Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (3/5) Movie CLIP – Snape’s Memories (2011) HD

Don’t ignore me Severus (Harmonia Nectere Passus) We both know that Lord Voldemort has ordered the Malfoy boy to murder me But should he fail, I should presume the Dark Lord will turn to you You must be the one to kill me Severus It is the only way Only then will the Dark Lord trust you completely (Avada Kedavra) There will come a time when Harry Potter must be told something But you must wait until Voldemort is at his most vulnerable Must be told what? On the night Lord Voldemort went to Godric’s Hollow, to kill Harry and Lily Potter cast herself between them the curse rebounded (Lily Screaming) When that happened, a part of Voldemort’s soul latched itself to the only living thing it could find Harry himself There’s a reason Harry can speak with snakes There’s a reason he can look into Lord Voldemort’s mind A part of Voldemort lives inside him So, when the time comes, the boy must die? Yes Yes He must die You’ve kept him alive so that he can die at the proper moment You’ve been raising him like a pig for slaughter Don’t tell me now, that you have grown to care for the boy? (Expecto Patronum) Lily After all this time? Always So, when the time comes the boy must die? Yes, he must die and Voldemort himself must do it That is essential

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