Panasonic Lumix 25mm F/1.7 lens Review

Are you wondering about the Panasonic Lumix 25 mm FIts cheap, its rapid, is it to good to be true? Is this the nifty-fifty of the micro four thirds? Is this better than the Olympus 25 mm f1. 8? Lets find out Ok My goal with with this video, is to answer these questions and so much more. Coming up Kick it hey whats up your best friend, the issue was Vinny from VinG4 3, where we talk about cameras and lenses. If this is your first time to this direct, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss my upcoming videos. OH and dont forget to touched that little notification bell so you get notifications whenever I publicize new videos. And for the rest of you, thank for assembling me Once again! FISTBUMP! NO OK .. WHATEVER. Before we get into the review, I want to construct 3 things perfectly crystal clear.

Nr 1, im gonna be honest, Im talking scorched world full disclosure now .. I do have a bias against expensive lenses. I have a few expensive lenses, but in my own experience and ruling, expensive lenses are typically extremely overrated for most people. In other names, Im a huge follower of cheap lenses. 2nd thing is, im not a PRO photograpter, I’m a fan of photography and video and have been doing it for years. I shoot bridals as promotions for pals, but thats it. I never bill for it. But because this lens is more for the everyday diversion photographer, I think that I am more than qualified to induce asses for this fantastic little lens. Now The 3rd thing I wanted to mention is that my opinion on this lens is just my personal mind, Im not a huge devotee of absolute terms, meaning everything is subjective to the user that uses it. If I like it, you might not and vice versa.

There is NO lens thats good for everyone. So Be sure to stick around for the whole video, so you get my full notion of this lens. Ok for those of you who don’t have time to expend 15 minutes watching a lens refresh, Dont annoy. I got you covered! Here is a immediate summation for you. OK, so what you got now, is genuinely one of those “bang for the buck” lenses, that will get the job done for most people. it does have a few draw back. The focus organisation is buttersmooth, but focus-by-wire. There is no image stabilisation and Its inexpensive, it is therefore conveys its plastic and not weather shut. Having say anything, its most sharp-witted, and you can get very nice shallow degree of realm bokeh in both images and videos. And for me personally, I really like the low-grade glowing act from this fast Flens. I entirely recommend it. BOOM DONE! Lets go for a Gelato, daddy is buying. Oh you’re still here, enormous! That means you are up for the ultra cool version of review.

OK, so I used to be a canon used before I switched to my Panasonic G7 and my favorite lens on that structure was the clever fifty, the canon 50 mm F1. 8. And a lot of people claimed this lens would be the nifty fifty of the MicroFourThirds. is it? Well .. yes and no. but say to you require, We will get to that. Oh and a bit of topic, but if you are inquisitive, the nr 1 intellect I rushed the canon send, is because I was tired of waiting for a consumer 4K DSLR. this was two years before the m50 came out. anyway. Whats in the box, You get a nice lens handbag as with all Panasonic lenses. As you do with all panasonic lenses. unfortutunetaly I misplaced excavation.( sort of hurled it away) And you likewise get a really cool lens hood that you put on top now. Now a lot of parties dont know how to situate it on, because you have to remove this small bumber, thats included as well. BOOM! Now you are able to affix this little thing. BOOM! Now you got yourself a lens hood. Which is really impressive to discuss this expenditure on this puppy.

Canon you might wanna taken due note now. Just saying. Ok we need to talk about the build tone of this thing. yes, Its plastic, and this where Panasonic trimmed Most of the areas to make it cheap. But its not all bad in my opinion, its got metal in the right place. The inside mount. Establishing that character plastic would be unforgivable, Like on the 14 -4 2 pack lens. and for the plastic itself, yes its pretty good. It Doesn’t get all scratched up in my experience. Like on the panasonic g7 camera, which im recording this video on. Thats a bad type of plastic that comes scratches all over. This one , not so much actually. So for me personally, I think that the build caliber on this lens is actually relatively solid. Now whats really important here is that this lens is not climate closed. So you are able to Not want stand under a waterfall when you are using this lens. Now I have personally researched this lens in heavy rain, perhaps I was lucky. So if you demand your lens to last-place, perhaps you shouldn’t gamble it. Alright The blueprint It comes in black and silver. As you can see I got the silver.

But the pitch-black is actually quite nice. Its kind of matte finish to it. I like the fact that there isn’t a single button on this whole lens. Its kind of rationalized that style. One could say Talk about cutting angles, but actually it doesnt bother me at all. No need for a stabilisation swap, because this lens doesnt have stabilisation. It doesnt have a switch for vehicle or manual but it doesnt affair, because I have that switch on my camera. Its a small lens, which I very enjoy, because if you are into micro four one-thirds, you like minuscule things. Don’t get me wrong, its not a flannel-cake lens it is therefore by far not the smaller lens. But if you compare to most expensive lenses id say this is a small lens. Now I personally really like the immensity, but this is a thoroughly personal thing, I think its very subjective from person to party. For speciman, If it was smaller, I think it would be harder to grip and I sort of like that I kinda too like to be able to hold the lens so I kind of like it not being to small-minded actually.

The weight, its roughly 125 grams Which represents it basically hovers. And I really like that. If you are watching this video still means you are sort of enjoying it, it would represent the world to me of you are able touched that like button. The focus reverberating ok, this is where a lot of reviewers criticise this lens. For two reasons. firstly, Its a a really big focus sound, but thats not the bad part though. The bad part is that its buttery smooth, some detest it, I cherish it. Because it feels i can focus without moving the camera to much, you are familiar swaying it. But you should know, that a lot of reviewers don’t like it.

The other thing, is this is something that has Focus-by-Wire kind of technology. Technically speaking the focus pealing doesn’t change the focus on this lens, the focus ring pulls on a electronical cable, and BOOM the camera actually changes the focus. Now this can cause some latency questions. In other statements, some postponement. This doesn’t vex me at all. To be honest, I learned about this just a couple of weeks ago and I hadn’t noticed this issue for like 6 months so .. Its fast and serenity, and it doesn’t change the length or the position of the lens in regards to the subject as it does on some lenses. This is Not accurately a macro lens, but I was agreeably surprised that the focus distance is 25cm. Which is actually terribly nice. The filter diameter is 46mm which is the same as 14 -4 2 package lens. And another really good thing is that the filters wont rotate when you are focusing, as it does on some lenses. The 25 mm focus wander is the equivalent equivalent of a full formulate 50 mm, And that mostly means its close how the eyes interpret the interval and size of things.

In other messages taking slides and videos of faces will inspect very realistic and not skewey as on some lenses. This is has got a very rapid auto focus. Now principally the auto focus velocity is because of the camera but there is a bit of move factor as well on the lens it self. This could be because of the wire-focus thing that I to mention. Its also super gentle, but there is sometimes a small clink when you’re centre. So some people has not been able to recommend this for video, but me personally, I never felt this was a publication because I always manually focus when I movie nonsense, and I frequently use a lav when Im recording regardless. Image quality Ok the most important aspect of this lens examine. Because image quality is the most important part of a lens, isn’t it? well, thats a topic for a different video.

Image quality on this is thing is really good. Now its hard to tell where a better quality comes from the camera or the lens. But I say that from what I can tell the portrait excellence is highly adequate on this lens. Because of the F1. 7, this is a very fast lens. You get a lot of beacon in, and there for you “ve got a lot” of bokeh. Blurry background. shallow magnitude of orbit. Whatever are you gonna call it. The squeeze on the bokeh is very nice and slight. I really like it on this one. Lens distorsion I will be honest, I havent noticed any, generally its perhaps because the image is cultivated or because its software removed regardless. Vinjetting is scarcely a problem, but if you want to make sure you dont have any, you can really photograph from F2. 8. Same starts for Chromatic aberration or violet fringing, prime lenses like this shouldn’t have any Thats more for the zoom tele zoom lenses.

But I didnt encounter any on this lens. Likely software removed also. Flaring in direct sun daybreak I Havent noticed any unordinary myself. I get suspicious when I read observes in forums where they are argue lenses or smartphones have bad flaring in direct sunlight. I think there is a chance that Beings who say that, don’t know how to use lenses or dont “know what youre talking about” cameras run. Still it has been reported a good deal on this lens. My advice, Use a lens hood, or don’t shoot in direct sunlight. I Dont mean to offend anyone. Again, Im not a pro-photographer. Cause me know in specific comments segment if you have noticed any flaring in order to use this lens. Sharpness At fobviously the sharpness is not the most optimal, but if you go to around f2. 5, you begin to get certainly sharp-worded portrait all around. And if you go to Fyou get the sharpest epitome possible is actually the recommended f-stop for most micro four one-thirds cameras and lens.

In this case, the sugared discern seems to be somewhere between F4 and F6. But to be honest, the difference is not that large-hearted. In my experience sharpness is staggeringly overrated. And likewise who needs to have sharpness all over the edges when the pitch of this lens is to get a delightful misty background. In any practice, Im more than impressed with the sharpness on this lens. Especially for its expenditure. This is a Wonderful lens for low-grade daylight. Both photos and videos. Micro four thirds cameras are typically not good at low-toned sun, so for low light you need fast lenses. Fjust wont cut it in my opinion. And this one is very fast and unusually filling. If you are still watch, I meditate I think you’re experiencing it, so consider agreeing and stumbling that notification buzzer. Simply think it is right it. Allright and here are some extra things to consider if you are gonna acquire this lens It has no idol stabilisation, which means this is not the lens you want use for handheld videos. Unless you are rocking the GH5 or something with building in image stabilisation in the camera. Pictures should be good either way, since the lens is so fast. maybe not the best for vlogging, because at weapons length it just glances to pasture in. But on a tripod, from a little bit of distance.

Sure. Portrait photos I think this is s a good lens for description, since the 50 mm on micro four thirds constructs everything seek ALMOST as in real life. Its not as good as a 75 mm, but its close. Price I bought this for about 160 EUR, And if you inspect, you can probably find it for as little as 100 EUROS, or buy exerted. I think its price laudable up to 250 EUR, and thats really being honest. ok, other lenses to consider The Olympus 25 mm, fits cool but a bit more expensive, and doesnt real add that much, and too at a good expenditure, but again, it doesnt add much. The Kowa prominar 25 mm is twice the length and rate, and also doesnt render much more than this lens.

The Voigtlander 25 mm Fis way more expensive, but if you need more bokeh or lowlight conduct, that something to consider. The most expensive 25 mm Lumix lens with Fis better, Nonetheless it doesn’t come with image stabilisation, and is costly, so I dont recomend it. I really think that this fwill give you the most Bang for the horse. I actually do think so. Ok Conclusion time. Now most people will call this lens the nifty fifty of the micro four thirds. Now I was a huge love of the 50 mm, and even expended it with an adapter on my panasonic G7 for a while before I gave it to a love of mine.

Bros 4 life. Ok so who is this lens for? I think it good for photography entusiastics who want a lens that is small, compact and preferably all roundy. I would recommend it for people who take occasional sketch photos. I would not recommend this lens for sketch photography. For those people I would recommend something better in the 75 -8 5 mm. I would recommend the 25 mm to vloggers before they are articulated it on a tripod, if they wanna use it handheld that at appendages span, this is just not far enough. I would not recommend it for filming trips, because of the lack of the epitome stabilisation.

Now the likenes excellence is really nice, the bokeh is neat. But im gonna be honest. Its not as good as the canon 50 mm in my non-pro belief. now don’t get me wrong, its a great lens, its very valuable, in some ways it is better. BUT it is not the canon 50 mm, If I use the 50 mm with adapter on my micro four thirds, it still precisely seems a lot better.

My theory is that you simply have to use something better tele something like the panasonic 42,5 mm to get that delightful same crispy likenes. On a personal document, for me lenses are all about enjoyable. Is it recreation to use the lens or not. And I gotta say, ive had an ultimate blow squandering this lens. Its recreation to get delightful photographs and videos using this lens. oh, oh oh AND for the expenditure, you cant overcome that. let me just say that again, you will not find a better quick prime lens, you only wont. I Recommend it, I own it. And I Have not been paid to say that. although I choose I had Given me know in the comment region what you think of this lens, or if you have any questions. Im happy to help if I can. oh chaps and simply ONE more THING lenses are just tools, its not the tool that impels the likenes beautiful or perfect, its the person holding the camera.

Don’t sharpen to much on sharpness, lens twistings or build character. I get it, you want good quality for your hard given money, I get that. but at the end of the day, the most wonderful photographer with the worst lens will always, ALWAYS beat the worst photographer with best lens. What I’m trying to say is, don’t overspend on lenses. There are so many blind evaluations even on youtube, where pro-photographers cant tell the difference of portraits shot with inexpensive lenses vs expensive lenses.

Endpart Thank you for watching my video, if you experience it, please smack that like button, subscribe. And reached that notification bell so you don’t miss my upcoming videos. And if you wanna check out other lens-tip videos like this one, clink or sounds the screen here. Or now. Until next time, the issue was Vinny from VinG4 3 pleasing YOU a GLORIOUS day! This is Vinny, and I am signing out. OK, causes punch that Gelato house, Im really hungry . .

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