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TagSpaces 3.1.1 – Manage and organize the files on your local drive. (Free)

October 11, 2019 By admin

Software http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/macupdate/~3/_N4QcDXHBvU/1551169370

TagSpaces is an open and flexible platform for personal data management. With TagSpaces you can manage and organize the files on the drive.

Version 3.1.1:

  • Making hunting for tags case insensitive
  • Added the support for semi-transparent color for tags and folders
  • Extending redux to support external configs
  • Added read-only service for folder thumbnails
  • Adding option for the default perspective, making one click to choose only an entrance #909
  • Additional mkv into the list of the supported file formats such as thumbnail generation, search and playing with the sound video
  • Adding show files with this particular tags to submission tag menu
  • Added the ability to add tags to each of selected files from ctrl+clicking a tag from the tag library
  • Added the attribute to tag all files that are selected when drag and dropping a label onto a document
  • Creating the app usable on small screens, hiding the centre panel when the height of the window is higher than the diameter
  • Making the toolbars usable on little displays
  • Enhancing performance by switching reaction part to stateless functional parts
  • Enabling drag and fall of tags from one entry to another
  • Enter confirm adding tags at the add tags dialog
  • Showing all notification in the bottom middle part of the display
  • Showing the correct icon for the currently opened location
  • Exchanging folder separator in the folder breadcrumb
  • Allowing settings upgrade for keybindings and files types
  • Improving startup speed by introducing idle loading for some parts
  • Updating react to 16.8.2 and some other libraries
  • Repair exception by not existing date for entrance properties
  • Fixing eliminate file type icon
  • Disabling spaces, commas and hashes in the label names
  • Updating to marked 0.6.0 fixing #913
  • Folder see not updating when picking next or prev document from the file viewer
  • Added support for custom background color per folder
  • Always persisting indicator Whilst on object store places
  • OS X 10.10 or after

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