Top 10 Places Scarier Than Area 51 – Part 4

Are we just two weeks away from seeing them aliens? ! Are we really still talking about this? No, we aren’t because actually we are talking the top 10 places scarier than Area 51 part 4! Blimey! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and I think the world is both a beautidul and a terrifying place and youre about to find out why. Before we get into this video though… why don’t you let me know the scariest place you have ever been….. I am going to go with The Tower of London orrrrr the tunnels under freemantle prison! LIKE SHARE ETC 10 Snake Island Snake Island. An Island of Snakes anyone? Snakes? You sir… would you like to slither with snakes. Listen, I may be the Slytherin Queen, but this is too much for me. *Editors picture. * Snake island is a wee little spit of land – officially called Queimada Grande, off Brazil. The island may be small at just 110 acres in area, but it is home to over 4000 venomous snakes – the golden pit viper.

Beyond those yellow bellied death traps, there are thought to be hundreds of thousands of other snakes! The island is so dangerous you simply can’t travel there. Thankfully. Once again it looks like THIS….ed clip. I don’t know what “them aliens” have got going on, but I know a bite from this snake will kill me. There is a good chance if you take a drive here, you aren’t coming back alive…. At number 9 we have the North Yungas Road The North Yungas Rd in Bolivia has been nicknamed as Death Road. In 1995 the road was voted the World’s Most Dangerous Road by the Inter-American Development Bank, it also received a fear factor scale of 10/10 by There are varying reports on the danger of this road, with some suggesting the yearly death toll is around 300 people a year, but other reports suggest the road sees around 1,300 fatalities in a year! Either way, we can all agree the road is a death trap and this is because it is steep, pot holed, narrow, has hairpin bends, is dusty, is susceptible to poor weather conditions, such as fog tropical downpours and landslides.

On top of that, the nearest ambulance crews are a two hour drive away. So…. if you’re hurt, you’re hurt. 8 – The Paris Catacombs Ahhh…the mystery! Under the city of Paris, lay the remains of more than 6 million people spread over 200 miles of intricate tunnels. Only a very very small section is open to the public, which has set imaginations WILD. With any mystery, of course, comes a healthy dose of the spooks. The story goes that the creepy underground tunnels were built to deal with the cities problem of overflowing cemeteries. Anyway, because of the curious and morbid nature of the catacombs, many many rumours have cropped up as to what is happening down there! Theories range from the tunnels being home to Albino Aligators, others say they are the hiding place of a number of serial killers, the meeting place for masonic cults, a spooky gathering spot for Satanists…some even say that they housed the Nazis during the second world war. Either way, a dark dark network of tunnels underground? No thank you.

7 – Fomalhaut b WHAT IN THE FRESH HELL AM I LOOKING AT HERE?! It literally looks like the eye of Sauron and I am scared. Space, man…. It truly is horrifying. I could fill this whole list with space…. But I’ve kept it to a minimum as its kind of beyond our grasp. So let me tell you what we’re looking at and perhaps it will make it less scary. Fomalhaut B is an exoplanet also known as Dagon….it is an extra solar object and a orbits the star that gives it its name. It us a planet completely covered in ethereal space dust. How far away is this terrifying eye formation? Only 25 light years! The 2012 images from the hubble space telescope are terrifying! The name Dagon in mythology is Jewish deity represented as a half man, half fish… which… I mean… I don’t really know how to feel about that.

6 – The Yellowstone Volcano Ah, the ticking time bomb waiting to explode….when it does, it will bring North America to it’s knees. In theory yellowstone isn’t scary RIGHT NOW, but it has been in the past and one day will very much be terrifying in the future, we just don’t know when. The volcano has erupted, so far as we know, three times in the past, causing havoc each time. The last known eruption was 640,000 years ago, the eruption before that took place million years ago, and the one before that million years ago – which…if we’re to equate a rough pattern, means we could be due a new eruption soon. If it does blow, 1000 degree flowing lava will spew incinerating those nearby. Beyond that, those within an 80 – 100-kilometre radius of the eruption zone would be killed instantly by the hot burning ash .

The ash cloud could drop fall out over a 500 mile, so 800 kilometre radius from the epicentre of the eruption. So…yeah… one of the potential most dramatic places in the world that has the potential to bring about a finale for North America…or at least a crippling blow. So speaking of eruptions, we have this silent killer at number 5 Lake Nyos Lake Nyos is a continually a disaster waiting to strike, and luckily now we know it. In 1986 it was responsible for the death of 1,746 people and over 3,500 live stock.

Geologists are not sure exactly what took place to cause the disaster – a landslide or an underwater earthquake… but whatever happened on the 21st August – carbon dioxide trapped at the bottom of the deep lake burst out in an underwater eruption that created a deadly gas cloud. The cloud then descended into nearby villages, killing people and livestock within a 25 kilometre radius of the lake. It is reported that the normally blue waters of the lake turned blood red …which is quite the omen, even if it can be explained by iron rich water rising to the surface and oxidising.

Other lakes have since been studied to see if they could generate the same effect. Lake Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 2,000 times larger than Lake Nyos, was also found to be a risk. 4 – Agbogbloshie Dumpsite This is where electronic waste goes to die… but it is killing others in the process. When you throw out an old phone or computer, do you ever really wonder where it goes? For a lot of us living privileged lives in the West, we don’t really think about what happens to things when we throw them out. Once we toss them, they no longer become our responsibility, but they still exist. A lot of electronic waste is sent to less fortunate countries to deal with. The Agbogbloshie Dumpsite is in Accra, Ghana is made up of only 20 percent Western e waste, and 80 percent from West Africa and is a source of income for a lot of Ghanians.

The thing is, though, e waste and the burning of e waste creates some serious pollutants. Toxic smoke billows from this place. Those in the area are exposed to Carbon monoxide, arsenic and zinc are abundant in the air. This is one place you would want to hold your breath. 3 – The Doomsday Glacier Doesn’t sound good, does it. The Doomsday Glacier is the nickname given to the Thwaites Glacier. The glacier is a MASSIVE glacier floating in the Antarctic in Pine Island Bay….which is here on a map. *editors can you please do a screen record of a map zoom in. * Cold cold cold. Remote remote remote. In fact the Glacier is so remote that only 28 humans have ever set foot there. Sure, the conditions are icy and dicey but the issue with the Doomsday Glacier is not where it is, but what it can do. It seems that the Thwaites glacier may hold the fate of world in its icy body.

It has thinned by nearly a quarter since the 1970s. You may know that half of the worlds population lays within 50 miles of coastline. The glacier melting will destabilize the rest of the West Antarctic ice ….and sea levels could rise 10 feet – and because of tidal bulges – 13 feet in Boston and New York. Geologist Richard Alley said: West Antarctica could do to the coastlines of the world what Hurricane Sandy did in a few hours to New York City . 2 – North Sentinel Island This island is so dangerous that everyone who has ever set foot there who was not born there has been killed. Why is the island in the Bay of Bengal so scary? Um… because it is home to the most hostile tribe of all time – The Sentinelese. The Sentinelese tribe are an uncontacted indigenous tribe that want to be left alone and have famously been known to kill intruders. In 2006 they murdered illegal fisherman and in 2018 they killed an American missionary. The island is banned for travellers, but that doesn’t mean people haven’t tried to go there. They MUST have a death wish! 1 – Galveston National Laboratory This science lab in Texas, USA is where the worlds deadliest diseases are kept under lock and key, with a 24/7 security presence from the state police.

The lab is home to the Ebola and the Marbug Viruses, the combination required for an outbreak of Spanish Flu which killed 40 million people between 1918 and 1919, and more. Much more. Like the Spanish Flu, the labs contains the last remains of extinct diseases that most people on earth don’t have immunity to – eg smallpox! Great! The reason dangerous pathogens are stored there is several fold – it allows scientists to study the properties and, if it ever breaks out again, we already have isolated the disease in order to generate a cure. The building is scary though, for obvious reasons. Plus if the wrong people got their hands on the pathogens – they could launch a biological attack. Remember the bit about the diseases we don’t have immunity to? SO that was the Top 10 Places Scarier than area 51 Comments from Top 10 Insane Mysteries solved by 4chan! Sebastian Michaelis said: My favorite memes are cat and anime memes. Cats and anime are 2 out of the 5 things you need to live! What are the other three…. Let me guess….a comfy bed to sleep in, a great group of friends…..and cheese? There always needs to be cheese.

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