No Mirror Makeup Challenge ft. Olivia Jade !!!

Maddie: “Hey guys! It’s Maddie, welcome back to my direct! ” Maddie: “So today, I’m here with Olivia.” Olivia: “Hiiiiii! ” Maddie: “And we’re so happy to be collabing! ” Olivia:’ Yes, it’s a long-a waited collab! ” Maddie: “Yeah, but it’s finally here. Today we’re doing the “No Mirror Makeup Challenge.” Maddie: “So that’ll be super fun…” Olivia: “Yeah basically you just can’t have a reflect and is therefore necessary to do your make-up.” Maddie: “That’s going to be really hard.” Olivia: “Do we have a topic of what we want to though? ” Maddie: “Um, I imply, were kind of just saying that we do we ever do like, bronzy searches ., that’s basically which is something we do ” Maddie: “But perhaps we should try different, like…” Olivia “Maybe add a amusing cheek or somthing? ” Maddie: “Yeah let’s try that! ” Olivia: “We’re going to wait.” Olivia: “I’m so uncofortable, because I don’t know how to do this without…” Maddie: “How do you? Where do you start ?! ” Maddie: “I’m forgeting how to do my makeup now.” Olivia: “What do you start with? Moisturiser? ” Maddie: “Yeah moisturiser.” Olivia: “I don’t know how to use this, what is this? ” Olivia: “Glam Glow.” Maddie: “Is it like solace? ” Oilvia: “Matte glow moisturiser…

Oh wow! ” olivia: “Dude! “( at the same experience) Maddie: “That feels so smooth! ” Olivia: “That feels so weird” Olivia: “Oh my God! Glam Glow! ” Maddie: “That’s good! ” Maddie: “It’s just weird” Olivia: “It’s like, it feels like it would be really, like…” Maddie: “It feels like waxy.” Olivia: “Yeah but it’s really smooth.” Maddie: “Yeah.” Olivia: “Alright we’re done.” Olivia: “This is the seek. Wow! Revolutionary.” Olivia: “Got to travel style down the cervix. Yeah down the cervix, down the neck.” Olivia: “I feel like, that was nice. But like, I require something better hydrating.” Maddie: “Yeah.” Olivia: “i’m going with Marc Jacobs.” Maddie: “Ok.” Olivia: “A little Marc Jacobs.” Maddie: “Me too.” Maddie: “I precisely went to their episode thing, it was so fun.” Olivia: “Oh for Carly Rae ” Maddie: “Yeah I adore her, she’s so sweet.” Olivia:( Mutters) “She’s the best! ” Olivia: “Ok.

Shout out to you Carly” Olivia: “Like I genuinely ever miss, like if you have a mirror. It’s so much easier. I’m going to do attention cream.” Maddie: “Oh.” Olivia: “Because i’m all about hydration you are familiar. Before you do your makeup.” Maddie: “Ok.” Olivia: “This parts easy.” Maddie: “I’m just going to do this too.” Olivia: “I feel like this part is easy.” Olivia: “Feels like you’ve got to get your surface glow’in, before you do makeup.” Maddie: “I’m stimulated wants to talk to you do your makeup in person.” Olivia: “Oh my God.” Olivia: “I’m not as good in person.” Maddie: “Oh delight! “( Chortling) Olivia: “I spray.” Olivia: “We really did the same thing, we’ll swap it up.” Maddie: “Ok, foundation.” Olivia: “Yeah.” Olivia: “I feel like i various kinds of want to go for a really, um…

Bronzy”( Giggles) Olivia: “Um … Yeah don’t look.” Maddie: “Um … Ok.” Olivia: “What graze? “( Giggles) Olivia: “Maybe like…” Maddie: “What do you typically use for this? ” Olivia: “Maybe on of these? ” Maddie: “Ok.” Maddie: “Yeah. Ok! ” Olivia: “Oh my God.” Maddie: “This is so weird! ” Olivia: “I have such bad feeling for this.” Maddie: “Just go.” Maddie: “Oh. I feel like i’m going to merely is just like melding the whole time.” Olivia: “Ok! ” Maddie: “Is there a foot on my face right now? ” Olivia: “Yeah it’s good dark. Yeah no it’s your shade.” Maddie: “Oh, ok cool.” Olivia: “It’s happening.”( Giggles) Olivia: “I’m going to do like two gushes. I feel like this is easy.” Maddie: “Yeah, I feel like the face part will be easy, because like…” Maddie: “It’s pretty simple.” Olivia: “Wait it feels various kinds of touchy though.” Maddie: “It does.” Olivia: “Will it blend down my cervix? I don’t know if this is my exact subtlety, and I can’t really see.” Olivia: “Oh my God.” Maddie: “It competitions your neck.” Olivia: “It does? Because I mixed them.”( Giggles) Maddie: “I’m like having trouble, where do i look? ” Together: “Maybe “weve been able” look at each other? ” Maddie: “We all reflect each other.” Olivia: “Yeah, I’m going to mirror you.”( Giggles) Olivia: “Yours inspects actually good.” Maddie: “Does it? Yeah it does too.” Olivia: “I want to ask if I’m missing distinguishes? But I feel like that’s cheating.” Maddie: “Me too…

Ok.” Olivia: “Ok you know what I’m going to do.” Olivia: “I’m going to take this big touch, and just like.” Maddie: “I’m going to use like a charm blender, and just like make sure everythings.” Olivia: “Yeah.” Maddie: “I don’t know if i got every recognise. I’m going to say I did. Olivia: “That kind of facilitated. I feel like…” Maddie: “Oh it’s wet.” Olivia: “Yeah I like, kind of…” Olivia: “I’m really contrived! “( Giggles) Maddie: “Yeah wow good racket! ” Olivia: “Ok.” Maddie: “Ok. I think that…” Olivia: “I feel like we attained that.” Maddie: “Ok sure.” Olivia: “Ok.” Olivia: “The Sealer.” Maddie: “Ew, ew. I feel like I poked myself in the eye.” Olivia: “Oh my God, Maddie that looks good! ” Maddie: “Was it good? ” Olivia: “Yeah! That was excellent! ” Maddie: “I feel like i’ve never done makeup in my life.” Maddie: “Your maybe channel better at makeup then I am though.” Olivia: “No.” Maddie: “Actually, you’ve actually are.

” Maddie: “I think i’ve put too much! ” Olivia: “No.” Maddie: “No? Okay.” Olivia: “It seems good! I’m like actually affected! Ok! ” Olivia: “One. Feels so akward.” Maddie: “I’m returning on my face so hard.” Olivia: “I’m just like, please go.” Maddie: “Just satisfy work.” Olivia: “Please work! ” Maddie: “I will be so happy if this is about to change decent.” Olivia: “Me very. I’m going to be a really suprised.” Maddie: “Me too.” Olivia: “I’m going to tell you, but look at me … Ok.” Maddie: “Oh no! I picked this one! “( Giggles) Olivia: “I’m so scared! ” Maddie: “I missed a spot.” Olivia: “How do you know? ” Maddie: “Because your not looking at me.” Olivia: “Ha, ha, ha. No it wasn’t anything, I simply didn’t want to give it away.” Olivia: “Okay, Um…” Maddie: “Now I’m nervous okay, give me like powder.” Olivia: “I is therefore necessary to spray my face because I’m really…” Olivia: “I don’t know, I just felt like I needed it.” Maddie: “Ok.” Olivia: “So I’m going to go ahead, and go in with this.” Olivia: “Cream. A little on the back of my hand.” Maddie: “I simply feel like I is therefore necessary to do this with my looks really fast, because my seeing, always pleats like really fast.” Olivia: “Oh my God.

I’m so nervous.” Olivia: “But there’s like a mirror.” Maddie: “I precisely want to ask for your assistance, but I know I can’t.” Maddie: “Or I mean we could, but it’s just cheating.” Maddie: “I feel like we’re so late to this challenge.”( Giggles) Olivia: “Yeah this has been participating in YouTube, for like years.” Olivia: “I don’t know what I’m doing, but I hope it’s okay.” Maddie: “It inspects good.”( Giggles) Olivia: “I have to blend it still.” Maddie: “Yeah maybe.”( Giggles) Maddie: “No it looks great, it looks great.” Olivia: “Am I simply killing the game.” Maddie: “Yes !'( Giggles) Maddie: “Oh … I only feel it.” Olivia: “I’m really hot, i’m like very nervous! ” Maddie: “Yeah.” Olivia: “To participate what you guys like.” Maddie: “Me more. This is horrible.” Olivia: “Oh my God.” Maddie: ” This is so dark.”( Giggles) Maddie: “I’m just going with the Beauty Blender.” Olivia: “I don’t know if this is all blended.” Maddie: “Wow, examines actually pretty good.” Olivia: “Score.” Olivia: “Highlight.” Maddie: “This is the bomb.” Olivia: “I’m going to use my paw, melt the product.” Olivia: “A little bit of this.” Maddie: “I know this is bad i just feel it.” Olivia: “I use so much highlighting, I feel like i know exactly where to apply it right now.” Maddie: “Me too.” Olivia: “This is like all I do.” Maddie: “I like cream foregrounds, somtimes more than powders.

Because somtimes They look too like…” Olivia: “Yeah Powders kind of look like, powdery.” Maddie: “Yeah.” Olivia: “What graze do, I want to use for that? ” Olivia: “Dude I don’t know. Let me get this one.” Maddie: “I’m so scared right now. I feel like just…” Olivia: “I don’t wanna like” Maddie: “I simply want it to be good.” Olivia: “Bronde.” Olivia: “Oh my God, there’s mirrors and everything, I tell you.”( Giggles) Olivia: “I’m exploiting this big touch from Morphe. Best.” Olivia: “Feel like this looks really bad.” Maddie: “No it doesn’t. You just look like genuinely bronzy, but it looks soo good.” Olivia: “Ah, that’s ok, I like bronzy. I’m going to do more cream highlight.” Maddie: “I’m doing the light one, because I’m…” Olivia: “Yeah.

That’s actually extremely smart thinking about it though.” Maddie: “Me too.” Maddie: “Uh, me too…”( Giggles) Olivia: “Me too.” Maddie: “Uh, yeah it’s so smart.” Maddie: “I’m just gonna.” Olivia: “I’ve been trying to the ear.” Maddie: “Ok.” Olivia: “Well, uh … Now I need to take a little bit of this powder.” Olivia: “Just that my eyes.” Olivia: “Just gonna eye shadow. Maybe like, pink vibe? ” Maddie: “Good yeah.” Olivia: “Like an all maps pink vibe.” Maddie: “Oh, that’ll, that’ll gape, ok.” Maddie: “I don’t know, is there a reflect in this? ” Olivia: “No.” Maddie: “No” Olivia: “This palette has like…” Maddie: “That’s kind of engendering me.” Olivia: “Oh, that’s gorgeous.” Maddie: “Ok, I’ll go with this.

I’m gonna go with this little…” Olivia: “Pick any random, like mixing brush.” Maddie: “Yeah.” Olivia: “I don’t know if this blending brushing has substance on it, so i’m just gonna.” Maddie: “That literally didn’t work. I’m so glad there are so many mixing brushes.” Olivia: “It’s horrible. Okay. Wait, I’m really uncomfortable, I don’t know how to do this.” Olivia: “Okay, if I had a mirror, I’d just be going like this.” Maddie: “Yeah.” Olivia: “I’m going to profess I have a reflect. Don’t worry there’s nothing on here.” Olivia: “I’m literally supposing, I’m looking in a mirror so it helps me.”( Giggles) Maddie: “Oh my God, it does help.” Olivia: “It kind of compiles you feel at home.”( Giggles) Olivia: “Oh my God, Okay.” Maddie: “I time don’t know where to look.” Olivia: “Me neither.” Maddie: “I’m just like.” Maddie: “Oh, oh.” Maddie: “I think i accidently exactly disappeared up to the brow.”( Giggles) Maddie: “I used to do wings like, everyday when I … because I used to compete and stuff.” Olivia: “I have a feeling if I was competing.

I’m the worst dancer in the world by the highway. But if I was competing…” Olivia: “No Maddie. I Literally…” Maddie: “Are you mad.” Olivia: “Literally, have no.” Olivia: “You know what, I like to pride myself as I consider I can, I can.” Olivia: “Hear the rythme. But … Maddie: “I’m sure you have moves.” Olivia: “We have moves, don’t work out for me. But it’s fine.” Olivia: “Not even that inconvenienced about it.” Maddie: “I knew you would be good but…” Olivia: “How much did I shafted that up? ” Maddie: “I don’t see anything on your eye.” Olivia: “Oh did nothing come out.”( Giggles) Maddie: “Maybe I’ll do just like, I’ll precisely, do like a dark brown like…” Olivia: “I ruined it.”( Giggles) Maddie: “You actually didn’t ruin it.

It looks good.” Olivia: “Pretending this isa reflect, because like it helps me.” Maddie: “This is like a…” Olivia: “Oh God … Ow, I keep protruding my alone eye.” Maddie: “Oh, ogles good! There’s not really anything there.”( Giggles) Olivia: “I messed up.” Olivia: “So there’s no. Oh no.” Maddie: “It’s actually good.” Olivia: “Maybe my Mascara will make it better.” Olivia: “I hope.” Maddie: “I’m a adept, I feel like. Because I time made like this night in the outsides, of my eyes.” Olivia: “Hey I think yours looks really good. Like if you came here my home, I wouldn’t of thought you did it without a reflect. ” Maddie: “Yours is totally. Oh, Mascara really changes it.” Olivia: “Like in a bad way.” Maddie: “No, in a good way.” Olivia: “Okay”( Giggles) Maddie: “I intend, your eyeliners not bad at all. But we’ll see.” Olivia: “We’ll see.” Maddie: “It’s, but it’s not bad. Trust me.” Maddie: “Wow.”( Giggles) Olivia: “Wow! ” Maddie: “I only is therefore necessary to like…” Maddie: “Oh no.” Olivia: “Oh my God girl.”( Giggles) Maddie: “What did I do! ” Maddie: “Ok, I’m just gonna, framed attention countenance gel in.” Olivia: “Yup.” Maddie: “Maybe I should just do whatever I’ve been doing.”( Giggles) Olivia: “Trying ain’t even enough.” Olivia: “Oh my God.

Brush’ em” Olivia: “Brush’ em out. Ok, study I’m gonna go on with, this Kylie.” Maddie: “Are you going with the gloss? Or the…” Olivia: “The Gloss. Light, like, that’s the shade.” Maddie: “Um…” Olivia: “Wow, smells like liquor.” Maddie: “Mhm, that does smell good.” Maddie: “And I guess you can’t really go wrong, with like a lipstick. Olivia: “Lipsticks are red.” Maddie: “I’ll reset my face.” Olivia: “With powder? ” Maddie: “No, with…” Maddie: “I guess this doesn’t really placed it, But, it just.” Maddie: “It really smells good.”( Giggles) Maddie: “You better make sure, it like, stay on all day.” Olivia: “Wow.” Maddie: “Oh it, frankly looks really good on you.” Olivia: “Yeah yours examines good too.

Do you think we like, reached it too easy for ourselves? Did we mislead the challenge? Or are we just really good? ” Olivia: “Yours gazes good.” Maddie: “Oh there’s like no makeup on my face” Olivia: “Wait I haven’t checked mine.” Maddie: “Oh yours looks so good.” Olivia: “Dude! ” Maddie: “What? ” Olivia: “My looks are pink! ” Maddie: “I know it seems so good.” Olivia: “I look like a clown.” Maddie: “It ogles so good.” Olivia: “Ew, I have lipstick on my teeth.” Maddie: “Wait I need to get like a…” Olivia: “Oh my God. This is horrid.” Maddie: “Oh, there’s literally no eyeshadow, on my eyeballs.” Olivia: “Oh my God, I look insane.” Maddie: “Ew, my hilltops are like, actually just going for it.” Olivia: “I don’t know what I did to get this bronzy incandescence, but I’m really into it.” Maddie: “You examine certainly, you examine, I like, I.

You could wear that, out.” Olivia: “Why? Why would I ever do that? ” Olivia: “Oh my God, I appear crazy.” Maddie: “It seems so good.” Olivia: “Oh, yay! ” Olivia: “Wow! ” Maddie: “Wow! ” Olivia: “Wow! ” Maddie: “Yours sure seems better then mine.” Olivia: “No, my ears glance normal like, you are able wear them out.” Maddie: ” So does yours.” Maddie: “Ok chaps, so that is the final examine, I guess? This is our final looks.” Maddie: “Um, but yeah, I suspect we completed the challenge. Thank you guys so much better for watching. we too did a video, on Olivia’s Channel” Maddie: “So I’ll simply attach that in the specific characteristics below. You guys should go check that out after this.” Olivia: “Yeah! ” Maddie: “But other then that, that’s basically it.” Olivia: “I think we kill my father! ” Olivia: “Almost, or literally.” Maddie: “You killed it.” Olivia: “No. Oh my God.”( Giggles) Together: “Bye! ” I send hannie

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