WP Video Magic Review: best video marketing solution for any Blog?

What does Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Spotify have in common? The all rely on the same technology to ensure that they can stream their content fast and at
the lowest possible cost. Previously that technology was reserved for big corporations like these.

But right here, today… you can now add the very same technology to any WordPress blog and turn it into a profitable video behemoth. Interested in? Let’s find out all the details in my WP Video Magic Review below!

WP Video Magic Review

What is WP Video Magic?

What is the most effective and profitable piece of marketing you can put on your blog? The answer is without a doubt video. But what is the worst thing you can add to a blog post? That would be a slow loading video!

Thankfully that is now a thing of the past. The brand new WP Magic Video allows anyone to easily add Amazon S3 and Cloudfront hosted videos to any WordPress blog. It’s lightning fast, dirt cheap and 1-click easy.

This is one of our all time simplest S3 & CloudFront video plugins. It allows setting up super fast hosted video delivery via S3 & CloudFront without the complicated setup headaches.

  • Easy 1 Click CloudFront distribution setup that securely delivers your video to customers globally with low latency and high transfer speeds.
  • Video Shortcode Statistics that tracks how long your videos has been played.
  • Display timed content such as buy buttons that show up below the video at a defined point in your video.

WP Video Magic proved to be the #1 Engagement tool converting cold-visitors to red-hot traffic. But the creators didn’t stop there. They decided to not leave anything to chance and went back to the whiteboard to find ways to make sure… that the red-hot traffic converts into recurring paying customers.

It helps you create text-story videos in minutes… a proven way to capture your audience’s’ attention and engage them in a fun way AND then… insert clickable Call-To-Action buttons right inside your videos to send your conversions through the roof.

Even better… With just a single click you can let WP Video Magic automatically start auto-buffering your video as soon as the page is loaded, to give your visitors a much smoother viewing experience.

Speaking of dirt cheap… Right now you can grab access to WP Magic Video at the special low early bird price. But only for a very limited time, as the price will start
going up fast any minute now.

So don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this WP Video Magic Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!


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  • 8.5/10

    Quality – 8.5/10

  • 8.5/10

    Features – 8.5/10

  • 9/10

    Support – 9/10

  • 8.5/10

    Easy to use – 8.5/10

  • 9/10

    Bonus – 9/10




  • Add Amazon S3 Video To Any blog
  • 1-Click Cloudfront Integration
  • Inbuilt HTML5 Video Player
  • Zero Ads, Watermarks Or Links
  • Save Thousands On Hosting
  • Delayed Buttons & Autoplay
  • More Leads, Sales & Profit
  • Zero Tech Skills Needed
  • You Don’t Even Need Your Own Videos


  • I have not found out any cons related effectiveness of this product yet.

WP Video Magic Review Overview


Vendor IM Wealth Builders
Product WP Toolkit Video Magic
Launch Date 2020-Jun-22
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type WP Plugin
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creator

IM Wealth Builders

WP Video Magic was created by IM Wealth Builders and their partner Matt Garrett. When it comes to business efficiency boosting, almost no vendor beats IM Wealth Builder!

This team only has a handful of products released, but all of them managed to become best-selling after just a few days of launch such as WP Smart Links, Viper Cache, WP Optimiser, etc.

In fact, these tools have been earning them a position that every software developer longs for: the top of several leaderboards! Now the following part of my WP Video Magic Review will reveal the most typical features of it.

Key features

Here’s Everything You Get Instant Access To Today!

  • Big Savings

WP Video Magic works with both Amazon S3 & CloudFront, giving you instant access to some of the cheapest and most powerful video hosting. Amazon’s low pricing will make your savings add up very quickly.

  • Don’t Need Your Own Videos

WP Video Magic naturally also works with YouTube so you can easily add videos to your blogs and start enjoying all the other features… even if you’ve never recorded a single video before.

  • Easy 1-Click Setup

You have access to Easy CloudFront Integration and 1-Click CloudFront setup. You don’t need any technical skills or experience to get started and you can quickly get your first video up even if you’ve never used Amazon for video hosting before

  • Mobile Responsive

Your videos will be 100% mobile responsive and will play perfectly on all types of devices. This means you will get the most out of all your views and never lose a potential sale again.

  • Video Player Included

WP Video Magic naturally comes with its own inbuilt state-of-the-art HTML5 Video Player so you no longer have to rely on broken flash players. And you don’t have to worry about finding and paying for a 3rd party player.

  • Zero Ads & Links

Embed and play your videos with zero ads and no links to other people’s related videos. So you can stop bleeding profit by sending your traffic to the competition.

  • Smooth Viewing Experience

Set your videos to autoplay if you like and hide/show the video controls with a single click. You can even choose if you want the video to start auto-buffering as soon as the page is loaded, to give your visitors a smooth viewing experience.

  • Delayed Buttons & Links

Easily set any HTML content to appear beneath your video at a specific time. You can use this for delayed order buttons, opt-in forms, links or any other HTML content. This feature will turn your videos into high converting sales machines.

  • Encrypted & Secure

WP Video Magic comes with a full Amazon S3 Media Manager that makes it simple to find and use the videos on your S3 account. We’ve also added an download security & encryption for all S3 hosted files.

  • Numbers That Drive Profit

Understand exactly how your videos are performing, what people are watching, where and for how long. Our Advanced Media Analytics will give you all the answers that will take your video marketing to the next level!

Is WP Video Magic worth your money?

How are you adding video to your blog posts? I mean, you are using video on your blog right – if not you’re missing out on some serious cash! Most people just embed a YouTube video and call it a day.

But did you know that’s a recipe for bleeding traffic and profit faster than you can say “related videos”. YouTube makes their money by serving ads and by keeping people on YouTube.

That’s why your embedded videos will be full of ads and links that will take them away from you and on to your competition. So how do you fix that? Previously it was hard and very expensive to host your videos elsewhere.

That’s where WP Magic Video comes into play. It allows you to easily add Amazon S3 and Cloudfront hosted videos to any blogs. This way you can unlock the full power of video, with none of the drawbacks. It’s 1-click easy and dirt cheap too.

And here’s the coolest thing… This nifty tool allows you to put time delayed buttons, links and more beneath the videos on your blog. You can now add any video – even someone else’s YouTube video to your blog and turn your post into an instant video sales letter!

Look at it this way… You could use something like Wistia’s Pro Plan for your videos. That would cost you a whopping $99 per month. And you’d still be limited to 200GB of video per month – and they will rob you blind if you go above that!

This Will Work For Everyone! And It Doesn’t Even Matter If You’ve Never Recorded A Video In Your Life:

  • But I’m a complete beginner

Great! It takes 5 minutes, tops, to learn how to use our plugin. And even if you’ve never recorded a single video before, you can still start using it immediately to add other people’s YouTube videos to your blogs.

Using a proven plugin like this will allow you to cut months… even years of your learning curve. It will save you a small fortune on video players and overpriced hosting too.

  • But I’m a seasoned video marketer

Congratulations! You are well on your way!

Now imagine the amount of money you are going to save by getting rid of all your monthly subscriptions for video hosting and players and replacing it with Amazon’s affordable hosting… and how much more efficient you will be when you can use a simple WordPress plugin to add and control all your videos from a single dashboard.

  • But I’m a super affiliate

Awesome! Then you are very likely extremely busy and looking for ways to simplify and scale up your business… and that’s exactly what WP Video Magic can do. It makes adding your videos to WordPress so easy that even your most rookie freelancer can do it.

And you will be shocked when you see how you can save thousands of dollars on hosting… savings that become instant profit in your pocket! Don’t worry though… We’re going to save you a lot of time and money today!

Right now you can get access to WP MagicVideo at a special early bird price. Pay ONLY a super-low one-time fee to get FULL access. Save tons of money that you’ll need to pay once this offer is over – as it will turn into a recurring fee model for post-launch buyers.

How does it work?

In this section of WP Video Magic Review, We look at adding your keys to get things set up. We’re going to look at adding new videos and categories as well. The first thing you need to do is scroll down and under WP toolkit video magic, choose the option for video short codes.

Video Shortcodes

Video Shortcodes allows you to define the videos on S3 that you want to use in your site. Here is a list of the shortcode that are currently defined, you can edit, delete or create new ones.

Once you have a shortcode created you can use the code as shown in the Shortcode column below and put it into your content where you want the video to show.

This will bring you to this page. Now before we go ahead and add new video short codes, I’m actually gonna add some categories.

Video Shortcodes

Simply click on update categories. Once you have all the categories that you want to add, let’s go ahead and click on the add new video shortcode which will bring up a new page for us.

So the first thing I’m going to do on the add shortcode page is give this particular video a name. This is a warrior plus tutorial video. I’m also going to choose a category from the categories I just set up.

Here you define the details of the Video Shortcode, you then select the source of the Video. If using S3 or CloudFront You then select either the S3 Bucket or CloudFront Url and use the in-built browser to choose the video to use.

You also define the video player settings and if required set HTML to appear at a certain point in the video. So choose a video I want and that pops it in for me.

add Shortcode

Let’s scroll down and look at the other settings that we have available further down the page. First of all you can auto buffer. This simply means that video will start loading up soon as the page is finished loading. So it’ll be ready to play sooner.

You also have the option for autoplay which does as it says are obviously. Bear in mind that is dependent on the particular browser. Some browsers allow it, some don’t, some will auto play with the sound switched off. It does depend on whether using Firefox, Chrome, Opera or any other browser.

You also have the option of whether you show the player controls or not. If someone is viewing the video on browser that doesn’t autoplay then not shown controls isn’t going to be particularly helpful.

If you are going to use the autoplay and you’ve got more than one video on a page, only have the first video autoplay. Otherwise it can get very noisy and confusing.

You also have the option to browse and upload your own thumbnail image if you have one. If not, it will use the thumbnail from the video. That can allow you to change thumbnail to whatever you want. You can also specify a particular width and height for the video as well.

You also have the option for a video event. This is basically anything you want in HTML you pop it in this box and it will then pop up under the video at however many seconds into the video you choose.

The video event will basically pop up whatever you pop in the box here, whatever HTML or text message you want. It will appear under the video after that many seconds. In other words a simple but effective call to action.

video player settings

So your video short codes will list all the different videos you have set up, along with the source, the full file name and the shortcode itself. Now you do also have the option to edit it so you can go back and change any of the details.

Video Shortcodes

Now all you have to do is simply putting the shortcort into the post, and here the result:

WP Video Magic

The extra box under the video saying please subscribe to my youtube channel. And if we click on that, it takes people through to my youtube channel. Basically that’s how easy it is with WP video magic to host your own videos on Amazon which is really quick and really cheap.

You no longer need Wistia or vimeo or those other expensive video hosting platforms. Now there is one more thing we need to have a look at which is the stats page. If we scroll down on the left, we can see we have a page called stats under WP toolkit video magic.

This page will list all your videos and how many times they’ve been watched.

Video statistics

Let’s check the demo video below to see it in action!


For a limited time, you can grab WP Video Magic with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: WP Video Magic ($17)

Fed up with spending a fortune on unresponsive video hosting platforms? The new WP Video Magic Plugin gives you the best solution for any Blog…

  • Super fast hosted video delivery via S3 & CloudFront without the complicated setup headaches.
  • Easy 1 Click CloudFront setup that securely delivers your video to customers globally with low latency and high transfer speeds.
  • Video Shortcode Statistics that tracks how long your video has been played.
    Display timed content such as buy buttons that show up below video at a defined point in your video.

OTO 1: WP Optimiser ($27)

WP Optimiser is The Fastest & Easiest Way to Optimise Your Site & Diagnose Issues in a Few Clicks + Boost Your Site Rankings, Reduce Ad Spend & Make More Profit

  • Help Your Site Rank Higher in Google
  • Improve Your User Experience & Time on Site
  • Help Reduce Bandwidth & Hosting Costs
  • Help Reduce Your Ad Spend
  • Increase number of simultaneous visitors
  • Increase your opt-ins, sales & conversions

OTO 2: Viper Cache ($27)

Viper Cache full featured cache that is stupidly simple & it kicks bandwidth thieves. Make your wp sites load even faster. boost sales, conversions & reduce your ad spend save $1000’s by lowering the need to upgrade your hosting plan.

OTO 3: WP Smart Links ($37)

WP Smart Links is the world’s first all-in-one link cloaker with powerful smart bridge technology that allows you easily make more sales with retargeting, while completely eliminating the risk of losing any commissions.

Being able to post my affiliate links on the big social media sites again is going to give my affiliate income a very healthy bump… And the fact that WP Smart Links also lets me see exactly which of those links is actually bringing in clicks in priceless, I can make sure I focus on what’s working.

This takes the guesswork out of my social media campaigns, letting me scale my profits with peace of mind!

OTO 4: WP Toolkit ($67)

  • Over $25k worth of Premium plugins & themes included
  • Install on as many of your own & client sites as you wish
  • Charge Your Clients for Installation, Setup & Service
  • Use as Optin Offers to Build Your Subscriber List

WP Video Magic Review Conclusion

Thank you so much for reading my WP Video Magic Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.


You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at flashreviewgt@gmail.com so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.

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