How To Make Money Blogging (2020) | How I Make $10K A Month From Blogging

How to make money blogging and is this even possible?

What’s going on everyone. In this video I’m going to show you some easy methods of how you can start making money blogging, and I’m gonna show you my own results.

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I am a full-time blogger and I’m gonna share with you exactly how I go about making money blogging in my own business. My name is Greg Kononenko you might also know me as the caffeinated Blogger,  make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel just below this video hit the subscribe button and the little Bell notification icon to get notified about my future tutorials as soon as I upload them. give me a quick like on this video as well and on this channel you’re gonna learn about how to make money online, about blogging, and about traffic generation.

So let’s get into the actual video here is exactly what we’re going to be talking about in this video? We’re going to talk about my blogging story and my results. I’m gonna take you back a little bit and show you exactly how I started my very first web site, and everything else and then we’re gonna talk about how you can start making money blogging for yourself.

I’m gonna give you a step-by-step outline of exactly what you need to do to get started as well as my blogging story, so guys I started my first blog in 2009. It was now a long time ago. it’s actually quite shocking to think that  was back 10 years ago,  but  my first website was in a golf niche. I’m gonna show you the website even in just a second. but basically virtually straight away my website took off and I started earning from it from a number of different ways.

I was doing Google Adsense, I was doing eBay ads on my website, and I started making between three and five thousand a month right away. I was hooked because all of this was from free traffic this was the very first thing that   happened to me as soon as I started down this blogging journey and basically since then for the past ten years I’ve been a blogger. I haven’t done this full-time for the ten years. I quit my full-time job in 2015 so for almost four years ago, now I was working for a larger Austalian bank and it was quite scary to let go of my full-time salary.  You know because I’ve got a daughter, and I’ve got a wife, I’ve got a family to look after,  my parents my mum as well.

But that very first success back in 2009 really hooked me and it showed me that it is possible to make  really good money just from having a blog. Essentially you know it’s completely passive and from then on I scaled up.  I was learning more things but I bet you want to see my blog and exactly how I did it, so I’m just gonna show you that quickly, let me just jump over into the other screen so I have this website back,   that was the very first website that I set up about review drivers for sale. calm that was my domain so I’ve pulled it up here on the web archive on the wayback machine.

I have let it go since of that website, I’m gonna get to that in just a second, exactly what happened there but basically it was a very simple looking site as you can see there was some golf tips and articles and also what I was posting was some reviews of golf drivers. Basically and I did all this myself . you can see that the posts are really really short it was like 2 to 300 words per post and that was part of the problem I’m gonna get to in just a second.

But this was my very first web site you know I was essentially learning right as I was doing it. I made these posts all of these were actually eBay partner Network ads. So if you register with eBay they give you this special code you insert into the page it was super easy to do and each of these pages you know literally took me like 10 minutes to set up.  so I created this website in a matter of days probably within a week.

I made this whole website and I started winning really good money I’m now inside my eBay Partner Network account and you can see that in 2009 in March. as soon as I set it up you know I started making money 32 then hundred 67 , 562 you know, 1867 and so  dollars,  so it took off really really fast.

I was making money from other ways on it as well I had other types of ads are the types of affiliate links, but II buy partner network you know was one that. I just wanted to demo here for you so with a simple website like that.  I was getting that much money you know I just went on to repeat this process time and time again with several other website and that kind of got me started down this blogging path.

So that takes me back you know in my memories hopefully you guys found this also useful as well I just wanted to share with you kind of a little bit of history of how I got into blogging so let’s jump back into the presentation now so how do you actually make money blogging how does it all work well the whole concept just in case you kind of brand-new to this is that it really is all about creating content it doesn’t have to be anything complicated.

The content can be very simple and I believe personally that blogging is a very very newbie friendly thing anyone can start a blog even if English is not your first language.  My first language is actually Russian, I migrated to Australia when I was 20, so I’m not a native English speaker but I make all of my websites in English, and   my YouTube channel in English.  So if English is not your first language you can still do blogging a 100% guarantee everyone was a newbie.  I was a newbie when I started. I actually knew nothing about golf I never even played golf up until 2009, but I just started a website just because my research showed that it’s a profitable niche. okay and as you create this content on your website , on your YouTube channel and  on the social platforms .

Basically your job as a blogger is to attract viewers. OK, so if you can get people to read your content and  to come to your web page or perhaps to view your YouTube videos, where to check out your post on social media, you can make money from it.  It’s as simple as that as long as you can attract viewers to your content whether it’s a video or a blog post on your site you can make money.

I’m gonna get to that in just a second exactly how you make the money. we just saw I want to make sure that this basic concept is actually clear, for that your job is to just attract eyeballs to your content, all right, and then you can monetize that content. That’s exactly how this actually works, so where can you create content? Well I recommend and as my personal experience is with creating content on two channels so the first channel is my website.

I run several different blog websites, and my second channel is YouTube. I run this YouTube channel caffeinated bloggers it’s quite a new YouTube channel. you can see the growth that I achieved on this new YouTube channel in 2018. AS you can see that I was getting virtually like a couple of hundred views a day for a very long time and then around August September my content picked up and itjust started growing more and more and more from then. these are the top two channels that I personally use.

I believe anyone even a complete beginner in any niche can start using this today, creating a website and then making videos in YouTube.  now guys YouTube is optional okay your website is also optional you can just do YouTube you can be like a video blogger or you can just do written content that’s completely fine as well. But I think that combining the two is also a really really good strategy that is what I personally do.

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but just in case you are not comfortable with me on camera you don’t want to make videos you don’t have to make videos you can actually just make written content I’m gonna show you a ton of examples in just a second hopefully you clear on that that you know you can either do a written post on your site you can make videos or you can do both that’s completely up to you now we’re getting into the example so how do people actually discover your content, what kind of content can you create, and how do the people actually discover it.  There are a few different ways am  going to show you examples of each of them. but my top sources of page views to my content are Google search, YouTube search, and social platforms like Pinterest.

So let’s jump over into the web browser and I’m going to show you examples of each one and exactly how that works so the first one we’re going to talk about is Google search everyday there are billions of people putting in billions of different things into Google and one of the things that people might be putting in are things like are there sharks in Bora Bora .

okay and if someone puts in are there sharks in Bora Bora they will see that there are a number of web search results that are coming up and the third results down here is my website travicom sharks in Bora Bora okay so if someone clicks on this particular result they will come to my website that’s my travel blog travel comm and there will read the information to see if there are sharks in Bora Bora and as they read this information they will see ads as you can see here see there are sponsored links these are ads so if someone comes to my site and clicks one of those ads I will get paid money so that’s how simple and easy this is this is completely passive or ads as someone just comes in types in stuff like this into Google come to my website click on my ads and I get paid the more of these you create the more of these posts you create the more money you can make it’s as simple as that the other thing that people might be putting in is something like a list of niches just another example .

I’m the list of niches you will see that my website caffeine and blogger com is also ranking in the first page of Google and if someone clicks on to this website they’ll be able to come to my blog buy things from my blog click on the ads on my blog opt-in to my email list and so forth so that’s exactly how you can make money blogging and the channels this first channel that you can acquire people through is Google search the second way we’re going to talk about is YouTube search like I said YouTube is actually optional it’s up to you if you do YouTube or not you don’t have to I do YouTube and I do believe that YouTube is an excellent platform to put your content onto it’s very powerful and it can bring you a lot of views and make you a lot of money if you don’t want to do YouTube that’s completely cool but let me show you what I personally do with YouTube okay so I’m here inside YouTube I’ve opened it in the incognito window so I’m not like the logged in and I’m gonna show you that if someone types in for example how to get traffic to your website they’ll see a bunch of search result.

now the very first result as you can see is caffeine at a blogger channel so that’s my channel so I’ve gotten 78,000 views on to this video in the last four months alone, and I’ve got dozens of videos on my channel I’m gonna put out more and more videos onto my channel because each video is making me money. but people coming into YouTube typing stuff like that in and then watching my content, see there is an ad that gets played and I get paid for every single view. I get paid an amount of money I also make in other ways we’re gonna get to that in just a second.  you can see also that on the right hand side there are number of videos they get recommended some of these videos.

Direction in mind and my videos get recommended in this exact same way on other people’s videos alright .I make money from all of this this is an example of the second way that people can discover your content which is through YouTube search.

Now the third way that you can make money blogging is by people discovering your content through social platforms like Pinterest. let me jump over to Pinterest and I’m gonna show you exactly what I’m talking about.

I’m here inside Pinterest on my caffeine and a blogger profile and you can see that my profile has had one hundred and fifty three thousand monthly unique viewers and this has been going up steadily every single month I’m getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest now I share my content from my blog so this is my blog I share the content advice from a blog on Pinterest and I’m getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest.  as you can see for example this particular pin has said twenty-seven thousand views and three hundred and thirty four clicks on to my blog .

alright so anyone who sees this pin on Pinterest will click and they’ll end up on my blog and that’s the third way that I’m getting traffic on to and page views on to my blog and on to my YouTube videos because I also create Pinterest pins for my videos on Pinterest as well so there is there is no lack of traffic you can get traffic in any niche you know whether it’s a travel niche or business niche like my websites I’ve also got two other web sites in two other niches as well basically whether it’s baby niche or health and fitness niche there is no shortage of ways of getting traffic to your videos or to your posts it’s really is out there for the taking.

I firmly believe that anyone who wants to make money blogging can easily do do so even if you’re a complete beginner how do you actually make the money let’s talk about that for a second so money make a number one for me is ad revenue so that’s the simplest way is to just put google adsense on your content so to put google adsense on your content you can do this on your YouTube videos as well as on your content post let me give you the examples to get in just a second so showed you this example just before each one of my videos that I’ve got on YouTube has got ads on it alright so as soon as someone tries to watch one of my videos they’ll be presented with an ad at the start and I get paid for each of those views so that’s Adsense on YouTube videos Adsense on the website is a small piece of code you can very simply insert it into your website and it starts displaying ads just like what you can see here so basically anyone who comes to my travel cock website.

one of my other websites they will see ads as soon as someone clicks on one of those ads nobody has to buy anything I get paid just for this click it’s insanely easy it’s crazy crazy easy I make four figures a month from ads revenue you can see here the in the screenshot above that’s my video revenue for the past 28 days it’s not that much simply because I haven’t actually been making videos I was a holidays for five weeks but as you can see I was still making quite a bit of money from my video ads revenue plus all of my other websites are also earning display ads revenue as well it’s really really cool money make a number two for anyone who wants to make money blogging is affiliate marketing I’ve made over three hundred thousand dollars just from affiliate marketing revenue in the past couple of years.

you can see one of the screenshots there is from my dashboard I also make money from affiliate marketing from several other platforms basically the way I feel it marketing works is yes you can mention something in your post or in your video and if someone clicks that link okay then they go on to a different page and they end up buying it whatever you mentioned you get paid a percentage Commission so. I’m going to show you a couple of examples here here is an example of me man mentioning an affiliate link on one of my websites on that’s hustle.  I’ve got a post that talks about side ground which is the hosting company that I recommend it’s a really really good hosting company that I personally use. I made this post I’m sharing this post on Pinterest I’m also getting some traffic from some other places on to this particular post if anyone clicks on this link each one of those links is actually an affiliate link and they end up signing up for SiteGround hosting via my link, I get paid a very nice commission. Here are the results from mentioning side ground on my content you can see that.

I’ve been getting paid regular amounts of money regular commissions and that’s just one example I’m promoting a lot of other types of affiliate products types of affiliate programs the other example of putting affiliate links is on YouTube you can see for example that video that we talked about before that has had seventy nine thousand views.

I mentioned tailwind which is a really good software platform that helps people get traffic from Pinterest and I mentioned that here I’ve just got a link that says get tailwind free trial here Moktar as an affiliate link if someone clicks on this and ends up signing up for Pinterest by my link I get paid a very nice referral fee so I get a 50 cent commission for anyone who just signs up and if they end up upgrading further down the track I get paid a 15% recurring a lifetime revenue for as long as that account is active now it’s just it’s crazy you know I’m making so many sales it really is insane as you can see on the 5th of February okay so someone upgraded then there are 50 cent commissions someone upgraded again there are 50 cent .

Commission’s someone upgraded again 50 cent Commission’s and that’s all in the last 24 hours you know there are like 10 to 15 transactions that I get just from that every single day it really is as simple as that you basically mentioned something and if you bring in a sale value link then you get paid it’s as easy as that your money make a number 3 with blogging whether you do posts on your site whether you do YouTube is to build an email list.

it’s insanely important to build an email list you need to place opt-in forms offering people to join your email list everywhere wherever you can you might it might be a bit small but maybe you might be able to see there’s a screenshot at the very top so I’m currently adding anywhere between 50 to 100 people a day to my email list from my YouTube as well as from a blog combined so I’ve built an email list of about 22,000 people so far and I can send an email and I can send you know hundreds and hundreds of targeted visitors to anywhere work anywhere I want so what to my affiliate link to my blog post to my youtube video it’s very very powerful so you need to put these opt-in forms everywhere where you can run your videos on your articles and so forth let me give you a couple of examples here so as you can see on my caffeinated blogger com I’ve got an opt-in form here on the right-hand side and I think I’ve got one at the bottom as well if someone likes my content yeah right that’s it.

I consider taking my free course on traffic generation so see they can so they can either join from here or they can join from this opt-in form or on all of my youtube videos I also put in links and get my free traffic course so that also takes them to the opt-in page that’s exactly how I get people to sign up to my email list so that then I can stay in touch with them send them to my latest YouTube videos to my blog post as well as to various affiliate programs if I decide to promote something to my email list so now you’ve got the basic knowledge about what it takes to make money blogging.

so let’s just run through the steps if you wanted to start today how could you actually do this so the first thing that you would need to do you would need to choose your niche then you would need to build a home base or website and then you would need to start creating either that text based or video based content so how do you actually choose your niche well this is slightly outside the scope of this video but I’m gonna put a detailed video from my channel link in the description below that you can follow it to find an amazing niche time after time that’s the exact steps that I follow with all of the websites that I start up now in general good niches for both videos as well as for website based content are health wealth relationships and family but if you do want detailed guidance on how to choose your niche then do check out the link in the description below this way you will be able to watch my detailed video on that the second thing you’ll need to do is to buy a domain I recommend Namecheap the link to that in the description below I get paid a small commission if you do decide to pick it up through my link I basically can watch that detail video below as to how you can buy the domain everything is step by step there in the description below after you’ve got your domain you will need to get hosting and build a website once again there is a detailed video in the description below that take you through step by step if you want to do this exactly how you can go about it personally for hosting like I was saying earlier in the video I personally use side ground I’m extremely happy with them I do recommend them you can sign up for the site going on hosting via the link in the description below after all of that kind of is out of the way and you’ve got your home base set up so you’ve got your niche choice and you’ve got your home base set up you’ve got your website set up that’s when you can start creating the content so that you can actually attract the viewers and start making the money.

I’m going to give you a live demo of a couple of different things so first of all let’s look at the live demo of some low competition posts that you can start creating for your website that have extremely high chance of ranking in Google search and bringing you free traffic and making you money I’m here inside the tool that I use it’s a traps calm let’s say decided to go into the diet niche so to start your keyword research you would just type in diet choose Google United States hit search and then we will hit here having same terms so that’ll basically bring up all of the keyword terms that contain the word diet as you can see we get million results so now I need to filter through that so I recommend to go for difficulty under 10% and over 100 search volume that will give you the opportunity as that is very very easy to rank for us so let’s put keyword difficulty maximum 10 volume minimum 100 so there will be a minimum of 100 people searching for that per month and as you can see we’ve got a lot of opportunities here now we just need to apply this filter as well all right so we’ve got 10,000 keyword ideas that are pretty much wide open guys you can choose any of them there are probably even some if I type in keyword difficulty 5 so 5 means that there is almost no competition at all for these keywords alright and you can create a keyword on dr.

Nowzaradan diet or 1,000 calorie – efforts that vertical Diet Diet Mountain Dew well not quite that one maybe South Beach diet receipes there are four point four thousand people searching for South Beach diet recipes how easy would it be for you to create an article on that right very easy because you just look up other recipes and you create your own post similar to these on your own website keyword difficulty is one that means that if you create a good article one to one and a half thousand views about this you will be able to very quickly command the page one sport in Google and get a lot of traffic onto your website for this so it’s just wide open this niche is wide wide open it’s very very exciting and very cool so the second type of content that you can create is low competition videos now I just want to say that videos of course are optional you don’t have to make videos but videos are insanely powerful and I’m gonna give you a live demo of some video opportunities as well so I use this tool called vid IQ so let’s just go with this same example of a similar niche here so if I wanted to look at dieting I might be researching something like a keto diet so I will just type in keto diet into this tool and then click search and watch the results that come up .

I get a bunch of information here so basically the things that I’m interested in are competition score as well as switch volume so let’s sort the results by competition score anything under 30 is a good competition score alright so let’s look at everything that’s under 30 that also has a really good search volume as an example if you make a video on kid keto dinner  or on keto shopping or keto cutting diet .

so all of these ideas that we just quickly found just like that make for excellent excellent ideas for what you can make videos about if you decide to make a channel about losing weight or about dieting they have a really good search volume as well as a low competition so if you make a video on those even if your channel has very few subscribers you’ll have a really good chance of ranking your video on page one and getting views.

are getting page views and then eventually making money from your blogging efforts on YouTube so just to rehash under 30 difficulty according to Vedic you score is good and over 100 search volume that’s the filters that you guys should be looking at final recap so how do you actually monetize once you’ve started creating all of those spice and all of those videos so to monetize you will need to place Adsense ads on your posts after you get 4000 total work hours on YouTube now.

YouTube will also approve you as a partner and you can start placing ads on your content on YouTube so that you can start making money from your YouTube videos as well you will then go ahead and place the finit links so simply you know copy what other people in the niche that you reen are doing you can do that research and then kind of reverse-engineer which programs they promote and start promoting the same programs.

finally my final bit of advice is to start building an email list as quickly as possible I’m still upset that I did not build an email list back in 2009 when I was making a lot of money and driving so much traffic and the golf niche now if I had built my email list back then I would have just really exploded my business I was too lazy to build an email list unfortunately that’s my fault totally and you know yeah all I can say is just build that email list because it really is a very powerful way for you to make a lot more money from your business that’s pretty much it guys thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this content and found it useful if you did then hit the like button on this video subscribe to my channel click the bell notification icon and also drop me a comment below and let me know what you thought of this video any kind of things that you wanted to share maybe you want to ask me some questions do that just below this video in the comment section thank you so much once again for watching my videos and I’ll see you the next one
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