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TSR Watermark Image Pro v3.6.0.7 Multilingual-P2P

October 21, 2019 By admin

Software http://www.rlslog.net/tsr-watermark-image-pro-v3-6-0-7-multilingual-p2p/

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P2P team has introduced latest version of the program”TSR Watermark Picture PRO”.

Description: TSR Watermark applications is a simple and quick way to receive photos watermarked; the ease of use is fast to learn even for a non-technical individual. When you have employees that needs to add watermark to a photograph before uploading it online, TSR Watermark applications is a superb option.

You will have the ability to save your or your employees a lot of time together with the effective batch-watermarking feature, if you’ve got 100 photographs you need to add a watermark to, TSR watermark can accomplish that without user interaction, and thus while your pc receives the watermarking task done, you can focus on shooting the pictures.


  • Multilanguage service, Turkish, Swedish, Armenian, English, Italian, Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian, Serbian, Spanish, French, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazilian & Portugal), Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Indonesian, Russian, French, Polish and Danish has been encouraged.
  • Add many watermarks to every picture.
  • Save images at multiple output folders, this way you can easyli generate thumbnails etc. in one run.
  • Insert text watermark which is normal, embossed, chiseled or watermarked using a boundary.
  • Automatically rotate the watermarked picture dependent on the orientation EXIF tag — this is composed of the image by most modern cameras.
  • Insert the text used to watermark the picture to the EXIF information in the subsequent file.
  • Maintain or shed EXIF data in jpeg files (Camera model/lense model/etc.
  • Specify the essence of the watermarking output when saving as jpeg images
  • Angle the text you use for your picture watermarking
  • Insert desktop watermark in digital images, images, photos
  • Resize images while watermarking the image/photo
  • Watermark your photographs using either another image, photo or picture
  • Watermark your photos together with your own text in the color and style you want to.
  • Maintain directory construction in destination directory or mix all batch watermarked pictures into one directory
  • Jump or overwrite existing watermarked images/photos in destination directory
  • Command line option to automatically load up a profile and also then batch watermark all photographs.
  • Automatically check for new version of this TSR Watermark Image Software

Release Name: tsr-watermark-image-pro-v3-6-0-7-multilingual-p2p
Size: 14 MB
Links: Homepage NFONTi


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