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Dark outside not a aftermath duration hitherto duration for dark my mama hopefully most of you know her name is teri I am very close with her my mother is an incredible woman she is a cancer survivor a fashionista a working father she’s also incredibly intense my momma obviously loves to shop still she messaged me the other day it was like girl get probably each pair of shoes I get for $250 fives my momma is really funny my mom has like a really good sense of humor I’m always not afraid we’re all becoming our mothers at the end of the day let’s not kid ourselves if you meet my mama you understand where a lot of food comes from in terms of like beauty routine and fashion and substance I’m much more like into that nonsense that my mom is but I’m still into like the most simplest version of that and I think that I get that part of things from my mama cuz she’s just like a simple gal I’m a little bit different from my mama cuz I’m less intense than she is and I don’t take myself that earnestly but I obviously do think that the things I like are the things I like and I like them for a reason and I just sounded like my mother just then I questioned her what her routine was and I was like oh I’ll get maybe like four or five convicts I didn’t know she gets up at in the morning to go to work by she gets up she has to exercise she it’s the same breakfast she makes she showers curls her whisker does her makeup she’s just a gasps sometimes a little we like to work to and I was like how you get up at in the morning Terri’s scarcely has a routine like she literally sleeps in school probably the last second that she can sleep in before drive and that is me she sets her lawn for a.m.

She smacks the alarm buzzer for 10 times for sleep it’s in a second hour for 10 times more sleep turns it off at turns on TV to look at news till then get in shower for about 8 minutes dries off cleans teeth employs face moisturizer sets on deodorant goes to the bedroom and throws on lotion sets on clothes and shoes throws on jewelry touch up hair drink some sparkling water pack water and food arrived at the power a.m. likewise I predict I like sort of try to take out some of the things that I do to make sure I’m doing exactly what my mama does so instead of immediately reaching for my phone when I wake up I’m gonna have to hold off on that my mom’s morning routine is so detailed thorough and intense but I can’t even share a hotel room with her anymore Sharon says clock sounds at she actually gets up out of bed at from to she showers and irons she washes her hair blow-dries it and then throws in a couple curlers this is my favorite part and when she describes her procedure I wasn’t nominee of your scalp caution routine she placed sunscreen on first then she places on balm and then she’s like you know I don’t wear any makeup but I finished it off with a little mascara a little blush a lipstick but I don’t wear any makeup before she makes breakfast she wants the world to know that she washes towels every day to constitute breakfast she does her dishes to brush her teeth and then she leaves the chamber of representatives at around and then she gets to work by I recollect I’m just gonna get extremely triggered doing my mom’s routine oh good morning it is in the morning so I learned what up at I don’t know if she can tell but I’m not a morning person so what mom says that she wakes up between and but she makes the catnap a couple of times but woke up at this time of the morning smells bad woke up at like 555 still not into it oh my momma apparently is up by now so I have to be up by now I’ve been up since like because I place my frighten for four and my mas sometimes does this thing where if I have to wake up early it’ll wake me up thirty minutes earlier it’s a merriment little magic trick so when my mom gets up she apparently extends for a twenty or thirty time tread doctor’s orders that’s what I’m doing now it is dark and bananas out here the bananas are yellowed not very dark generally when I wake up my felines are just singing they are just meowing they’re screaming they’re ready for their breakfast this morning they were like very sweet and very much like what are you doing like go back to bed I used bones as a pillow that was nice I accept the next occasion on the agenda is a bath which I’m not too mad about so I merely dip myself okay I understand why my mommy is awake now cuz this guy really gets nighttimes in the last half an hour I feel a little bit more awake now inducing full convicts and I did the morning routine ish I determined my consternation last-place nighttime for a.m.

Which is what my mother gives her alarm for Roberta trying to wake me up a little bit before so that threw me off a little she probably like knocked on my door yes I say nuts because that’s what it sounds like when she’s like ramming her body against my bedroom opening I just had my bath it’s interesting because generally I take a bath is like a wine-coloured down activity next have to put on sunblock I don’t know if this is actually the correct way to put one across sunscreen I’m bare skin because I often applied it on on top of my moisturizer normally right now I would brush my teeth that my mommy doesn’t do that until the very end so I guess I will put on some lotion and some eye cream and then you dry my seem a little discombobulated and then she makes egg beaters with avocado hope I don’t get the runs cuz I already went on one thing on the video isn’t I had little doubt these egg beaters but now I still have doubts and I declined some on the floor all right mr.

Egg alright so adding the avocado likewise I only noticed that these egg beaters have zero grams of fat so not sure how that’s gonna savour I slept until turn on the snooze because my momma does for 10 more times and then it rang again and then the second time instead of snooze I merely made stop by accident so I inadvertently overslept the second time I hit seems and let’s watch the news for like a second and one another the demonstrate it’s eight o’clock I wreaked my hot rollers out and I’m gonna set some in my hair for it a little extra juice ironically enough I’ve had these curlers since I was in high school when I used to live with my mama so what all these are heating up I’m gonna deviate from my mom’s routine just for a second and exit stir coffee she didn’t really mention when she has her coffee in the morning but from like living with her and knowing her routine a little I think that she probably has her coffee at the bureau or like privilege before she leaves simply hanging out my bra it’s too hot I’m not sure not anymore no it’s time for the moment oh wow that’s delicious egg beaters an avocado who’d have conceived I don’t generally eat breakfast and the reason why I don’t is because I am now 45 minutes behind after that I was wearied I should get ready now I just like went on a move and acquired breakfast I would look done kind of figure out how to get the new situation happening because that’s my mommy doesn’t she wakes up so I like turn on my TV I try to change the source so like TV like feeler or whatever and like nothing would come on then I opened my laptop to try this creek CNN that didn’t work they craved fund so then I was like okay I’m already late let me hop into the shower really quickly for the eight times that my mom showers it got out dried i floss and brush my teeth now I’m Tony very proud of her birthrate when I think of skincare in my head first thing that comes up is Oleg she’s just employed it forever and then I’ll figure it out after that so I took some creative autonomies why did I listen to news on the podcast while I love and get ready for work so I did that so that I jump in the shower she says that she washes her whisker every other day but I kind of presupposed this was gonna be a little wash day I exactly realized that my mommy doesn’t have deodorant rostered anywhere sorry everyone I meet today deodorant is not on such lists frankly the hard part came with the curlers and to plug in these curlers a styling tool I has not been able to expended since the Clinton administration hope drive nothing like the smell of hot rollers in the morning so at this bit I would typically curl it like this towards my cheekbones but knowing my mama wishings Bobby I’m gonna curl it up get myself a little blue-blooded fun one down now just it hurts hangs out there who’s your “hairs-breadth” amazing I still know how to do this she said having no idea she’s doing it correctly these are an integral part of Sharon’s morning routine I signify my lunch today I drew Pat’s lunch today because that’s something my mom left open but she used to do wouldn’t you know my brother and I were living at home so I exactly peppered it back in I should be at work by now carpet to the schedule I look like I’m about to chase after someone with a fry pan no we wait also situations get sticky because my momma merely does occasions in like an strange order an ordering that I’m not used to doing things if she gets garmented and throws shoes on before she goes to like put on jewelry or do her hair she was the absolute last thing I do before I leave the house so that threw me off also this is the outfit that I chose to wear that was you know reminiscent of something my mama would wear it hey mom she’s a pants wearer she doesn’t ever do garbs truly unless it’s like summertime and she’s going somewhere cute or special and like generally like a longer like one-quarter section sweater and then a casing I did not wear a jacket today let’s keep it real tribes we’re in LA I think it’s time for makeup okay so I’ve done my brows just a little blush mascara and some lipstick and we’re good to go that time is when the delirium is kind of set in its me hysterium mom’s morning makeup routine done now let’s go wash these towels because they’re filthy okay is now time to do makeup which theoretically should take 8 to 10 minutes mama my mama doesn’t use primer which is like a problem for me because my holes are so large-hearted oh my little pores are thirsty because they’re about to get a drink of foot merely concealer under seeings and nose and then she does foundation you actually use the same foundation weird link and then she lines her sees with pencil and they’re like half under this I am not good at pencil I need a paintbrush and she uses the same pencil to line her foreheads I think this is around the point where I was like this is gonna look great on me cute my mommy has a mole right here that she fills in because she wants people to see it’s enunciated but I don’t really have a mole here so I simply described like wipe some lipstick under her cheekbones for blush also she scratches in lipstick all right I’m heading out I probably get to work like 15 minutes late I’ve got my children I’ve got bevy number 1 newborn number two all the bowls are clean the towels are almost done I just have to go and brush my teeth and we’re off to work now I know what you’re thinking this leaving her home with the curlers in her fuzz what is she doing well that is the Sheeran lighting away Sharon just like myself has fine mane and she believes that we keep the curlers in the last second cuz if we don’t the bend will fall I am running a little late I was supposed to be at work at it is now but you know what I was talking to you guys half the time dad dad please lipstick oh no wait it’s the indentation from the clip likewise I just recognized my momma brushings her teeth after she throws on her lipstick like a monster what are you doing okay I’m lastly on my path to work four hours later I already transmitted her a picture of what I look like and she was like looks great but a little bit too much blush I was like okay my mama would never getting late she’s always punctual hopefully she doesn’t watch this video because then she’d be like I would never be late look at the parking lot this morning there is nobody here we have come to the final step in the Sharon Lytle mourning process which is called the car curl down that’s when mom takes her curlers out in the car right before she goes to Newark and I’m gonna store my curlers in this tote that I fetched and hopefully my “hairs-breadth” doesn’t look too crazy there we go look at this little bounce these bends are so intense today we are this is what my “hairs-breadth” looks like so much body look at me I know what some of you are thinking Devin why don’t you threw curlers in the bottom half of your whisker um because my mommy doesn’t she applies curlers simply on the top to get loudnes my momma is a hundred percent gonna watch this video and be like your hair examines so cute why don’t you style your mane that route because I don’t want to wake up at mama I just can’t get over this momma “hairs-breadth” teeth perfect I am not gonna lie I kind of adore come into the office early and being the first one here so I eventually shaped it to work I feel that Devin has been here for hours it’s like I have my sparkling water I forgotten to get some from home so I’m booze my sparkling water now that my mother would be boozing at work she ha ha ha she adoration sparkling water I will say there are some things about her procedure that I actually really like that I kind of want to adopt her flow first thing in the morning I cherish this she makes herself a healthy breakfast that division is great the rest of it sucks I surely anticipate I’m going to wake up earlier I already wake up at like but I really liked being here earlier when no one else was around the part of her routine that I would like to incorporate into mine which I used to do most often but I’ve just been sleeping later and later and simply haven’t had the time but just listening to the news podcast in the morning while getting ready was like definitely helpful and super informative I did stay off social media this morning which was good trying our mom’s morning routines lady experimented madam I get it from my mama lady brilliant and early Debbie endorse

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