! Did you guys get trapped in the Game Master’s mansion, too? Yes, he said the mansion is an escape room.

And we can’t get out without the code. That’s what he told us, too. Let’s see if we can work together to figure out this code. Let’s look around the room for clues. Great idea. Look guys, there’s a Monopoly game set up right here. I have a weird feeling about this game. Let’s look at it, but DON’T touch it. It looks like there’s seven pieces on the board. That’s weird. Guys, spread out, let’s see if we can find clues somewhere else. Go to jail? Stinks to be that player. What was that? That was weird. What is happening?! I’m in jail, I’m in jail! Help me! Get me out, get me out! Kaden, I told everyone not to touch the game. Looks like you’re really stuck. Wait a minute, when Kaden rolled the dice that game piece moved, and landed on the “Go to Jail” spot. Yeah and then he got dragged to the corner of the room, and got put in jail. It’s like he’s playing the game in real life. Do you think each of these game pieces represent us? I don’t think so, because there are seven pieces on the board, and only six of us.

Uh, what am I supposed to do? Uh, who or what did that? Guys, this is freaking me out! Look, the top hat is moving! Whoever it was landed on the best property in the world: Boardwalk! I see you found my top hat game piece on the board. Ha ha ha ha! One hotel, please. What the flip!? Actually, I’ll take four hotels! Ha ha ha ha! Hey, you can’t do that! That’s against the rules! Rules? I’m the Game Master, I make the rules! It was you who put Kaden in jail, wasn’t it?! Let him out, now! Good luck playing the game! Each player gets one turn.

Oh no, I knew this game was gonna go wrong! And, good luck finding the code. You’ll never escape my mansion! Well, if there’s a chance to find the code, and get out of here, I don’t think we have a choice! Okay then, but who’s gonna go next? I guess I’ll go. Aww, a tiny train. It’s so cute! It’s so tiny. Well, that wasn’t so bad.

It’s bigger! Hurry, who’s next? Uh, the train just got a lot bigger. Hurry, who’s next?! Whatever, I’ll go! Okay, whatever you do, do not land on Boardwalk or else you’ll have to pay the Game Master a lot of money. No! Are you serious?! What just happened?! She just landed on Boardwalk! It looks like you landed on my space.

Now you owe me all your money. Oh no, oh no, oh no! I always win. Great, now we have one person in jail, and then we almost got run over by a train, and now we lost all of our money! I’m not seeing a way out of this guys. Our only hope is to keep playing the game. I’ll go next. The Electric Company? Uh Oh! Watch out, watch out! Take cover! Kaden, don’t touch the bars! Hurry, someone take the next turn! I guess it’s my turn. What do the chance cards do? Sometimes they’re good, and sometimes they’re bad. Okay, “Get Out of Jail Free.” Kaden, I can get you out of jail! I choose to get Kaden out of jail right now! Yay, I’m free, I’m free! Thanks Noah, for getting me out of jail! Of course Kaden, that’s what friends are for! Okay, you got out of jail, but don’t forget the reason we’re here in the first place.

Yeah, we need to find the code, so we can get out of the Game Masters mansion. But we haven’t found anything yet that resembles a code. Well the Game Master said the code was somewhere in the game. That’s right, Jack, you’re the last person, you’re our last hope, take your turn. If you roll a seven you’ll land on free parking, that means we get a lot of money back.

Cross your fingers, here I go. Get the seven, get a seven, get a seven, get a seven, get a seven. Wait, there’s something on the ground. There’s something different. “N” up. Wait, some of them have like, the letters and stuff. Yeah, yeah yeah yeah. Guys, guys, wait guys, guys, maybe we can put it in alphabet order, and see if we have a clue! That’s smart, maybe there’s like some code. Mine’s L-L-K, K– Everyone. I think there’s a C and F. A, I, A, J, A, U, A, T… Okay, one thing they all have in common is they all have “N” up, so. What does that mean? That has to mean something. Guys, we can do it like this. N, up. So H-E. Oh, look! And then N, up. Look guys. No! Look. It might be the a map… Guys, look, just watch this. Look, look. Oh yeah. Look. It’s like… It might be the map. Cause the arrows lead.

Yeah! Guys, look at this. Guys, get N and the arrow on the money, reminds me of a compass on a map. It points in the direction we’re supposed to go. So, the way the arrow points, is the direction the money goes when we lay it out. Like this guys. See, see? Oh. So it could just end here and keep going.

Or maybe it can like end right Smart. there until there, and keep going and… Yeah like this is gonna make like numbers of the four codes, okay. Ooh! Ooh! So find a J, we need to find a J. There it is, that’s the N! We need four. Okay, makes so much more sense now. So we have four, that’s the first number to the code we need. Now they have three more. Maybe… I guess this is one. Guys this is the end. No, guys, this is the end. Yes, so that means it’s one. It’s one. Four and one. No, 14, 14. 14! No, no, no. Oh, it’s a one, it’s a one. Oh yeah. I think so. It must be one. And then maybe– No, because… it goes that way. I see. On the bottom. And Q, oh, right here. It’s an eight. Eight! 8, 5, 1, 4! That’s it, that has to be the code to get out of the Game Master’s mansion! We solved this clue together guys! We beat the Game Master at his own game! No! How did you find that code?! No! Hurry, guys! Let’s go enter the code, so we can go home.

Goodbye! Bye! Oh, I can’t wait to go home. 8-5-1-4, 8-5-1-4. I’m so proud of us for solving the mystery. Hurry, hurry! Game Master might meet us there. Yeah, we all worked together to solve the mystery. Wait, a minute. Hey, Jazzy; where’s Kaden? I don’t know, he was right behind me. Kaden! Kaden! Yes! Water works? Whoa, no way. Whoa! Uh oh, the Game Master’s gonna be mad. Kaden! Kaden, where are you?! Haha, take that Game Master! Kaden! Kaden, what did you do? Why are your feet so wet? What, what? You rolled the dice, didn’t you? I landed on Water Works. Quick, we better get out of here fast! Quick, put in the code! Hurry! We did it! No! My mansion, my mansion! Nooooo! Make sure to give us a big thumbs up! Make sure to subscribe below! And make sure to share the video with all your friends! Comment down below to tell us which part of the video was your favorite.

Also, go check out our video at SuperHero kids! And also, go check out all of our awesome, Game Master videos! Bye! .

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