New Sonic fix leaked

It goes, it goes, it goes, it goes, it goes, it goes, it goes, it goes… Clap Clap MEME REVIEW RIP Minecraft Death Star 2019-2019 Meme Review Today we have a very special episode of Meme Review. That’s right, sonic focus. Finally, sonic focus! Sonic focus, SONIC FOCUS MEMEREVIEW (ok felix we got it) Sonic, Soni-ku, Sonic-San (seriously, felix, we got it) Where did they go wrong? (absolutely everywhere) You know, how did we go from a cute little fudgeball, to this? Why on gods earth does this exist? (I have no idea) And why on Gods earth does this exist? (Felix you really tend to overexplain today) And why OH GOD WHY, If I could remove anything from planet earth, It would be the Sonic totem. Sonic totem, please… I can’t live with this I cannot live on the same planet I cannot share the same planet with this When people talked about the new sonic movie You know, there was a tiny shred of hope People thought the dream is real. Maybe Vin Diesel is gonna act in it.

Maybe, it could actually be good, you know , maybe it could be good maybe it could actually be good. People had all kinds of crazy ideas The fantasies went wild, but as you all know. (weird picture but okay) Sonic fantasies can never be quenched. They released a teaser and people were excited (wow, nice prediction) Well, what people don’t understand is that Sonic has suffered too long. Sonic is already dead and there’s nothing that can bring him back at this point. But what makes his downfall so painful is that he actually used to be cool (I thought he was cool, Felix.

Now, this is engraved in my memory) What people don’t realize is that Sonic retired long ago He’s living happy now these are all just stunt doubles the thing is like even the games have been bad for so goddamn long, and I know that anyone who says differently, it’s just purely out of nostalgia alright, I am NOT gonna lie the soundtrack from Sonic R does make me feel the sunshine okay (Ah, man I used to love my childhood.) it does Can you imagine a franchise recognized by millions and millions and millions of people, that hasn’t made a decent game in what, 3 decades? But I think what hurts the most is that Sonic actually used to be cool, Sonic actually used to be somebody goddammit Sonic used to be the cool kid in town So now that the trailer of the film is finally out is anyone actually surprised that this is the best they could come up with It’s a curse I am convinced it’s a curse at this point and you have to understand that this comes from a place of love, I am the number one Sonic fan- okay maybe not, that’s impossible 🙁 has he not suffered enough isn’t it time to just exile Sonic and never speak of him again wouldn’t that be better how much more do you want to see this little Hedgehog in pain why aren’t guards earth does he look like the kid from human Jumanji you know they spent multi million dollars on this right you understand that for them to then change it as they are now saying Sonic the Hedgehog will be designed to be changed following criticism you know they’re just gonna have to spend even more multi millions and everyone going oh it’s a marketing strategy what if paramount already have a good looking sonic design and just showed us bad version for marketing purposes “See I pulled a sneaky on ya” so many people seem to share this sentiment you don’t understand no Sonic is cursed okay this is the best they could do you had a team of experts and this is the best they could do.

Oh fricking Nicolas Cage literally put Nicolas Cage in the Sonics if you know what put Nicolas Cage and a blue spray can and I will look like a better fu-sonic okay ready after knowing that they were the reason behind the sonic remake “Unlimited power!” Now while God’s earth they listen to remake I know a lot of people are happy about this saying like oh it’s great you know they’re listening to criticism it’s too flippin late ok it’s not gonna change the build it’s just gonna make him look different it doesn’t matter okay it’s just if they’re already making this incompetent decisions why am I unironically pissed off about this thing I understand Sammy now.

(Yeah, you guys should’ve listened to Sammy, dammit) Except I’m 30. god damn it Daniel, the cooler Daniel I guess people brought up the point of how lil they have to change for Sonic to look somewhat decent so I guess they thought hey alright I guess we can just change that but also from another perspective at this point I just want to see it for the memes that’s all I really care about even if your expectations are completely destroyed and your hopes are crushed you feel no excitement about anything else in life memes can cure that at least these are three sonic designs made by three different shoddy people you can’t convince the other one yeah what did it look so different how did this happen why do I care I don’t care I look how many blue animations are you gonna flip up upgrade go back I said go back see it shouldn’t be so freakin hard man the pupil can expand up to 55% when you look at something you love oh my god it’s adorable good job Sega good job you did it paramount on one hand gold on other hand painful agonizing failure oh my god goddamn it he looked like the dispenser guy from Team Fortress amazing we regret to inform you that he decided to let you go in favor of someone better suited for the role of Sonic I way cuter Sonic I know who made this but it’s not listed anywhere it’s a water call it oh my god shitty watercolour his average call yeah Sonic is this real Sonic AMV gangster’s paradise 12 years from now there will be a live-action Sonic will be based on my video this cannot be real I have to confirm this oh my god, OH MY GOD.

Someone did it years ago I thought it was weird that gangster’s paradise out of all songs – poor Sonic oh my god I need to sit down oh it’s edited it’s an editor to comment oh my god blew my mind for a second that’s the best thing I’ve ever seen that’s fantastic oh my god just stop abusing Sonic If this is not the change they make… THEN I DON’T CARE! It’s the only change they can make to Sonic that is acceptable. At least to my Sonic standards! (his sonic standards are pretty high ) Wow see this looks really good too – is that true that actually happened do they not test these things so they’re not like ask people being like a hidden survey kind of thing hey so there’s this girl and basically why does he look like that new CGI League wowie it looks fantastic I love it I’m getting a message live here from meme review saying that the new improved trailer has been leaked let’s watch gOttA gO fASt Jesus Christ I think I realized that that Sonic is such a cultural phenomenon at this point and how people perceive him is so far away – it’s kind of like YouTube isn’t it when people who want and what they put up are so different that this is how war starts okay if they embrace the meme okay if Sonic movie kind of treats itself not so seriously I think it could actually be pretty good but of course they’re not gonna do that that’s another acceptable character design that I will let slide again with a disappointment at least we get some on the positive side some new meme templates fantastic oh oh oh oh god damn it why didn’t intend to have to always win new Team Fortress 2 live action movie actually looks lit it looks lit when your mom tells you to clean your room but she doesn’t know you have 35k camera on waiting – are you really in charge here another new meme template fantastic reddit after forcing Paramount animators to redesign sonic well guess I’m in charge now when you don’t have car no car damn and even the means are terrible Who am I kidding here thank you for their support and the criticism the message is loud and clear you aren’t happy with the design I wonder this makes me really curious what they’re gonna do endgame or detective Pikachu sonic baby “Found in Dumpster” why are they both doing one at the same time surely that can’t be a coincidence right Nintendo and Sega which has been battling since the dawn of time releases a live action of their biggest franchise at the same time no no no I don’t think so james marsden just can’t catch a break james marsden met up with a furry animal and he’s about to bury them their meeting furry animal is it super easy my god Hollywood director says they’ll fix Sonic’s design for the movie the movie might lose me in potential a soul for a soul I prefer the real style I said the real Sonic what the frick gotta go fast you guys always act like you’re better than me there’s only one thing that can save Sonic one thing that can save the sonic movie there’s only one thing Ugandan knuckles – you heard it here first ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) – WHAT?! you never played tuber simulator? You know it’s fun right? I’m not supposed to give my opinion but give it a try and then you can tell me if it’s good or not.

not convinced yet okay I’ll cut you a deal the game is available for free and that’s a great price .

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