Top 10 Best Marketing Automation Experts

If you are looking for inspiration and ideas for marketing automation , you should definitely look into the Internet. But how, in a situation of abundance of content and useful information, can we be sure that we are learning from the best?

We present to your attention the ten most professional innovators, experts in the field of marketing automation.

Ryan Schwartz

Top ten marketing automation masters opens with Ryan Schwartz, who is the director of marketing, sales and operations at Docusign. He specializes in the application of various marketing automation systems in the corporate environment and in the study of their endless possibilities.

Ryan willingly shares his thoughts with an army of followers on Twitter, and also blogs and publishes materials on the site. To learn more, subscribe to his pages on social networks.

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Xand Griffin

Xand Griffin is on the list because of the experience. Being at the position of inbound marketing specialist at The Stratus Interactive, she immersed herself in her work with great enthusiasm, gaining valuable knowledge, analyzing the experience and impressions of her clients, and knows how to skillfully use this data in the commercial sphere.

His work on Xand is shared in a personal blog on and on Twitter, where you can find her most up-to-date materials.

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Howard Sewell

Spear Marketing Group is a true expert in the use of marketing automation in the B2B market. This is largely due to the company’s president, Howard Sewell. He regularly publishes content that is an inexhaustible storehouse of great ideas and concepts.

Howard’s views are a little different from those of other authors and often run counter to conventional philosophy, which only serves him in favor and adds even more prestige in the eyes of others.

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Jennifer Igartua (Jennifer Igartua)

He holds the position of marketing automation systems consultant at BlueWolf Consulting. Persistently honing her skills, she managed to reach great heights in the industry. She lives in New York, regularly publishes materials and maintains her own blog, where she talks about marketing tools and inspires marketers to effectively solve problems.

Jennifer not only writes articles, but also makes a repost of interesting information in his Twitter. We invite you to look at its pages on social networks.

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Sean Si

In a situation where so many people voice their opinions about marketing automation and warming up potential customers, it is difficult to decide who should be trusted. As for Sean C, the influence of his opinion and the specifics of presenting information is so convincing that it simply cannot be ignored.

It doesn’t matter what he does: he delivers a report, leads an interactive seminar or tells marketers about his thoughts in his own blog, he always delivers his point of view to the audience with enthusiasm. Among his trump cards are the founding of successful companies, for example, SEO Hacker and Qeryz.

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Claudia Hoeffner (Claudia Hoeffner)

He likes to consider issues from different perspectives, adheres to a balanced approach in the search for an effective solution. Claudia has been widely recognized in the industry for its ability to look at marketing dilemmas through the eyes of a marketer, a product / service provider, and a customer.

Her helpful tips on lead generation and marketing automation should not be ignored. She is rightfully one of the leading marketing authorities for the coming years.

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Steve Susina

Lyons Consulting Group provides its clients with a full range of advice and behavior strategies in the eCommerce sector. Her heart is marketing director Steve Susan, who came into marketing from the electrical industry to make a splash here.

Steve believes in the power of data (in which we agree with him) and skillfully uses his influence in his work. He is also one of the key opinion leaders in global marketing, delivering reports on how marketers can get the most out of their processes by implementing automation.

Key content: Wine, Web and Marketing Automation (“Wine, web network and marketing automation”)

Eric Wittlake

Eric Whitlake came to the marketing automation from the B2B sector, gives valuable advice to marketers who are working to attract corporate customers. He understands not only marketing as such, but can also tell a lot about the technical side of marketing processes.

Marketing professionals who want to improve their skills should definitely pay attention to Eric’s materials. On portal, interested users can dive into the world of unsurpassed marketing and innovative B2B concepts of the sphere.

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Michael Peggs

She lives in New York, is a content expert and consultant, has knowledge of lead generation and large-scale engagement of contacts. He also knows something about the power of marketing automation.

In addition to monitoring the activities of the content marketing agency Marccx Media (which he is the founder), Michael in his free time writes author articles for the most influential information platforms in the industry, including the Huffington Post.

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Jeff Shearer

Jeff works for Egencia, where he is involved in the implementation of efficient software in business processes. In addition, in a personal blog, he shares tips and thoughts accumulated over many years of work on advanced marketing automation.

His Protips page is a source of useful information for marketers and is highly recommended for viewing by anyone interested in marketing.

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This list lists some, but not all, marketing automation wizards. And who would you include in this list? Write to us in the comments below.