Will It Slime?

– Today we ask the age-old question. – Will it slime? – Let’s talk about that. (groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Morning. – Houston, New Orleans, Birmingham, Jacksonville, and Tampa, we’re coming to play live in your town this September. – Albuquerque, Phoenix, Sacramento, and SoCal! We’re comin’ to play live in your area this November. – Tickets are on sale Friday morning but Society members get first access tomorrow and Mythical Monthly subs get in Wednesday so don’t miss out. All the info is at RhettAndLinkLive.com. – Today is about the internet’s favorite play thing. And no I’m not talking about your favorite Dolan twin. – Oh. – I’m talking about slime. And I thought this would be a passing craze but it’s stickin’ around, no pun intended. – Yep, mm-hmm. – And there are many creators who are building their entire careers around this stuff. – Yes, there are a lot of slime videos out there but I guarantee you ain’t nobody done slime the way we ’bout to. It’s time for– – Will It Slime? – Now first off we wanna give a shout-out to Esme who is our friend Kurt Sutter’s daughter because she actually pitched us this episode.

Thank you for that. – We’re doing it, Esme. Okay there’s lots of different ways to make slime. Lando has done all of them in our homes and there’s residual– – Your homes? Oh did you get a vacation home, you didn’t tell me? – Well you know, I got a mountain home, I got a beach home, and they’re all covered in slime ingredients. No my one home. But typically the way you make slime, you use Borax, food coloring, glue, corn starch, baking soda, or a combination of other ingredients give you very different types of slime. – So we’re gonna experiment with these ingredients but we’re also gonna mix in some weird stuff or activators for all you slimers out there.

  • Mm-hmm. – To see if we can create the next great slime craze. – And it turns out people are already making edible slime and we wanna do that today. When slimers do that, they use corn flour or psyllium husk and as tasty– – Mm! – As psyllium husk sounds– – So tasty. – We’re gonna do something even more tasty: pizza. – Woo! – So let’s start with that one, I got the mozzarella and the pepperoni here. You got the marinara. – Yes I do. – Which in our recipe is gonna basically replace water along with corn starch to make more of an Oobleck slime. Rhett, just– – Oh that feels nice already. – Start kneading the corn starch into– – Oh I knead it. – The marinara. – I knead it so bad. – And we’ve even got, we’ve even got a top down camera so we’re gettin’ like– – Look at that.

Look at the spinning. – Total, total slimer situation here. – Okay well that’s uncalled for. – What up, slimers? – I’m not inviting you to my vacation home after that. (chuckling) – I’m not inviting you to any of my homes. You know it takes a little time. This is part of the fun. – Oh I’m having so much fun. – Gettin’ your hands dirty. – There we go. – Look at you. – Now we’re, we’re getting a little bit of a consistency. – That’s a good noise. – Happening. – It’s like when someone speaks in front of a group and they’re a little nervous and they didn’t drink enough water and their mouth is kinda like…

  • Yeah I don’t suggest doing that, like, you know, if you’re worried about public speaking, I don’t suggest a before you get started. – Yeah you gotta get your mouth lubed up. – But do your mouth lubing on your own time. Don’t do it when you’re in front of the whole group. – So, is this getting, not quite, it’s still pretty runny. Lando doesn’t let me do it, he just wants me to watch him do it. He likes me to be there, you know, I’m like, I’m like his sidekick like you’re mine on the show.

  • Yeah, right. Same sorta deal. Same exact deal. Okay now it seems to be– – Oh yeah. – All, whoa, no, no, go, go! Oh see that. – If you can get– – That’s advanced techsniques. – If you can hold a big wad in your hand and it like– – I said techsniques. – Get a big wad in your hand and then see if it takes the residue off of your other hand and if it does that, you kinda know you’re in– – Oh yeah. – Slime territory. – Dude that’s, all right, could you clear that stuff out? – I don’t even know if we need this.

  • Yeah yeah we do, yeah we do, yeah. ‘Cause it’s gonna get crazy. Fold some cheese in. Fold some cheese in and just fold the cheese. – And some pepperonis. – Oh some pepperonis. I already got one. – And some more cheese. – No no no more cheese, no more cheese. You’re over cheesing it, man. – You can’t over cheese it. – You’re such an overacheeser. – I can’t help it, it’s just– – No no no, no more cheese. But more pepperonis. – More pepperonis? – More pepperonis.

That’s good. That’s good. – Okay now pick it up. – Okay I’m gonna pick it up and I want you to take that bowl out of the way. Now you wanna just drop it. – Now this, ooh, that is, oh that– – Did you warsh? – Pretty good, wash what? – Your hands. – No. – Me neither. Okay, so I thought that maybe the greatest way to, well you know, let’s put some pizzas on top of it. Some pizzas. (chuckles) – It’s not very, oh yeah, that’s pretty good. – That’s slimey, man. – Look at that. – But the real test is this. Does it work like a regular pizza? Actually that’s not the real test, it’s just, I’m curious. – Okay. Cut me a slice. All right so let’s each pick up a slice. And I guess we’ll eat it. – It really comes right off.

I got a lot of cheese in there. Maybe a little pepperoni. All right, I’m going for it. – Mm. – I think that might stop me up. – This is the end to a wonderful day. – So I don’t know how I feel about recommending it as a foodstuff. – Not great as a foodstuff but it is, you can have a little taste, it tastes fine. And it’s got a good consistency. So there you have it. – So pizza: will it slime? – Yes! – Now if you’re the parent of a slimer like Link, chances are you hate slime, is that true? – Yeah I’m finding it in all over my houses.

  • Right, but what if there was a slime that was self-cleaning made out of Windex! – Windex! – Not a sponsor. But we call this one wind slimes. – Okay so I wanna be kind of exact about the– – Yeah so here’s what we’ve got. This is the classic recipe of Borax, glue and water. But we’re replacing the water with Windex so there you go, you got the Windex. And you are going to– – I’m measuring 16 ounces. I’m gonna put eight into one bowl and eight into another bowl and– – And this is clear Elmer’s Glue that we’ve got right here. So you don’t wan use the pasty, white stuff.

You just want two pasty white guys doing it. – Yeah here we are. – And then… – That’s even and it smells fresh. – It’s very scientific and then Link, you have the Borax over there. – Yeah so in one of these goes Borax and the other goes glue glue. Look at that, I’m doing a double pour. (chuckles) – Okay so you want there to be full mixing of each one of these separate things before you bring them together. I mean this is, I mean kids could learn something. If we knew scientifically why you needed to do that, kids would learn something. – We don’t know. (Rhett laughs) – There’s a reason why you gotta, you know what the reason is, because you need, sometimes you gotta mix things up a little bit before you really mix it up, you know what I’m saying? – Oh my goodness so this is, this is– – That’s a life lesson. – This is nice.

  • For all the kids, mix it up a little bit before you mix it. – Yeah. – That seems adequately mixed. – Yeah and then I’m gonna mix this one. – What’s happening with that, how does that feel? – It feels like soap and Windex. Very liquidy, and then, all right now I’m gonna combine this. – Oh something, there was an immediate chemical reaction, children. – Yeah, did you see that? (bowl clangs) Oh, sorry, and I just spilled Windex all over the floor out of frame, or maybe I didn’t, you’ll never know.

Whoa. – Yeah I was gonna say your hands might be a little slippery. – Look at that. Immediately– – I’m gonna pull it a little bit into your shot here, Link. A little bit. – Look at that. So, oh wow. It’s very liquidy. – So I think you gotta bring it up and squeeze it over another one to get some of the liquid out. – Yeah we got a lot of liquid here. Wow. I’m squeezing out the excess liquid. – It looks like you’re holding an alien’s heart. – Look at that. With our powers combined of sliming and cleaning, we can take over the world or at least clean a window. – Thankfully, Chase took this little window from his little house. (chuckles) (crew laughing) This is what Chase’s windows look like but apparently, he likes to look out his windows by putting his face all over that.

  • Before I put this on there, I will say that I think this is very satisfying to touch, even if it doesn’t clean that well, I’m lovin’ it. But let’s clean it. – Don’t press hard. It’s a gentle, it’s a gentle thing. Yeah there you go, now you’re doing it. – There it is. – The scrubbing is really helping. – It’s leaving a little bit of residue but– (crew laughs) – It’s not leaving much of Chase though. – And it’s made this really fun, that’s nice. That’s nice to touch. – And then I think maybe you, you know, you come in here and you just go over it a bit. – I think this is a lot of fun to play with. I wouldn’t necessarily call it slime. I would call it like (mimics flatulence). – Gel, you call it gel. See if I can catch it with– – It’s fun. That’s all that matters. – See if I can catch it without lookin’. (crew laughs) – Windex– – Will it slime? Yes! – Typically slime is an indoor activity but we wanted to motivate it becoming an outdoor activity ’cause of summer and you wanna get some sun, so we are gonna make slime sunscreen AKA slimescreen.

  • I’ve got some Ultra Sport, it’s clinically proven to make slime. (Rhett mimics flatulence) – All right, it’s kinda doing its own sound effect. You didn’t have to add to it. (Rhett grunts) Okay. – Then you let it– (grunts) This one I call beach sounds. (Rhett grunts) Oh gosh, this is, well, I’m done. (Rhett grunts) – Whoa there’s more in there. – You can always do a little bit more if you– (sunscreen squirts) – Okay, and you’ve got corn starch there so just start mixin’ that in, good buddy. It’s like we’re almost on the beach already. Can you imagine us being on the beach with some bowls just kneading away.

  • What are those guys doing? That looks like fun. Of course the big one’s makin’ some weird noises. – Is that how to you refer to yourself, the big one? – That’s how other people refer to us. – Yeah. – I mean if you saw two guys and one of ’em was my size, what would you say? – The big one. – Yeah. (chuckles) Yeah, the big one. – Rhett’s been kneading for 11 hours. Now we’re checkin’ back in. – Here, I’m gonna give this to you ’cause you’ve got clean hands. – Oh yeah. Oh, that’s nice. – That’s good, huh? – It’s got a good drip quality. – Now but the real test is, we’re out on the beach and I’m like Link, your forehead is taking in a lot of sun. – You know how the lifeguards do it. It goes on the nose. And then if you’re a football player or a baseball player, it also goes under the– – Well they do that with– – What are these called? Eyes? – Black stuff, they don’t do it for sunscreen typically, but yeah we look like lifeguards ready– – We’re lifeguards, man, we’re ready to jump in and save the world. – Reporting for duty.

  • It smells pleasant and then it gives you something to do while you’re waitin’ for people to drown. – That’s very satisfying. Sunscreen: will it slime? – Yes! – Now slime is marketed exclusively towards a younger audience and that means they’re missing a whole market: senior citizens! And what do senior citizens love more than anything? – Crocs! – So we’re going to bring these two worlds together with slocs, also known as casual slimewear. – And we’re gonna try to recreate a form of slime called Floam where they incorporate polystyrene beads into the slime that gives it a really cool consistency. – So we got Borax, water, glue. We’re gonna do the same thing that we did with the Windex, but we’re gonna be adding in instead of polystyrene beads, Crocs! – Go ahead and add some of that. And then, oh my goodness, that’s a lot. Okay, ooh. – That’s what you want though right? – The foamy nature of the Crocs– – Is helping? – Is helping.

  • Is helping your soul. – I’m afraid that if I try them on, I would think they were so awesome that it’s all I would wear. – Well why– – So I’m not gonna do that. – I mean I got a blue one and I got a read one. They’re both left. – It’s really cool the way that it forms into well potentially a shoe. – You know Link we need to really test this out so let me get my hands on that so I can– – Feel it ’cause that’s awesome, right? (Rhett chuckles) – You know what, you should make your own slime channel. You’re just such a natural. – And then– – Feel it because that’s awesome. – Make me a Croc on this– – All right let me get– – My bare foot here. – Let me get a good model here, I wanna make sure that I do exactly what I see here. So I feel like I’ve got to do some on the bottom and some on the top so I’m gonna create a pocket that you’re going to just, lift your foot a little bit.

You’re gonna just– – Oh my goodness. Oh! (Link chuckles) – Okay so just be still, be still. Now I gotta put all the holes in it. – That hurts. – Okay here we go. – Pull it back. This is freakin’ working! – Oh don’t let, can’t let a toe come through. – Don’t let the toe come out. (slapping slime) – How does that feel? ‘Cause it looks incredible. – That is pretty great. I mean I need some back here but we kinda ran out of– – Here. – Ran out of slime. – Just, just. We’ll just do a still shot, no one will know. – Look at that. – That man’s got a fully formed Croc, look at that. – Call us, Crocs, we’re gonna work this out. – You know what, I think we may have gone four for four today, Link because– – Crocs! – Will it slime? Yes! – Now check out my son Lando test out all of these slimes on our Instagram. – Yes and thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing.

  • You know what time it is. – I’m Jacob. – I’m Lily. – I’m Ben. – And we just played pretend Will It Pizza? – And it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – You know what, that’s what we should do, just pretend. (Link laughs) Make it a lot easier. Click the top link to watch us make an edible slime smoothie in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. – Make any time tea time with our Ear Biscuits mug and t-shirt, available now at Mythical.store. .

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