The 3 best Linux operating systems for education


Are you an educator looking to improve some computers in school? A parent searching for a suitable OS to give to the children? Or looking for a good, free operating system for educational purposes? Don ’ t move searching the web, if that’s the case. Instead, check out our list of the three Linux operating procedures for education!

1. Sugar On A Stick

S.O.A.S. runs from a USB flash drive and is designed to work with modern laptop and desktop computers, even going so far as to support Apple Macbooks.

The OS runs on the modified desktop environment called glucose, which is especially designed to ensure it is comfortable for kids to work with and get about in, and comes loaded with lots of programs that are kid-friendly.

The Sugar On A Stick take on Linux may not be ideal for children of every age, and also shouldn’t be the first choice if you need one OS for pupils and teachers alike. However it’s fantastic kid-first UI makes it a great option to utilize in a environment with children.

Remarkable attributes



  • Sugar On A Stick runs from a USB, meaning parents (or teachers ) can keep a standard pc as is, but give kids their pre-configured USB using what they want, no installation needed.
  • Sugar On A Stick includes a kid-friendly user-interface, which makes it ideal to use on computers where oversight isn’t always ensured.
  • Aside from having the ability to run directly from a USB Stick, Sugar On A Stick is completely capable of being installed onto the hard drive of any Windows PC or Apple computer.
  • Comes with matches, and instructional programs for kids and the working system may be utilised in a learning environment, or even for a private PC.
  • Sugar On A Stick includes a Raspberry Pi launch , a perfect companion for children who are learning about computers by small with the Raspberry Pi.

    There are a couple locations where Sugar On A Stick is available for download. Instead, there is a Fedora Linux spin of Sugar On A Stick including lots of bug fixes and Fedora-specific capabilities.

    2. Edubuntu (Ubuntu using the Most Current Edubuntu packages)

    Edubuntu is a flavor of this favorite Ubuntu operating platform having a focus on making computing available for children and teachers, by giving a complete suite of applications that foster education and learning.

    The Linux community doesn’t possess a lack of education-focused functioning system. The truth is that there are available for use. Still, Edubuntu is the ideal option for most users since it’s built to a reliable, well-known Linux operating system using a huge selection of programs, hardware support, etc..

    Notable features

    • Edubuntu has an impressive amount of educational applications, including the KDE Edutainment software suite, the GComprise informative suite, and several more.
    • It’s possible to turn any Ubuntu Linux installation into an Edubuntu computer, therefore that there ’s no requirement to re-format if you have a spare PC running Ubuntu already.
    • Edubuntu is developed together with teachers all over the world to make it is ’s a wonderful operating system for kids and teachers alike.
    • Since Edubuntu is only a group of packages, it’s likely to create an Edubuntu platform on Ubuntu Linux derivatives like Linux Mint, Elementary, along with others.

    Download – Edubuntu

    If you visit the official Edubuntu website, then you ’ll notice that the latest release is Edubuntu 14.04. This is quite out of date, considering Ubuntu is preparing to send out 19.04 in a couple of months. Luckily, it doesn’t as every edition of Edubuntu is at fresh Ubuntu releases.

    For best results, begin with an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS base. Open a Linux terminal window and apply the command-below to set Edubuntu up.

    Sudo apt install edubuntu-desktop -y

    When the Edubuntu installation is done, reboot your existing desktop session on Ubuntu to finish the installation procedure.

    3. DebianEdu

    DebianEdu is an altered release of the free, open-source Linux operating system known as Debian for instructional purposes. It has a whole host of apps that are useful to utilize in a school setting. The software included is free and open, conforming to Debian ’ All s ideological stance on open source program.

    From the Linux community, a lot of folks slow to change, go with Debian since the OS is reliable and seldom adds new capabilities. DebianEdu follows this trend. Give a go to DebianEdu Should you will need a good OS for a school setting that won’t ever break!

    Remarkable attributes

    • DebianEDU comes with a whole range of educational applications, as well as the complete Libre Office suite, making it perfect to use in a schooling setting.
    • The DebianEDU supply is developed in the stable release of Debian, which means that the program is going to be more safe to use with no fear of crashing.
    • Apart from coming with different educational programs, DebianEDU additionally ships with matches appropriate for a college setting, and so children may have a little fun whenever they prefer!
    • The DebianEDU project has many busy IRC channels available for help.

    Download – DebianEdu

    DebianEDU may t be installed to a Debian Linux installation, at least not very easily. Those seeking to utilize this system for educational purposes must visit the official Debian site and download the most recent release.

    To get your hands on the most recent Stable (9.0 Stretch) release of DebianEDU, head on to the page and get the ISO which fits your requirements. Alternately, if you need new attributes, it is possible to download the Unstable release here. As things might go wrong, though, please keep in mind that using DebianEDU’s Analyzing release in a school isn ’ t a fantastic thought.


    While Chromebooks Windows 10, along with iPads frequently steal of the spotlight at the education area, Linux has a great deal of great solutions. Best of all, unlike many other programs do not violate your student’s privacy or try to gain data. Rather, these distributions (such as those on this list) are created purely to help kids learn and so are arguably a much better option in the long term.

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