The advantages and disadvantages of earning on games

1. The advantages and disadvantages of earning on the games

As in any form of income has its pros and cons. Briefly enumerate them.

1.1. Pros (+) earnings on commercial games

  • You can earn any beginner with minimal investment or without them;
  • Small money invested in the game will earn more for a small period of time (some have an income of a few thousand dollars a month);
  • Network dozens, if not hundreds of games anyone can choose according to your taste, to get involved in the process and have fun;
  • Some games don’t ask players is impossible, just regularly visit your profile or to access a client, be aware of game events. Such projects, traffic is very important;
  • The games have affiliate programs, participating in which you can earn extra.

1.2. Cons (−) of money from games

Cons of earning on the games can be:

  • the long wait – leveling takes weeks, months,
  • work assistant requires a deep knowledge of the game and attention to “duties”,
  • tester games forced some nights to sit on the “raw” project and communicating online with the administrators to list the flaws of the project.

Some games require status online every day, ie if a person is long absent from the game, you can just close the account with money, experience and savings.

2. The choice of platform (genre) — 8 most popular types of games

Every game has its own platform on which he actually works. The most popular and famous, with a wealth of choice: My worldVkontakte or Odnoklassniki, the operating system Android and etc.

Most game projects require the participant only regular visits and assignments, as a reward for which he receives bonuses and in-game currency. Through games people can communicate with each other, to see the results of other players and all online.

Attachments usually don’t need solid games have their millions in funds, it is important the attendance of their resources and the active participation of players where they are willing to pay money during the course of the game.

Games can be divided into several types:

View 1. Investment projects, economic

Games such as Monopoly or Virtonomics. They are quite realistic showing the principles of market relations, the circulation of currency, the economy in different directions. The user is invited to get acquainted with what is happening, to adapt, assisting with the development of the already started project, or operate it.

View 2. Simulation

Simulation games as the Era of clones, in which the user can manage their characters and processes around. The atmosphere is close to real life as possible platform and the more successful the character, the more bonuses the player obtains.

View 3. Online casino

Online casino – play become a very profitable business. The user can learn the rules as close as possible to a real casino and eventually become an experienced player. There is also the possibility of the withdrawal.

View 4. Strategy

Strategies – such as My Lands require a thoughtful plan of action, which will result in the successful development of the village, a whole city or a single character, a former player from the beginning of the game. The goal is to develop, acquiring things or artifacts, but if the city is building new buildings and improving existing. As a rule, change the currency in the game is saved on the player’s account and in the future there is a possibility to withdraw money.

3. Puzzle game (Puzzle)

Puzzle games – as Game, in them the user requires knowledge and attentiveness to the task.

View 6. Role-playing game (RPG and MMORPG)

In such games, the user registers a new account and selects a character, which then strongly is pumping, racing against other players in campaigns, getting artifacts and new things. He needs to kill monsters, complete quests, trade, etc. (i.e. the ability to interact with other players). So accumulate in-game currency that the project spend on everything. In some games currency can be exchanged for real money.

From the number of participating players distinguish single-player game (the new player is competing only with the computer) or multiplayer (requires Internet connection projects, which can simultaneously play with thousands of players).

To succeed in multiplayer games, you need to be sociable, active person and easy to get along with people.

View 7. Race

This game is one of the most popular. Here the player must choose a vehicle to improve wherever possible and reach the finish line first.

8 kind. Shooters (“Shooters”)

Here the player must destroy enemies by using weapons. Usually, in such games, the player works alone and is the whole point of the game itself.

There is also a way of earning on the games through bitcoin faucets. The principle of operation and circuit action is the same, only the payment is made in bitcoin.

Ira money without investment — best games to earn money

4. Games with the withdrawal of money without investment – 7games for a living

Stopping in finding the right game for a particular option, anyone can learn about it from the gaming site. There are basic rules and characteristics of the project, forum, games offers.

Depending on the game’s story and process, the participant will require different things. Most of all – the execution of tasks, each of them will be a clear explanation and a pointer for the first time. So with the passing game usually there is no serious difficulties.

The most reliable and best games for earning money:

The No. 1 game. Taxi Mania is an interesting game with money withdrawal

Taxi Mania is a new game quickly gained popularity in the network. Judging by the reviews, it really is possible to earn good money. In the network there are also some negative reviews.

Please notethat most of these games are created to generate income from “players” (themselves). That is earn here game, and very rarely themselves “players”. Thus, even if you will earn some money, you can get them will be only with great commissions, and sometimes even impossible to do so.


By registering, the player gets an offer to buy a car – taxi, which he would then earn. To drive it, it’s passive earnings, the value of which depends only on the number of purchased cars and their level of pumping. The better you ride, the more income accordingly it will bring.

The advantages of the project:

  • Every day brings a good bonus from 1 to 5 rublescredited to the account instantly. This gives the opportunity to buy something and start playing without its attachments.
  • The project encouraged some noveltiespromotions and contests, good prizes.
  • Technical support is ready to help and friendly to the players, fast and affordable answer to the difficulties.
  • The movement of money is instantaneous as the input at the expense of their investments and the withdrawal of the purse.
  • Deciding to play without any investments you need to wait a few days, coming into the game daily to bonuses accumulated. As soon as the amount is enough to purchase a cheap car, you can start the process. Now this machine is “Rickshaw” and it cost 49 rubles. But the car as a good investment, then you should wait a few more days of digging and get the car level 1, it costs 149 rubles. and will bring more income. The more expensive machine is purchased, the more monthly money it will bring and the faster it will return invested money in it.
  • As a bonus, the game gives allowance of 25% to the first attachment, for example, with a minimum of 120 rubles allowance will give the amount on machine 1 level.
  • The game works with several payment systems and the money is sent instantly.
  • Also in Taximania you can find a permanent job, a so-called labor exchange, using which you can earn more. Of course the employee will need your own car but is willing to make, players still saving up for a car. To become a member, you will need to fill in a questionnaire and to take a license, it will give the right for transportation of people. The document is 200 rubles – 1 machine.

Game 2. Rich-Birds (Money-Birds)

Game Money-birds

The essence of the game Rich-birds (birds Money) is very simple — you need to buy birds, and then wait for them will carry its eggs, then collected and exchanged for currency of the game. The currency of the game, in this case silver, which can later translate into real money and transfer on your wallet.

The conversion rate 1 ruble = 100 gold silver, 1 silver = 100 eggs.

When registering in the game, a bonus of 1000 coins.

More recently complicated by the withdrawal of money, through the creation of additional commissions. Earnings in this game are minimal.

Game 3. Lucky bum is a popular game with money withdrawal

Lucky bum is an interesting project where the game starts literally on the street – his character — bum! And he has nothing, no home, no job, no source of income.

“Lucky bum” — an online game with the withdrawal of money .

The purpose and the goal of the game is to become a successful millionaire. It will have to go to great lengths – to make friends with the mayorto look for a jobmay violate the law or to undertake any work, even a promoter.

The game is fairly new, came out in 2016. But the payouts are very decent, some lucky people have already received them.

However, have to invest their money – to realise a character in some decent work, he needed to find a roof over their head.

The site also has additional games that can help with the accumulation of Finance to the character. The best and fastest option to get rich in it similar to a reality – to open a business.

To become the owner of a tire shop or sell sports. goods, fixing cars. However in addition to profit, the character still need to accumulate experience and earn your credibility – to help the imprisoned, to unfasten the mayor. The road is difficult, but it’s worth it!

The game doesn’t open the link. The project is closed

Game No. 4. My Lands

My Lands is one of the most popular gaming innovations. This strategy is online. By signing up, a new player becomes the master of the city, which it needs to develop, to protect against different invasions, he would get the money.

Game My lands.

The game is available job, worked on the website, beautiful graphics. To invest not necessarily. For completed tasks and the progress the player receives gaming value black pearls, which can then translate into real money, only withdraw their funds only with a paid account.

Game 5. PlayForex

PlayForex – is a good example of how people work with Forex and earn on rate fluctuations. To invest do not necessarily have the opportunity to play virtual currency.

Game with money withdrawal — PlayForex.

The game doesn’t open the link. The project is closed

Game No. 6. Virtonomics

Virtonomics – it like professionals, real financial guru, able to earn her big money. Online browser strategy in which you need to use your knowledge of Economics, working step by step.

Game with withdrawal of money of Virtonomics.

People create businesses based on their ideas and works in conditions close to reality. First chooses the direction of: manufacturing, trade or other business. Then he needs to grow their business, to place “under the gaming Sun.”

New entrepreneurs will like the game, a great help. Will be interesting to everyone else, because even not being a financier, to understand.

Game No. 7. Farm neighbors

Farm neighbors is a popular investment game in which people throw animals on their farms: cows, geese, pigs.

The game “Farm neighbors”.

It is possible to organize the production of milk or eggs, other products of subsistence farming. When investing real money comes in faster returns.

Be careful when investing large sums of money, as some games are built according to the scheme of a financial pyramid.