Woman Accused Of Choking Her Sister Claims The Teen Is A ‘Pathological Liar’

Two and a half years ago we were all planning on going to a basketball game together Kendall and I got into a fight Kendall was screaming at me and she was just she wouldn’t let me out of my room so I just pushed her to the side I told Kendall she needed to do her chores before we went to the game I had a very short amount of time to complete all of it my mom wanted me to bleach the baseboards fold a bunch of towels clean the bathroom oh and she told me to do the cat box she was being defiant it was like that like get out of the truck come on she was beating me with the clothes side of her fist on my shoulder and on the side of my leg and then we got in the car we’re driving to the game Kendall started yelling at her mother at the top of her lungs I immediately pull the truck over hit the brakes but I told Kendall that if you ever speak to your mother again that way or any other adult I’ll personally spank your ass myself Anthony started screaming at me saying I’m gonna beat out of you a few days later a bomb drop my sister told her dad that I’d choked her she told Brent I punched her in the face and then that I threatened to or Kendall told me her side of the story of the day they went to the basketball game I was concerned we all got together to sit down and discuss what had taken place Brent was being a complete jerk and believed every word that Kendall said Anthony started interrupted her and I just stuck my hand up and said hey let her finish he started screaming at my dad he stood up smelling his hands out on the table and said you want to go I’ll beat your dude I was ready to go right back at him but my wife was smart enough to shake me out of it grabbed me and we went outside called the police Kendall actually jumped up from her chair and ran out the front door I did have orders of protection placed against her half-sister Lindsay and her stepdad Anthony I was infuriated Kendall had told the police that I choked her and held her up against a wall that never happened and my eyes Kendall is a pathological liar well thank both of you for being here I appreciate it and I think that this has gotten really dangerous with this child making accusations that could have profound effects on a lot of adults here you know we’re in an era of guilt by accusation you know we always have heard about guilt by association you know you roll with pigs you’re gonna get muddy we’ve known that for a long time but we’re kind of in a jump to conclusion guilt by accusation situation now and she has actually what I referred to earlier is weaponized her lies she knows what to say to get courts involved police involved restraining orders involved and that sort of thing and I don’t want that to happen and I want to give her some relief in the situation as well and she’s accused you Anthony of threatening her and making terroristic threats and gonna blank her up and that sort of thing nobody else reports that but she reports that yes and that did not happen no sir and nobody else says that happened only she says that happened and at the time you said you didn’t know what to believe right correct at that point she hadn’t done anything like this so I took her at her word she was 10 years old 11 years old and she hadn’t given me any reason to not believe her then of course when things kind of went south when we all had a meeting to that lended some credibility to her statement so the first time I did take her at her word since then I’ve come to realize that not everything and mostly yeah when it was your turn in the barrel and yet all of a sudden yeah yeah this seems to be establishing a pattern so yeah yeah soon as you’re in the crosshairs then you go well maybe she’s not so honest here

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