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Hello everybody! Welcome to the AppDNA channel where we talk about all things apps. I’m Parveen and today I’ll be talking to you about an email campaign app. What is an email campaign system and why do you need it every morning when you check your mails and you get those sales emails these are sent through email campaign systems where a predefined template is sent to a subscriber list at a pre-scheduled time with our low-code that from Zoho creator i’ll teach you how to make your own email campaign system so that you can keep your subscribers on the loop what is Zoho creator? Zoho creator is a low-code development platform where developers and non developers alike and code their apps using a drag-and-drop interface where you’re drag elements drop them and code your own workflows so today we will look at how we can build this email management system with zero creator any email campaign system should have five essential features the first is that you need to have your own subscriber list the second is that you need to have a predefined template for your emails the third is that you should have the ability to create new campaigns where you define your own variables the fourth is that you need to schedule these campaigns and the fifth is that there should be an email calendar where the admin can check out all the emails that have been scheduled for the year so let’s have a look at all of these features one by one we will capture our subscribers in a list through forms and creator so let’s go to creator and check out how to build our first form of the day we are logged into creator dot Zoho dot com where we will be building our new application well the right hand side we have the option to create a new app or if you have been using spreadsheets to manage your email campaigns then you can simply import those files and create an app for you I’ll click on the new application and this will take me to the gallery page where we have over 50 pre-made applications which you can readily install and start using right away but I want to teach you how to create low code apps so I’ll create one from scratch and once we have created I’ll come back here and I’ll show you our App Gallery email campaign as well so let’s get start from scratch I’ll name my app as email campaign 2018 and this is the edit mode of our app where we will be building our forms workflows and creating the app step by step so I hit on create new form from blank and I’ll name my form as New subscriber list so this one would be to create my subscribers list this is our drag and drop interface where we will be driving these data elements and creating our farm so what I want to know in my subscriber list is the list name so I’ll use this single line field here and rename it as list name next I’ll be using a field called subform which will have my name and email so a subform is a form within a form and it is much more helpful in classifying and organizing information so I’ll use the subform here you haven’t created any field yet so that we start by adding the fields I want to know the name of my subscriber and then the email and I’ll name my sub so form as add new subscribers so this subform will keep adding new subscribers to this particular list we can have as many lists as we want which will be later on use to send our email campaigns so I hit done and now I can go to access this application which will take me to the live mode of the app where we will see our app running so this is my trust from new subscriber list just let’s say that my first list is new users say add new push the names and I hit submit or you can add another one but I will hit submit and let’s see if my subscriber list is created so all my I can rename this all your subscriber list as my subscriber lists alone and you see in my list name new users my first subscriber is Parveen so our first feature in which we create a form to add our subscribers list is done we have built our subscriber form and now I will create a new template where we will have a rich text field through which you can create our own emails next we are going to create the new template form just the same way we built the subscribers list so we’ll click on the plus form blank and I’ll name it has new template now I’m going to use the single line field for my template title next I’m going to use a special field called the rich text which is very useful for mails because you can directly copy paste all sorts of data into it and I’ll name it as message so this is the most important field for our template and I hit done now I’ll go access my application in the live mode and check out my template form so this is my new template let’s say the template title is winter sale now for the message I will go and this is some random template email template that I have got so I’ll just copy paste it and right here you see how the rich text field works you can copy paste any sort of data into it and I can submit when I go to my all new templates you can check out that the winter sale template is right here so this template is ready to be used for our next campaign so let’s move to a third feature where we’ll be creating our new campaigns and I’ll rename this as all templates instead of all new templates our subscribers already and our template is ready in the third feature we will teach you how to create your own campaigns using these two we will create our campaign form the same way we created the subscriber list of the templates blank and I’ll name it as add campaign now in the campaign I want to know the campaign name the email from which the campaign should go the subject of the mail and now I’m going to use a special field called the lookup which is used to relate two forms so that we can access the data residing in another form in our current form and that is the lookup field so I use the lookup to call my subscriber list here so it’s the list name and I’ll name it a subscriber list now the next one I’ll use is the radio button for my scheduled campaign delivery so whether I want to deliver my campaign immediately or I want to deliver it at a separate time so I’ll use the radio button here it will be named a scheduled campaign delivery the choices should be delivered immediately next I wonder date and time field and this would be used if the campaign has to be sealed at another time next I use the radio button for my campaign message format type whether I wanted from a template or I want to type it manually and the option should be the select from template or type manually next I will look up function to select my template in case somebody chooses to select a template template title and I’ll name it as select template in case you want to type your message manually then we are going to use the rich text field here and hit done so when I access my application to go to the live mode of our add campaign form it looks like this you have a campaign name your email subject from email your subscriber list so I have my subscriber list new users which I can use here and then I can select my template so I have winter sale but what does not happen right now is that when I click on deliver immediately it should get delivered and when I click on deliver the following time only this field should be visible so I’m going to do that by going back to my workflows I’m creating on your workflow this one would be while using the form add campaign run when a record is created named my workflow as hide time so what I’m going to do is that I am going to hide the day time filled by default so in the field actions I’m going to hide the field day time and now I’m going to have another workflow that when the user has an input in the deliver at the following time only then the date/time field should be shown so for this I will go to a custom action on user input off schedules campaign delivery and here I will have a little workflow I’ll use the if deluge task here so deluge tasks are blocks of code which can be used just like we used the fields in the drag and drop form builder so if my scheduled campaign delivery equals deliver at falling time so for this you can go back and check this one you can simply copy paste this deliver at the following time so if I should look up in delivery codes deliver the following time then just show the date/time field and we are done so I’ve created this workflow I’ll go back to my app and see if this is happening and as you can see that the date/time field is hidden right now so when I want to choose my scheduled campaign delivery if I click on deliver immediately nothing happens but if I click on deliver the following time I did in time field appears so I’m done with this workflow and I would like to do the same for my campaign message format type I wanted when I check on select from a template only then the template field should appear but if I’m doing type manually then this field should be hidden so I’ll go back to my workflows and create a new one for that as well this one is also an add campaign form and I’m going to name it as hi template so just like before first I’m going to hide the template by default and then I’m going to add a new action so this time instead of using the deluge task if I’m going to use this on condition here so if the campaign message format type equals select from a template only then you must show the selected template field I hit save done and now I will see if this has been reflected in my app so as you can see that the select template field is now no longer visible and if I click on select from a template that the select template appears but what happens if I select a template let’s say winter sale so as you can see when I’m clicking on winter sale in my template the campaign message is not being auto populated so for that we will go back and have another workflow this one will be while using the format campaign again and I will leave it as populate mail popular template create workflow and this one would happen on user input custom actions a custom action on user input of select template what happens so now I’m going to use the deluge condition of such record so if input campaign message equals the form create template so add template and if the field ID equals input of select template then this message will be fetched the single line of code can be explained very simply is that my variable input their champaign message goes to my template form it finds out all the IDs that match the select template that I have selected in the current form so ID is a unique creator identifier for all the records when I select a template in my add campaign form it is being fetched from that form by this ID and once I get hold of the ID that message will be fetched and it would be input in my campaign message I hope you got the code and now I’ll see if it works I reload my app and now this time when I click on select from a template my select template appears I click on winter sale and as you can see that my winter sale form has been Auto populated in this rich text campaign now that we are done with our scheduled campaign delivery and format type buttons what happens if I click on this deliver immediately and then I want my mail to be sent right away and I choose my subscriber list also so I’m going to do the mail workflow right now well click on my workflows and this one is the main workflow which will be sending out the mail campaign when we have created it so I’ll name my workflow as send mail add a new action and this one will run on the condition that the campaign delivery time equals deliver immediately so once this condition is fulfilled I do want it to run on successful form submit and here I’m going to use my fetch records task so we will be creating our variable let’s say the variable name is get list from the form new subscriber list equals then put that subscriber list so as I explained to you before this could get lists variable goes to my subscriber list form it fetches the record which matches the ID of the subscriber list that I have chosen as my template so once I get hold of that subscriber list now I’ll go to each record in that sub list and I’ll send mail to all of the emails now we will use for each record tasker’s let’s say my variable is right for each rec in sub list dot my subform add new subscribers so I’m now going inside the subform so that I can fetch my email ids from there and for each of these records I’m going to implement the send mail task which will be sending around our mails so form input dot our from email that I have in my add campaign form to red dot email the subject is and put out our email subject and the messages input dot campaign message so our central task is done I updated and I hit done since then when I go to my application I’ll try to send my first email campaign right now so let’s see my email campaign is from email email subject can be test subscriber list new deliver immediately select template is winter sale hit add now when I go to all campaigns you see that my test campaign which was sent to myself is recorded here now when I go to my mail you see that the test sub is here and the template that I had for my clothes sale is here so this is how our email campaign works when we have to deliver it immediately so our third feature that was to create the email campaign is done right now and we look on to how to schedule a campaign in the previous feature you saw how I can send out the emails immediately but now I will show how we can schedule our campaigns in the fourth feature to schedule my email campaign in a specific time I will create over play my schedules and here I will choose the date field from my add campaign day time execute workflow on the above date repeat interval is only one so I will name my workflow as schedule campaign delivery here I’ll do it on the condition that the schedule campaign delivery equals deliver at the following time and I’ll create a new custom action I’m going to use the if condition here so if input dot schedule campaign delivery equals deliver the following terms copy it then I will do the workflow that was exactly based on my immediate time only here I will use the email count equals zero so let’s say my email count equals zero it’s a variable that I have set at zero and then I will use the fetch record once again to fetch my list from the subscribers list let’s name a variable as list form is my new subscriber list ID equals input dot subscriber list so my variable list goes to my new subscriber list form it checks for all the record shows ID match the subscriber list that I have chosen right now and then for each record so for each variable let’s say the variable is I in my variable list dot my subform add new subscribers the send mail task will run so this time I will say that the form should be Zoho dot admin user ID so that the admin should send the mail to my collection dot a mail subjective input that email subject so this one is the same as I have done for my immediate delivery and the messages put that campaign message I don’t need this attachments and I hit save so my schedule is also created I’ll also like a quick workflow to set my default from email as the admin user ID so this one will be created set from mail add new action custom action on load input dot from email should be the who dot admin user ID so this is the default value so that the mail campaign always gets triggered from one who’s using the app and now I will access my application and check if my shield is working so this time when you go to add campaign you see that the from email is auto populated so let’s have another test she do test email subject is to do subscriber list his new users which has my email ID set day time would be right now from template and hit add now I’m gonna check my mail the scheduled mail has come right here so my scheduled mail test is also successful so now go back to creating my email calendars right now our campaigns have been scheduled and it would be very easy for us if we have a campaign calendar where we can check out our campaigns so let’s look at calendars now to create our email calendar I will be creating a new report so till now I’ve been creating forms and workflows now we will see how to create a report I want to calendar report based on the farm and campaign I’ll name the event title as my campaign name even dates starts on the date/time field and the event also adds on the time field and I will name my report as so it was this easy I’ll go back to access my application I’ll refresh my app and you see that the campaign calendar is right here so this is the schedule says that I had done to this so this app you’re sure so when you have a lot of emails scheduled mails so it will be available in this campaign calendar our email campaign app is done so let’s have a quick demo and send out our first email campaign not that we are done with all the features and have a quick demo of the app let’s say our subscriber list name is premium customer I add a name and hit submit now in my new subscriber is the Parveen Choudhury has been added I can have a new template and I hit submit so in your new templates you can see that a Parveen one is here and the winter sale that I created earlier is here and then you go on to add a new campaign once you have your subscriber lists you have your templates and then you can have as many campaigns as you want right throughout the year let’s say the campaign name is premium welcome mail from the email this one is auto fills because I’m the admin right now email subject is thanks a subscriber list is premium customers deliver immediately select from a template premium so it touches the higher being thanks for being special and I add it and then I’ll wait for my mail yeah it has just gone may tanks had their thanks for being special so you see how if I have like hundreds and 200 and a lot of emails all of my subscribers will get this mail at the same time and then in my campaign calendar I can check out all the means that I have scheduled here now because I had delivered it right away it’s not appearing here but if I go on to schedule another one for let’s say tomorrow the 14th so trouble is this premium delivered the following time let’s see for the 15th and hit add so now when I go to the campaign calendar my welcome shield is right here so when you have future shield email campaigns all of these will appear in the calendar so you add your subscribers you have your templates you can use them to create new campaigns and then you can check them out in your calendar now we will have a look at the App Gallery of creator where there is an email campaign app already pre-built by our developers so we’ll install it and look at the features that that app has now let’s go to create it also do not come to find out our app gallery app that was made by our developer sandwiches they’re ready to be installed by you so to find out our gallery apps we got a new application and here you can search for your email campaign app and you install this application so you need not create build apps on your own but it’s always useful to learn how to make apps on your own in our local platform and then you can check this one which is ready to be installed it’s setting up right now so this is our email campaign app that is made by the developers and this looks so much more sophisticated we have charts here where you can check out the campaign name and the subscribers for each campaign and status so right here this Traverse 1 and then here how many people have clicked on the email so we have tracking IDs also fitted and in this app so when you send out email campaigns you can actually know how many people have clicked how many bounced and lots of other stuffs so here is how you create new campaigns your subscribers list your templates and you we have also a subscribed me from which you can embed in your websites our Facebook pages so that when people subscribe it gets added up in the app so let’s create one and see how it looks like so we click on new campaign and there there’s a lot of stuff here let’s just say I can I have one for March mailer much welcome select subscribers list I have test list deliver immediately and select from a template you may have any template I have a template here okay and then I hit submit so now when I go back to the dashboard I’m sure it will appear here yeah so in my recent campaigns the March mailer has appeared now and there was the other a it was an 8th March and then there are shield campaigns no campaign to do it so when you have shield campaigns it will appear in the shield campaigns your most popular campaigns your subscription form but for website through a lot of stuff here there’s a lot of data and charts so I’d want you to install this app and check for yourself what all you can do and whether you can create an app so good as this with our local platform sending out bulk emails is more fun than reading them I hope you enjoyed building this app with me today if you have any comments or questions just shoot them below and also subscribe to our channel for more apps like this till then keep making apps and be happy
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