Film Theory: What is the Bird Box Monster? (Bird Box Netflix)

Ow! Who even hangs pots and pans from the ceiling? That is so dumb. Just need to cut my sandwich in half- *Slicing Noise* Ough! That’s going to leave a mark… Now where are those STAIRS- Ow! *Grunts in pain. God that must hurt* *Makes sounds akin to a monkey as you can hear several things break* Ughh- Found ’em… Forget this stupid monster, the most dangerous thing in Bird Box is the second story… Hello internet, welcome to Film Theory! Forcefully opening your eyes to the mind-scarring truths hidden in all your favorite movies. So Netflix has really is really hitting out of the park recently, isn’t it? Between the ‘Choose your own adventure’ movie Bandersnatch, and the totally not a Quiet Place rip-off Bird Box, There’s been a lot of binge-able theory fodder coming out of the ol’ *Netflix Sound* And while Bandersnatch might seem like the one that’s more up my alley, considering the video game theme and all that, It’s actually Bird Box that I wanna tackle first, mostly because the movie had one question that I think we all want answered, What the heck was the monster? To catch you up, Bird Box follows a group of people trying to survive a world wide catastrophe, In which people are driven to kill themselves after they witness some ‘thing.’ In order to survive, you have to keep your eyes shut, or else where a blindfold.

Leading to this iconic imagery from the movie, and all these other dumb Bird Box challenge videos on YouTube.. It’s a really cool concept, just like noise was the dangerous element from A Quiet Place, Sight is the thing that gets you killed in Bird Box. .

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