Top 10 Scary Harry Potter Theories

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Let’s get real for a second… Does Harry fancy Ginny? Like truly actually? Ginny meets Harry in book one, but it is in book two – The Chamber of Secrets – where we find out that Ginny is desperately in love with Harry, and why not? He is a famous older wizard…and he is pretty moody too and that whole broody act is like a moth to a flame when it comes to teenage girls. But, Harry never shows ANY interest in Ginny until the sixth book, The Half Blood Prince, which is a book that is heavily focused on potions. HEAVILY. We know that Voldemort was born of a witch who doped a muggle with Amortentia – a love potion mentioned by Slughorn in Harry’s year 6 potions class. Hmm. Funny it is that year he actually seems bothered when Ginny gets a boyfriend.

He didn’t give two hoots about Ravenclaw Student Michael Croner when they were hooking up….but when Ginny dramatically starts going out with Dean Thomas right under Harry’s nose, suddenly he has forgotten all about his previous enduring love of Cho Chang. JK Rowling herself said Hermione and Harry should have got together – does Ginny encourage Hermione to get with her brother in order to keep her out of the way? Well, with this theory I would like to think Ginny wouldn’t turn to doping, having been a victim of Tom Riddle’s thrall in Book 2, but Harry’s attitude change dramatically in book 6. The reason can’t just be her glow up. Can it? This is actually a scary theory turned scarier fact…. 9 – Wizards Poo For a long time, people have been speculating about wizarding waste.

Do wizards poo like us mere muggles? Well, the fact that Moaning Mertyl lives in Ubend suggests that maybe she doesn’t see that much action led some to suspect that wizards don’t go to loo like we do. Sure, Hermione loves a good cry in the toilets, but does she ever pee in them? The no pop theory was actually tackled by JK Rowling who revealed that, yeah, Wizards do go…. But she also revealed something awful. In a post on Pottermore, Rowling revealed that before the muggle invention of plumbing, Wizards use to relieve themselves wherever and whenever they needed to go and just vanished the evidence. This has opened up a whole new theory can of worms which is – where does all the vanished wizarding waste go? So far as we are aware wizards cant cease to make things exist… so there must be a really dark place, darker than the dark side of Quirrell’s turban, filled with ancient wizard poo. 8 – Mrs Norris is Mrs Filch Is Mrs Norris Filch’s Wife? Urm.

Possible. This is a theory dragged up from Tumblr, the cesspool of internet theories, and it was posted by Yoyospaghettiyo. They said that Mr Filch used to have a Mrs filch but she was an illegal animagus who went through a bad transformation. They say this explains why Filch loves Mrs Norris so much and why he is so cranky… he’s just frustrated…. Err.. we hope! 7 – Harry Made The Dursley’s Awful I think we can all agree that the Dursley’s were the worst. Of course they were. But was it Harry’s fault? This theory says yes. So the big reveal many of us saw coming in Book 7 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – was that Harry himself is a horcrux, a tiny fragment of Voldemort soul lived within him allowing the dark wizard to be invincible.

Having a horcrux around tends to send wizards mad a la Gollum and the Ring style. Ron was around a Horcrux – the Slytherin Locket – and it sent him preeeetty mad. Ginny also didn’t fare too well from being around Riddle’s diary…so…Imagine how the Dursley’s felt being around Harry for a constant 11 years and then every summer. They were cranky because part of Harry was evil and it was making them awful…it wasn’t really their fault. 6 – Dumbledore’s Death Prediction Trelawney. Mental, right? Well… maybe not! She did indeed make THE prophecy, and she has said things throughout the Harry potter series that have ended up making sense. For those paying attention, she actually predicted Dumbledore’s death LONG before he died.

It all went down in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and no one noticed. Professor Trelawany came to the great hall during the Christmas Feast but wouldn’t sit down…she says this: If I join the table, we shall be thirteen! Nothing could be more unlucky! Never forget that when thirteen dine together, the first to rise will be the first to die.” BUT the thing is there were already 13 people at the table – scabbers, blooming Peter Petigrew – was hiding in Ron’s pocket. Who was the first to rise then? Dumbledore. AND SHE DOES IT AGAIN! In chapter five of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, 13 people dined together at Grimauld Place, and Sirius Black was the first to rise. 5 – Voldemort’s Boggart We know a lot about Boggarts from Harry’s third year defence against the Dark Arts class. We know Neville’s is professor Snape, Hermione’s is failure, Harry’s is Demontors, Ron’s is Spiders… Bogarts are what a person fears most.

So, what scares the most fearsome wizard of them all, Lord Voldemort? He is the bringer of nightmares and death, after all. There has been a lot of speculation as to what Lord Voldemort’s Boggart may be. The internet seems to have settled on death, seeing as Tom Riddle was so afraid of death he split his soul to make himself immortal. What kind of death scene Lord Voldemort would see….well…it would surely be horrifying to look at! 4 – Snape Blames Neville So speaking of Neville’s Boggart being Snape…have you ever wondered why Snape was so mean to him? Like Snape is mean to everyone but he particularly hates Harry and Neville. While we know that Snape hates Harry – he’s a product of James and Lily and he loved Lily and hated James.

Sure, sure… although we also know he died protecting Harry because of his love of Lily, so it is complicated … but what is his beef with Neville? Apparently, according to a dark theory, he hates Neville because his parents are alive – in Saint Mungos and irreparably damaged, sure, but alive. Snape thinks that had Bellatrix been the one to go and get Harry after the prophecy, she would have left the potters alive – which means Snape’s love wouldn’t be gone. In a roundabout way, Snape blames Neville.

Urrrgh I am calling this a theory because part of me really doesn’t wasn’t to canonize anything spewed out by The Cursed Child… I loved the visuals of the play don’t get me wrong, Stephen Hoggart and John Tiffany are kings…. But like come on…. So with that in mind at number 3 we have Bellatrix and Voldemort’s Love Affair. We know that Voldemort is incapable of love, having been born of a love potion and grown up without care, but it seems he found time to fulfill a few desires with crazy old Bellatrix.

According to the appearance of Delphi in The Cursed Child – the Dark Lord and one of the nastiest witches of all time, murder of the Weasley twins, Bellatrix Le Strange got it ON….and it was happening under our noses in the books! Bellatrix and Voldemort are killed in the Battle of Hogwarts and wasn’t just baby Teddy that was left orphaned, it seems baby Delphi was too. Any hearts gonna bleed for the baby of the dark lord? Or is she doomed for a life of evil biddings even before she gets started? 2 – Voldemort is Harry’s Brother And so is snape… or so it seems. There is a more complicated theory out there that suggests that Harry, Snape and Voldemort are the three brothers in the Tale of the Beedle and the Bard. This one was posted on Reddit by popsicle incorporated 4 years ago and got over 750 upvotes. The y say in the tale Dumbledore is death and a combination of all of the brothers, Tom Riddle slash Voldemort is the brother drunk on power and vengeance that ultimately leads to his demise, Snape is the brother obsessed with resurrection because of his love of Lily, which ultimately leads to HIS Demise, and Harry is the wise brother who had a knack for hiding from death, and the only time he comes close is when he willing chooses it – which is like the brother who greeted Death like an old friend.

The theory was actually well liked by JK Rowling who said she was touched the Dumbledore was seen as death. Side note, Landon thought that Harry and Voldemort were ACTUALLY brothers…which lol. . 1 – Draco is a Werewolf We know Draco Malfoy went weird in the Half Blood Prince. No longer was he your classic energetic school bully, he had become insular, dark and kind of murderous.

We assume the reason is because he is being groomed by Voldey, but actually there is a darker theory. There is an internet theory that says Draco had been bitten by Fenir Greyback when Lucius isn’t able to get Lord Voldy the prophecy. Apparently lending evidence to this scary theory, at one point Voldy says to Draco, “maybe you can babysit the cubs” when talking about Remus and Lupin’s future kids. Also, quizzically, J.K. Rowling mentioned that in a scene in the third movie, there was a moment in which Draco was supposed to impersonate a werewolf…. Was this foreshadowing?! Does Draco get away scott free after the battle of Hogwarts or is his punishment having to live a double life, with his oh so pure blood polluted?! So that was the Top 10 Scary Harry potter theories! Which did you find the scariest – let me know in the comments section down below! Do you have any other theories? I would LOVE to hear them! Don’t forget to let me know what your Hogwarts house is.Shout out to all the snakes joining me In the dungeon.

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