Timey 3 3.3.0d – Simple, lightweight timer for your menu bar.

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Software https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/60812/timey-3/3.3.0d/1550858428

Timey 3 is a timer and stopwatch to the menubar. Click to pause or open, right-click to refresh. Click the preferences button to change time, load up a preset, personalize international keyboard shortcuts and much more

  • Stopwatch and timer
  • Full screen display
  • Customizable timer presets
  • Customizable Worldwide keyboard shortcuts
  • Today View widget
  • Ticking audio assistance
  • Effortless to use and elegant
  • Quick, lightweight and accurate

Timey 3 was redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up with all these crucial areas in your mind:

  • Simplicity of usage Timey’s UI was reimagined to become more straightforward. Employing features that are important like time changing, stopwatch and timer presets is now easier than ever before.
  • Menu bar space saving the app now takes a lot of your precious screen space. The menu button hides and there’s an all-new mini mode.
  • Presets (formerly Quick Timers) presets are the center part of this app. Using and managing them has been brought to the front and you’re able to access them using keyboard shortcuts that were global.

Version 3.3.0Id:

  • Option to choose between 3 full screen themes
  • Option to replicate current timer time (Timey’s menu -> Longer )
  • Time Saved from countdown complete (Timey’s menu -> More)
  • Tweaked awake popover behaviour
  • Tweaked notification behavior
  • Fixed alarm noise
  • Frozen upgrading

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