TurboMosaic v3.0.9.0-P2P

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P2P team has launched an upgraded version of “TurboMosaic”.

Description: TurboMosaic is an photomosaic program that allows you create the most awesome picture mosaics with minimal effort — we wager you would be pleasantly amazed with the standard of outcomes.

A mosaic is a photograph made from several smaller photographs. When seen in the distance the big picture is prominent whereas when viewed from close up the person smaller images show out obviously.

Create a Photo Mosaic in 3 Easy Steps
Absolutely anyone can produce a photo mosaic in a few moments — no layout expertise or expertise needed!

Professional Edition Features:

  • Make pictures for private use (non-business, non-commercial use)
  • Earn images for your company or organization
  • Earn pictures for customers or third parties
  • Create and promote pictures
  • Maximum output up-to 15000px X 15000px
  • Individuals seeking to make a photo mosaic for house use or gift.
  • Individuals seeking to make a picture to share with friends on Facebook.
  • A firm worker making images for their marketing materials.
  • A school employee making images of an event.
  • A photographer making pictures for customers.
  • A developer creating advertising materials for a customer.

Release Title : turbomosaic-v3-0-9-0-p2p
Size: 75 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi

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