What factors should be taken into consideration to generate more page views?


If you notice that visitors are leaving the site, you may assume that the site is not good enough. However, this answer is very simplistic and does not take into account many factors.

If the site is substandard, you just need to know which elements need to be worked through and improved. Just use statistical methods and start tracking indicators.With the data, you can implement changes and thereby return customers to the site and increase conversion. Let’s look at 5 reasons why customers leave the site.

Reasons for refusal on the site

Low download speed site

Statistical data : 40% of visitors leave the site if the site loads for more than 3 seconds ( data source )

Customer time is a valuable resource . A client who waits a long time for an order at a restaurant feels unwelcome and deprived of attention by the guest. As a result, such a client will simply start looking for another place that will offer first-class service.

Similarly, visitors feel that interact with a slow-loading site. At a certain point, the visitor will stop waiting and go to another site that contains the same information as your site, but loads faster.

You might think that these 3 seconds are not a big deal. However, every second plays a big role when it comes to website download speed. The longer the site loads, the more visitors you lose. And some of them won’t even see your content.

Therefore, you just need to solve this problem, and solutions may be as follows:

  • change hosting – some are faster and some are slower. There is a very large selection of hosting providers on the market, and testing everyone is almost impossible, so you should read the reviews (here and here )
  • optimize the database. Checking for the presence of “hung” or duplicate content will help save space;
  • use the cache, with which you save files on a local disk visitors who visit your site. If they return to your site, the information recorded on their local disk will be downloaded. As a result, your site will load faster;
  • optimize pictures. Squeeze pictures, reducing their size without losing quality.You can use Optimizilla in order to optimize the photo before you paste it on the site. WordPress users can use a special plugin.

Unattractive design

Statistics : At a cost of 15 minutes to familiarize with the content, 2/3 of users will prefer content with a beautiful and simple design.

For many website owners, the combination of functionality and design is one of the most difficult problems. More sites are either unremarkable or overloaded with some element. If you want to provide your customers with an impeccable user experience, look for a balance between practicality and aesthetics.

Design plays an important role and helps to increase the degree of client interaction with the site. If you want to create value for the client, take care not only about the useful and high-quality content , but also about the design.

You will probably need professional help in order to make technical changes or design changes. However, you can make some changes yourself, for example:

  • new design. Periodically redesign the site and breathe new life into your resource. It’s easy to change designs with WordPress. Although, you may have to make small edits and create the best option for all pages;
  • new font. Standard fonts, such as Arial or Times New Roman, do not help to stand out among competitors. This does not mean that you should choose a very non-standard font. However, with the help of an alternative font, you can more effectively attract the attention of users;
  • high-quality pictures. If you are using stock photos, think about how you can make these pictures memorable. With the help of paid and free tools , for example, Canva or Crello, you can easily individualize photos.

Non-adaptive site

Statistics : Users spend 2 minutes out of 3 on mobile devices ( source of statistics )

More and more users are using mobile devices to access the network. However, you can still find sites that are built on the same template, as in the desktop version, and mobile. As a result, mobile users are inconvenient to view or interact with the site, and they take additional steps to read all the content.

The adaptive version is convenient for viewing on different screens , and it is convenient for the user to interact with the site. Thus, you improve the user experience, which is more likely to become fully familiar with your content.

If your site does not have a mobile version, you can:

  • choose a responsive template, for example, WordPress offers a large selection of templates. Today it is quite simple;
  • optimize page size. You should reduce the size of the pictures and the number of resources. As a result, mobile devices will download content faster.

Non-optimized content

Statistics : Only 10-20% of users read the text to the end ( source of statistics )

Excellent if you can create an unlimited amount of material consisting of thousands of characters. But, if your article does not solve the user’s problem, it will simply leave the site.

Moreover, even if you publish useful and engaging content, the user is more likely not to finish the article to the end.

Users get distracted very quickly, especially when they are online. If the content does not attract and does not hold attention, the bounce rate will be at a high level, whether you like it or not.

Using the techniques described below, you will increase user engagement:

  • formatting text with which you will underline important phrases. To do this, wisely use italics, underlining, bold, etc., emphasizing only the most important parts;
  • use subheadings (H2, H3, etc.), with which you select blocks of text and have a significant impact on search engine optimization;
  • use pictures in articles that deprive them of monotony and boredom. Insert personalized images, such as memes, quotes, infographics with statistical data, and hold the user on the site as long as possible.

The user does not know what action he must perform

Statistics : the average conversion on the site is 2.35%. However, the best companies reach 3-5 times the highest conversion ( data source )

If your site does not have a call-to-action button or you don’t know the conversion rate of the site, then don’t be surprised why you get a high bounce rate.

By clearly formulating the goal for the site as a whole and for each individual page, having determined the type of the call-to-action button, you will encourage users to perform certain actions and interact more with the site.

But even if the button is installed on the site, most likely, you will receive a conversion of no more than 5%, because there are a number of factors affecting the conversion.

The following are simple ways to increase conversion:

  • offer a single call to action. Using a few buttons on the site, make sure that you do not mislead the user. Your goal is to welcome them to the site, however, by showing different suggestions, you can reduce the conversion;
  • ask for information only. If you ask users to complete a registration form , limit yourself to information such as your name and email address. Filling in additional fields and providing other data may adversely affect conversion;
  • Minimize the header and footer (header and footer). These are places where there are a large number of links that may distract the user. Minimize these places and let the user focus as much as possible on the execution of the target action.

Website failures – conclusions

Statistics is not an indicator, which should absolutely subordinate everything . Yes, it is useful information that helps to understand the behavior and actions of users.

In this case, the statistics show how effectively your site works, to what extent it is or does not like the target audience. If you do not like it, then figure out which elements of the site should be improved and how this should be done. Having data and considering our recommendations, systematically improve your site. And you will notice how statistics improve and the bounce rate decreases.