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The secrets of using monograms in business and everyday life

April 26, 2020 By admin

Keep in mind the signs of Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Givenchy – these and also several other brands use monograms as logos. Their attribute remains in the combination of the very first letters of the names or titles. Thanks to optimal personalization, monogrammeds function successfully not just in service. We assembled total instructions for utilizing this graphic symbol.

Monogrammeds are commonly found on brand name symbols. As a rule, they are composed of one, two or 3 letters, which can stand alongside each other or intertwine. Not sure if this sort of logo design is right for you? Check on our list which category your business belongs to:

  • The brand has a composite name of first and last names : Yves Saint Laurent, Hewlett-Packard, Hennes & Mauritz. The combination of proper names is difficult to remember, unlike the initials YSL, HP, H&M.
Yves saint laurent
  • The business has a long name of a few words that can be turned into an abbreviation: National Aeronautics and Room Management – NASA, British Broadcasting Firm – BBC. Along with simplifying communication with clients, it is also an opportunity to be innovative, as they did at London Chamber Orchestra. The first 3 letters of the name were combined right into a fashionable drawing that shows a conductor swing his arms.
London symphony orchestra
  • You start a business. A monogram for startups may become an original identification mark. This symbol has everything you need to speed up brand recognition: simplicity, conciseness and an element of personalization. At first, companies often write the full name under a monogram. And when they become popular, they make the symbol an independent element of identity. 
  • The business has family roots. Monograms are associated with history and tradition, making them ideal for brands like Louis Vuitton or Rolls-Royce.
Rolls royce
  • The brand enters the global market. In this case, the name should be universal and easily remembered in any country: Victoria and Albert Museum – V&A, Life’s Good – LG.
  • You want to stand out. It is difficult to think of an original graphic symbol, and the combination of letters is almost always unique and self-sufficient. In addition, the monogram has two more advantages. Firstly, such a mark is associated with premium brands, and secondly, it carries a sentimental message, which creates a deeper connection with the target audience.

How to use monograms

A universal graphic symbol is useful both in business – to attract customers and partners, and in everyday life – for decorating original gifts to family and friends. We have collected the maximum ways to use it – choose what suits you.


Companies can use the monogram logo to strengthen the brand image, build themselves off from competitors and attract the target audience. Think about the places in which your logo will be most often encountered:

  • Internet: website, images of profiles and covers on social networks, email signature, mobile application icon, favicon (a small icon next to the name of the site, which is displayed in the tab);
  • advertising: billboards, citylights, signs, signs;
  • products: packaging or product label, accessories;
  • printing: business cards, notebooks, letterheads, calendars, envelopes, postcards, decals (“decals” that you can apply to any surface);
  • other branded products : bags, t-shirts, caps, magnets, phone cases.

Celebrations and Gifts

The monogram will decorate the design of any family celebration (wedding, anniversary, memorable date) and help personalize the gift. For these purposes, unlike business, it is permissible to use a complicated version of the monogram – monogram. It is characterized by ornate interlacing of letters, decorations, patterns, frames and other graphics that are not typical for the regular version.

We give examples of how you can use any kind of monogram. Turn on fantasy to make the holiday unique:

  • design: invitations, menus, room decoration, plates for guests;
Source: by Bailey Sullivan
  • wedding gifts: monograms on bedding, bathrobes, tablecloths, towels, napkins, cutlery, etc .;
Wedding gifts
Source: by Type08 (Alen Pavlovic)
  • everyday gifts: clothes (monogram on a cuff or collar of a shirt), pendant or ring, glasses, plates, cups, passport cover, notebook and pen.
Everyday gifts
Source: by Isaac LeFever

Here are a few ideas for the original embodiment of the monogram:

  • embroidery;
  • application;
  • printing on fabric;
  • decoration with beads or sequins;
  • burning on a tree;
  • use of monogrammed wrapping paper.

How to create a monogram: three best ways

1. Logaster

The online service will develop a monogram in a few clicks. Just enter a name – and click “Create.” Optionally, select a slogan (if you are planning a wedding, enter a date in this field), colors and scope of activities so that the results are as accurate as possible.

The generator will offer dozens of options that you can edit: change shades, arrangement of elements, font. See how your logo will look on different products (letterhead, business card, social networks), and then download in vector and raster formats.

Dreaming of your own logo?

Enter the company name in the field below and our generator will offer you the best designs!

2. Adobe Illustrator

Do you want to create a unique monogram with your own hands? The Adobe Illustrator editor offers many tools for creating creative graphics. To get started, prepare all the elements: download the fonts ( Fontfabric , Da ont sites ) and, if necessary, other graphics ( Flaticon , Freepik ). Download everything in Illustrator and edit until you get the desired result.

3. Microsoft Word

A simple tool for those who do not own professional graphic editors. As is the case with Adobe Illustrator, it is worthwhile to prepare all the fonts and graphics in advance. To create a monogram in Word, use separate text fields for each of the elements. Move them, change colors and styles to achieve the desired combination.

Five Tips for Creating Monograms

  1. Observe minimalism. In a modern monogram there is no place for vivid pictures and extravagant details – adhere to a concise design and do not pile up elements. Remember that all letters must remain distinguishable.
  2. Experiment with the form. The design of the graphic symbol completely determines the location of the letters. The most common are horizontal, vertical, or mirrored. Imagine to create a creative symbol.
  3. Pick a font. In monograms, all attention is focused on the features of the style. Find one font that reflects the brand’s personality and speaks the target audience in its language: serifs (respectability), clean (informality), handwritten (elegance), or any other. Make sure it is readable in a reduced form.
  4. Work with color. Use no more than two colors in a clean design, so that the monogram does not look faded. If you pick up bright shades, try not to make a monogram a rainbow and focus on color associations. A common practice (especially among premium brands) is a black and white range that is associated with style and luxury and never goes out of style. 
  5. Remember the technical nuances. Create graphics in high resolution and save both in raster and in vector format, so as not to worry about the loss of quality when increasing and when printing on any media.

Monogram Ideas for Inspiration

To create an original monogram, you need a look: study the experience of other brands – and start generating ideas! We have selected creative examples for you.

Letter b
Source: by Kakha Kakhadzen

Source: by Jeroen van Eerden


Source: by Yevdokimov
HS Grid

Source: by Antonio Calvino

Source: by Vadim Carazan
Paul k

Source: by Type08 (Alen Pavlovic)

Source: by Ben Didier

Source: by Antonio Calvino
Source: by Kakha Kakhadzen
Source: by Yuri Kartashev
moving all logo design

Source: by Logo Designer, Vick Ben
Source: by Sarkhan Rzazadeh
Source: by Stevan Rodic


A beautiful monogrammed is a global device for both business and also daily life. This graphic symbol tells the story, makes any element recognizable as well as stimulates warm sensations. Everyone can produce an one-of-a-kind monogrammed absolutely free – just attach your creative imagination as well as experiment a little.