Oh here it comes good morning gang what’s poppin the Avengers came out this past weekend I just want to give a spoiler there if you haven’t seen it maybe this isn’t the best video to watch no really hit that subscribe if you’re not subscribed to all the Avengers it’s so I can grow Esau – he liked it by the way guys roley’s a real hit the low gang is falling in love with him oh haha instagrams at Bradley blue if you want to hit him okay he’s already like million follow anyways I’ve been eating a lot this week like oh I purposely been trying to get hey and that’s cuz in the movie Thor is fat now I’m today I’m dressing up his store so I needed to be as fat as I could be first we gotta wait Mike up because he’s gonna be the Hulk you’re gonna be the Hulk look I don’t want to do this yes where you get rashes on your butt I have to squirt this down its throat I don’t want to do this he’s gonna hate this my bubby oh he knows bro oh I did it I did it oh good boy good boy good boy so sorry bro Lee you have parasites in your blood I didn’t get them he went to Coachella you hear about the jawbreaker Peas huh no it’s Giardia good boy your real one let’s go to Jesus at his face wake up buddy you’re gonna be famous you’re a dog cuz that’s the exact attitude that was good you just can snap bro come on like you in your face wake up toy don’t wake up oh this is gonna be good more air is gonna make you green yeah no okay no okay is your birthday yeah I dummy obviously we know who’s your frickin birthday we had might as well be the whole and we got Iron Man no I just leave his Instagram there I don’t want it to die like your dog that’s what stuff you know he died – you’re gonna just left that to die I didn’t know Iron Man was such a big head George is like an extra-small I want to talk to you about my Lord is here you once a coach Ellen didn’t wear a condom I just happen same noise you make when you have sex extra large condoms – I’m at least I got believe he’s like what bitch I got – wait hold on dude you got the people run this is not the regular Oh Oh two of these you got the hog Buster’s I know you feel bad you missed all of them I’m an in-store couldn’t meet you pal are you into real estate never this is horrible accent everything’s gonna go stupid it like a real superhero sounds like Chris Hemsworth it regularly I’m Australian thought I’m like a real thumb or from down on that I need store I used to be a smoke still a smoke my name is Thor bitch back over there what is that crab scrapes snap my fingers I make just a steamed fish and your balls is good whether you have skin left are those saggy old Frank good nutmegs he’s getting angry folks getting angry an asshole honk line in my car I’m the god of goddamn thunder for pete’s sake got a thunder more like god of thunder thighs you fat guy sucks to suck bro that’s what happens when you look like Fiona you see a bad game oh you should check me out it hit me up in Asgard if you feel like Oh your wife’s on the phone I don’t even want her are we good this collet crowded alley we’re all running it’s too thin oh so you’re chasing us yeah so much thought hey I wanted to do this just follow us okay here go here it comes before we fight crime I gotta fight the street big newtons why isn’t that a thing what uh what about cheesy oh yeah very volatile stuff ah that’s no problem it’s big news no longer how you feel obese don’t even hit the gym a few times I don’t feel so it’s like a heart disease I think you’re okay hey I know what I need Wow when I was the band aids on pianos look purple tape purple drink look purple condoms couple tampons do it I dare you I dare you do it is it cuz his diapers falling off the rails here you got a drinking problem cuz you guys you guys Lily putting a lot of stress too much you like to add to drink feel proud of that you’re an alcoholic they have a program for something oh my god almost off coke coco cocaine is that cocaine you can’t do cocaine home all right it’s wrong I get for double-doubles horse and supplies and extra hamburger I’ll take four cheeseburgers two double-doubles of 707 alrighty guys was here for the vengers Oh smashing listen thank you guys for watching the vlog as usual okay we’ll be honest y’all look great not a part of us hit that subscribe button doesn’t get much weirder doesn’t get much more fun make sure you go check me out store in the Avengers feel free to hit me up on Instagram at logo ball hello again hello life I lose a big fat door out

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